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October 29, 2008


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You did a great job, and you are the best. Having so many talents just adds tremendously to your design work!

Mr Ross,
you have a lot of class and creativity in spades and you have such a wonderful outlook on life with a truly generous and genuine spirit...I could go on and on but since I don't know you personally, that might be weird! ;P
I am not much for reality tv shows, so I am glad that I found your blog because you have illustrated so nicely that design is approachable and is more about enjoying life than it is about price tag...good on you! I am going to enjoy watching your continued ascent and wish you the best!

Eddie, you ROCK! Seriously. I also live in Ct. and just saw the show with your exit. I was so annoyed I posted to Jonathan's blog, such as it is.... Of course, I'm still waiting to see it in print. He needs to GO! Ugh, sorry, but can't STAND him. The elf comment really got to him:) LOL. And believe me Eddie, you are a rising star that will only go higher. Congrats to your future! (((hugs))) Nancy:)

Great interview Eddie, You DO have a bright future because you are doing what you have a gift and passion for and on top of that and even more important you want to help others live more beautifully. What A Guy!You are the BEST. xoxo Kathysue

Buckle up! You're about to be shot up into the stratosphere. Everyone is falling in love with you and your work. Just remember - we were here first!

Mazel Tov!

Nope, sorry...YOU'RE the best!

{ Lindsey }

Very nice interview.
You deserve all the accolades too!

Eddie, regardless of what happens on Top Design, you're well on your way to a wonderful future. Your blog is great (I linked it to mine a week or two ago), and all this extra recognition is very exciting. Congratulations!

What a great interview. Congratulations Eddie.

So nice!

Such nice photos of you Eddie!!!!

I am on a plane with wifi (wheee!!) and will check it out immediately.

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