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October 28, 2008


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Hi, I will be heading up to Great Barrington, Mass. to pick-up my daughter from school. I pass Wappingers Fall and would like to know the address of the Goodwill. We often stop Harney & Sons in Millertown for tea and a light lunch. I see this where you live. What a great town. Valerie

Hello boys. Great to see making the most of yesteryears old wares with thrift shops finds. Great Gran was a total maveric nothing old was safe. Martin and myself live in Perth Western Australia. Our house is a rental and is stuck in the past but your ideas are fresh clean and never dull. Thankyou for your ideas its a godsend to see great idea. Martin and Joda

Wow...I just stumbled across this sight and WOW!!! I seen a window you did one other time and I was so in love.I love the vision you have it is truley a talent.Love that dresser too....Now I have to find something to paint a buttery yellow.Stealing your idea. I often go to thrift stores but can't picture items the way you do. I am so jealous!!!!I need you here to show me what to do in my house...need HELP!!!!I keep bringing home stuff and then end up giving it back.Its a vicious cycle:)I have to mark this as one of my very favorites so you can inspire me through all your good posts.I have spent 4 hours soaring through this sight today and do very much enjoy it!!!!want to run to Goodwill and Mernards for paint.Our Goodwill does not have that enormous furniture section...Thank~You!!!!Keep up the good work:)

Dearest, I've been shopping Goodwills & thrift stores for about 30yrs. If I would have found that pram when my bebe's were small, I would have pushed them in until they were teens!!! I love it as I love you & your FAB ideas. Great minds think alike. Cheers to my 2 favorite shoppers. Scot

Wow! A Goodwill Superstore! We don't have any of those around Southern California and I've seen quite a few. I love that you buy milk glass just like I do. I have an obsession and must buy it - I've even thought of starting an Etsy site called "I ♥ milk glass". It just makes me happy. I love your finds - great eye!

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is that baby stroller still available????

Eddie - Hi. You mentioned painting the piece a french gray color. I'm in the midst of painting a cabinet Benjamin Moore's Silver Half Dollar (2121-40) but I dont' think it's going to need an overcoat of something else. Do you have any favorite paints to achieve the french gray look? Michele

p.s. I liked your "When one door closes..." post.


you're still "da' bomb"! I never watch t.v., I don't even have it, but I follow your wonderful blog, an I made it my business to watch you on the show the other night at my sister's house. I'm a craft book author, and I own a store on the upper west side (manhattan). I love what you do, I LOVE your style, and I can't wait to see what you do next!!

Keep yo' head up bro'!

Loving the pram. You see them all of the time in England but not so much in the US. Why I wonder?

Hello again Eddie and Jaithan!
Thank you SO much for the little shout out! I'm so incredibly flattered and EXCITED that you are interested in using one of my fabrics, and cannot wait to see how they turn out! Hope to see you both again soon :)
Xo Michelle.

Our styles are so different, yet you were my favorite person on the show and I was sooo bummed and SHOCKED to see you go. What a crime!! I'm so happy I found your site! Peace, love and glitter!
Kathy :-)

Very Gustavian. Very Eric Pike-ish. That demi-lune....I haunt my Goodwill looking for exactly that. One day.... Love that you did a shout out for Eric Pike and Melanio Gomez....such talent. Still, yours is unique!

I just love shopping with Eddie and Jaithan. It is so much easier than when I do it alone. I Only wish I could go shopping with you guys. I love the enthusiasm that comes off the page. I bet you are like a kid in a candy store. I just got a list of my local Goodwills and plan on making it a weekly trip. I agree with another commenter it would be nice to know what are the cost to help educate ourselves to what seems fair. I see a new show in your future.Helping a homeowner add to a room and making it perfect after a trip to the Goodwill. Or entertaining and setting a table with only Goodwill finds. Hey just like your blog. Who do we call??!!!Smiles to you Kathysue

Hey Eddie,

Totally lusting after that demilune; what a find! And yes, Rubie Green is my fabric of choice these days...I'm saving up to recover an old Bergere in her pink zigzag 'East Village' pattern. And I love that all the fabrics and dyes are eco-friendly!

Just did a little Halloween rehab on a wicked cool glass carafe set I found at Goodwill...feel free to check it out...And stay tuned for another awesome Halloween/Goodwill project tomorrow!

Anne @ The City Sage

I gave six of those EXACT same chairs to Goodwill, along with a matching table and credenza. What can I say -- not as much room in the condo as in the previous house. Sigh!

I'll be sending you a pic of the china cabinet in need of rehab! Can't wait to see what you suggest doing to it.

Eddie, dear, you are a man after my own heart!!! I am an avid Goodwill fan and America Thrift Store fan too! Just today I found a collector's piece from Occupied Japan which has to be worth 10 times what I paid for it. What fun! I always love to see your FINDS!!

You and Jaithan have to buy a house in the country soon- your apartment is going to overflow with all of these fabulous finds! Thanks for being so inspiring-

Tag! You're it! Visit my blog for details!


