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September 30, 2008


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First of all, shame on me for just NOW finding your amazing blog! So forgive me as I am just now scrolling through literally thousands of ideas and a bit behind. Okay, here's my question (and it's a long shot)...I am getting married next September and love the idea of a pedestal cake stand for our wedding cake. Would you be willing to spare one (just one!) cake stand from your collection for our wedding? I have been searching at local flea markets, but haven't found one large enough. I wanted to find one that is vintage and has some type of history so that it can be passed down for future generations. SO! If you are interested...please email me at moe3302@yahoo.com ....Thanks in advance! Keep up the fabulous work!

I just used a glass cake stand at a recent wedding. We put the bridal bouquet on it and let the wide, double-face satin ribbon fall loosely over the edge. Gorgeous.

I love how you have a fantastic use for everything right off the top of your head. I am rooting for you in Top Design! Your florals are amazing.

Love the spread but, ahem, is that a precious little macbook in the background? I knew you were perfect.

Hi Eddie, I just started collecting cake platters and domes. I love them and try to think of new ways to use them. I can hardly wait until this weeks show. I am so impressed with what you have done so far. You are my #1 pick. And the arrangement you made was the best as far as I was concerned. So there judges!! Good luck!

Hi Eddie!
I have quite a collection myself....the same kind! And I love to stack them too. I also have footed bowls from the same era. I think I use every single one at my annual Chritmas Eve party. For a centerpeice, I have loaded a three tiered stack with citrus fruit and walnuts. Your hors d'oeuvre party looks divine!Love the gdark grey doilies.

You mentioned dyed doilies How do you make them?

Yummy! Looks fabulous!

I can't pass them up either, and my husband is starting to get really annoyed with them.

Eddie. When can we have a tag sale so I can buy more cakestands? I need more room!!!
XO Abby

I now have an INSANE urge to go out and scour all the local flea markets for vintage cake pedestals... :-)

You're blog is so inspiring!

The Lettered Cottage

Beautiful display! I love the idea of taking ordinary uses and turning them into extraordinary, thank you Eddie from a flea market junkie.

Eddie...I love the graduated stack of cake stands. I see muffins on the lower level, antique juice glasses full of freshly squeezed orange juice on the middle tier, and a clear glass bowl full of strawberries on the top.

I posted about antiques today too.

Beautiful!! We have a cake pedestal that belonged to my husband's great-aunt. She received it for a wedding gift in 1910. I just adore it and would be so sad if were to ever break!

Oh, Eddie, you're so fine. You're so fine, you blow my mind. I've just "met" you and have read all your posts. Love everything you show us--education with a twist of fun! LOVE it!

I just finished revitalizing my "treenware" and now I am off to scout for some glass cake pedestals! I have put you on a style pedestal to stalk. Love everything you tout.

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