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October 20, 2008


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Congrats!!! I am your new fan from Brazil!!!I would love to shop with you someday!!!
Flavia Cavalcanti, Gainesville ,Florida.

Hey Eddie
I love it that your an avid goodwill fanatic like me...........you found some wonderful table top goodies........Good Work!!

OMG, those chairs!! You very lucky boy. Why don't they have Salvation Army in Marrakech? Then again we do have the souks. Oh, I'll just shut up.

Thrift stores make my day. I recently bought a house in Tucson Arizona and furnished it completely from the thrift stores there. The quality of goods and the prices were very good. For me going in a thrift store is a power trip. I can afford whatever I want to buy. The second turn on is the predatory one - I love the search.

I so enjoy your blog. Wish you were my neighbor in Bethesda Maryland, I know all the good places to so for inexpensive treasures.

Hi Eddie! I was there Saturday morning too!
I scored the cutest espresso/tea set as well as a great old children's stories book. Love your finds, can't wait to see the transformations.

Hi Eddie! I was there Saturday morning too!
I scored the cutest espresso/tea set as well as a great old children's stories book. Love your finds, can't wait to see the transformations.

Finally! Bountiful weekend!! I found some great things and am finding it easier having sort of figured out the style I'm looking for.



Thanks for the inspiration and great photos!

My brothers and sisters and I all have SA/flea market-itis, so for Christmas ever year I get them all SA gift certificates. It's a good cause and good shopping! Someone should get you one too, Eddie. Thanks for all the great ideas--which I steal!

I took a swing through on my way home and scored 3 wedgewood plates and a little sterling bowl. There's a killer white media cabinet there with groovy chinoisserie trim.

Eddie, I am addicted to your blog now, after friends told me about you. love love love your ideas. my best find at SA is a very cool oil painting of a girl with hoop earrings in a kimona....bought it for $6.00 and everyone who sees it loves it. Keep up all the great ideas!!

Thanks for reminding me about great thrift stores. While I didn't find quite the selection you did I was able to pick up a vase for $.25 and lots of great ideas for future dinner parties. I'm loving your blog!!

great finds.... perhaps my best SA find a 6 foot long antique chestnut table and 6 matching rush seat chairs in great condition.. I climbed on top of it to hold it while I paid so no one else could get it.. and treasure it to this day

Great finds!

why is our local salvation army so skank?

I have been making weekly trips to my salvation army, on the lookout for a sideboard...I always find something!! I LOVE your idea for the dressing cabinet and will have to start keeping my eyes open for that as well!

I'm really interested to see how you restore the legs of those chairs. I have a pair of 60s chrome lamps that have a bit of wear on them and I still haven't figured out a good restoration plan.

Oh, and I went to the St. Vinne's DePaul this weekend and scored a couple of goodies! :o)

Oh, those chairs,I cannot wait to see the outcome. Love the "Sally Anne"reference.

LOVE all of your homer laughlin tableware! what a graet find - cant wait to see the before and after of the chairs...the china cabinet...everything!

Just found your blog - love this post! I used to spend a lot of time going to stores like that and seeing what I could find. You have inspired me to try it again...thanks!

Again you amaze me with all your wonderful finds. I love the sideboard. I've been looking for one I can put all my goodies in. You are a wonderful friend for sharing your goodies.

Excellent trasure hunting! And such wonderful finds too! Of course -- I love the green-covered chairs that are sitting beside (to the right in the photo) the sleek ones that you found AND the china cabinet that is to the left of the VERY cool one that you found for your friend! LOL! And the is the true tale of treasure hunting -- each person finds their own kind of treasure! LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Eddie, guess what? As I am between marketng positions I will 1st today send out more resumes and links to my art site. Then off to the see my latest art work on exhibit at The Art at the Center here in KC, and then the Goodwill Thrift store! I gave up bamboo trays exactly like those you found!! ( had not thought of painting them, love the gray idea or a black lacquer).

Love it! I am sure your friend will be so happy with that 1950s piece. Where I live in Virginia, there is a great shop where I often find things, and the sales benefit the local animal shelter. I'm writing because I hope it's OK for me to make a link to your blog in an entry later this week. You inspired me to arrange some flowers! Thanks for the blog--always so much fun to read.

oh wow that sideboard is sooo funky! You're such a good friend scouting it out for her :)

The star strainer is so 4th of July...super fun!

That one is pretty much the best SA in all of NYC. Great scores! Can't wait to see the chairs redone. I have some burnt orange/cinnamon mohair that would look awesome on them.

I am probably one of your older fans and my friends and I, both in Washington state and here in California have been doing the "Sally Anne", (what we call it) thing for years. Now that we are all senior citizens and Tuesday is 50% off day for us, we call each other on Tuesday evening to see what we scored that day. I am sitting on a beautiful love seat/twin hide-a-bed that I needed here at the ole' folks home. You have to down size in order to live comfortably in these senior dwellings.
I have a small armoire that I got for only $20. It's ugly but I'm going to paint it and put anaglypta (sp?) paper in the recesses of the doors.
If you have any good storage ideas that you could share with all of us that would be great.
Santa Rosa, CA

Great finds Eddie - I am looking forward to the before and afters!!

I ALWAYS find something at Salvation, Goodwill, Value Village and yard sales.

I bought an old "Marmelade" cupboard and painted it black - it serves as an armoire for my bedroom now and has a vintage birdhouse (it's a church and it's pink!) on top of it - the birdhouse adds height to the armoire. The birdhouse was purchased at "Of Things Past" a gorgeous consignment store here in Toronto - it was a steal!!

Wow! Eddie, another great post! I love thrift shops and we have several in my area which I frequent often.......I have really found some treasures. It is soooooooo exhilarating when you find something that is so unique and so useful too. Thanks for your great ideas that you share. Can't wait to see the chair redos!! So much fun!

Ah, Mr. Ross thank you for finally posting the whereabouts of this glorious Salvation Army! I've been meaning to hit it up since you've posted about it a couple of times. I will definitely be visiting next weekend!

Merci beaucoup!

I just moved to the St. Louis area (from Boston) and have been AMAZED by all treasures that can be found around area Goodwills and thrift shops. Don't even get me started on all the yard sales. Craigslist is abundant with fantastic finds, too. Do you ever use Craigslist?

Love your style and your generosity with your creative ideas. You are evidently one confident person, willing to share such insight and talent with the whole cyber community. I heard about you from Mary Kay Andrews' Blog, and you are definitely a "great find." Take care and stay great!

Sandra Chitty
Orlando, Florida

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