PS - The shopping trip at Goodwill is a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Your blog is so interesting and inspiring! I just came across it and I felt compelled to read all your past posts. I adore your decorating style and your good taste is also expressed in your impeccable wardrobe. I echo the sentiments encouraging you to write a book.

I have a glass celery keeper that was my Grandmothers. I love using it and displaying it. I also have a 1900 French baby buggy that my kittens use as their bed. I actually bought it for them. It got a heck of a deal, only $50. I know they are really spoiled, what can I say!

Thank you so much for the ideas Eddie! I found your blog through I friend (Newlywed Diaries' Jennifer) and just love it. You have become a must read for me and your post has inspired me to head to goodwill this weekend. It always feels good to find a deal!

Hi, Eddie! I adore your blog and all your awesome finds, but...

...pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE turn back on full posts in RSS. If I have to click through, I just KNOW I'll find it a complete waste of time and quit reading.

For a number of years, one of the most successful before-and-after features I've seen is the flea-market column in Maison Française. In it the magazine takes a designer, architect, or stylist to a flea market or junk sale. Said expert picks four objects that could be improved or recycled and those items are photographed where they were found, in documentary-style black and white. Then once the item has been rejiggered, lacquered, or otherwise improved, it is photographed in a room, in full colour, with a little box explaining what it cost to get it from before to after. Brilliant concept story and it never fails to amaze.

oh and that pram makes me want to go and get knocked up right away...lol...so fabulous!

I so admire your immidiate knowledge of what would/would not work with each piece of furniture....I can visualize your ideas so easily as you describe them...so chic! I have a HUGE fundraiser that I have been working on for months tonight. It will be decked out with ric rac and polka dotted pumpkins...thank you for all of the inspiration!!

I am so darn jealous,what treasures you find!Like the others,I await their transformations and appointments. Where do you get your energy? I love your sense of adventure and fun! Go,Top Design contender!

Great score! Can't wait to see the seat cusions on those chairs when you get done with them!! :)

I love your blog, and am always impressed by your thrifty finds and creative eye! I was inspired to cruise through our local goodwill the other day. Do you have some tips on what to look for in the housewares section? Everything I found seemed to be 'made in china'.


I love the idea of painting the chest French Grey and topping it with marble. Which French Grey would you choose? I know it when I see it, but I can't pick it off a color chart. Help! My basement is full of my color mistakes.

Eddie even more than the terrific ideas you offer up I love that your blog is so positive. It would be incredibly easy to make belittling comments about the pieces at Goodwill or flea markets that you don't see any hope for, but you don't! I appreciate and admire that about your blog. Thank you.

Wow, that's some great stuff! What all did you end up walking away with?

That footed jar would look fab with lots of colorful glass ball c-mas ornaments in it!

Love the idea of the demilune flanked by the shield back chairs, and a mirror above.

Hey Eddie - loved your interview on the All the Best blog...everything you say is thoughtful and interesting, but your answer to "favorite luxury in life" says it all! Hey, can you start posting prices for some of your finds? Would be really helpful to all of us novice flea market/goodwill shoppers. Would love to know what you paid for that great table! Thanks and keep on shopping!

I don't know, I will keep trying though, I don't believe my goodwill is as good as yours!

Eddie, I LOVE your blog. You have so many great ideas. But where the heck do you put all this stuff you find? I live in a big-ish midwestern house and it's a challenge to keep things very tidy. I'd love to do more collecting, but where would I put everything?? (I have kids, so they use up a lot of my available space...) Do you have any wise storage advice?

Also, you seem to have better options at the thrift stores you go to. I will have to redouble my efforts!

Eddie! How can you not divulge which store this is?! We're all on the same team here... my local Goodwill looks like a Star Wars trash dump! Disgusting. Be well, Cat

Super is right!! That Park Avenue pram is amazing. Moms still use that type of pram here in the UK. I LOVE it! Makes me wish my son was born here so that I could have pushed him around in style.


Once again you have fab finds at the Goodwill. Love the demilune, chairs and pressed glass. You are right the ice bucket is perfect for you column table/bar. Now you have to find the perfect dish for the olives, as we all need our greens.

Oh, Goodwill. What a little piece of heaven, albeit a somewhat beat-up piece of heaven...but still wonderful:)

Love the chairs and dresser!!

I'm in northern California this week for work and I had to drive by a Salvation Army. I didn't have time to stop...totally killed me. Sigh. Maybe next time.

I. Love. You. You are so amazing at this. I wouldn't have thought of any of this. You've inspired me to go to Goodwill, etc. around here.

I know your blog is still new, but you deserve sooo many more comments than you're getting! I absolutely love your style and taste. I'm a big thrift shopper and love turning old into new! You inspre me to do it more, and I've found some great ideas from you! LOVE it! Thanks -Laura

You found some great things. Did you end up buying the demilune chest?

I don't have anything in need of redoing right now, but one of the best thrift store finds I've ever found was a MacKenzie-Childs, baby, enamelware set (plate, bowl, & cup) for $3.00. It even still had the tag on it, so I ended up giving it away as a nice baby gift. :-)

You got them! I thought you were just taking us along for the virtual ride. Can't wait to see their happy "after."

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