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October 16, 2008


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It's wnodefrul to have you on our side, haha!

Such a great idea! And I love it when I have a chance to pull out the power tools! : )

I linked to this project over at Pumpkin Week:

What fabulous ideas and ways to use the Sugar Pumpkins! Every page of yours is filled with Awesomeness!!

Thank you so much, Eddie Ross!


Such a great idea! I can't wait to try it at home. Makes me think of the time when I was living on the East coast in Ct.
Autumn my favorite time of year, changing of the season and of course Halloween. Thank you for always inspiring me.

Thanks for all this information. For a fall wedding, we want to do a walkway in pumpkin lanterns. Do you know of any drill bits that are a star design.

Keep up the good work.....Joan

I just wanted to first thank you for your genius. My fiance and i are having a halloween wedding and i have been ripping my hari out to come up with a fun yet formal way to carve pumpkins and i just found it.

I love your crafts. Being a homeschooling mom, I look for crafts that are simple and yet look elegant when done! This idea is perfect, as well as the ric rac one, next year I want to do a Black and White halloween theme!

Simply maaaahvelous!

Great idea!

Eddie, you are AWESOME!!!! This is such a fabulous idea! Dammit...you make me want to go out and buy up all the pumpkins! ;-)

What a wonderful idea, I will remember this one!

Just... amazing .. I love it. Very imaginative.
I hope you don 't mind, I have recommended your web, through this article, in my blog.
incredible fantastic


You are a ROCK STAR!! I just found this blog from my daily dabbled blog...how have I lived 38 years without knowing about it??? Well I know now and you are sooooo in my favorites.

This is the CUTEST idea EVER!!! The kids and I are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Guess what I am going to be doing when we get home...Drilling Pumpkins...HELLO!

Thanks for sharing your creativity...

I just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to be a little more creative w/ my pumpkin carving this year! And while mine didn't turn out as great as yours did, it was still a lot of fun! Love your ideas and this site!

absolutely brilliant!

the polka dot sugar pumpkins look amazing in the outside photo! i adore them!!!!!

Oh, I will be doing our pumpkins with a take on your same ideas. How great!

very cool. I'll be linking to this today on dabbled.org

thanks for sharing!

Pumpkins are my favorite things and I love the idea of drilling holes all over them! Such a cute idea!! You're brilliant!

Hey, Eddie,

I look forward to seeing your Web site each day. Thanks for all the fun ideas and for taking your friends and fans on you excursions.

I tried the small perforated pumpkin idea today. Spectacular and SO fun.

I used small thumb tacks to adhere the votive foil to the bottom of the pumpkin so that it would be easy to put the bottom in while keeping the candle from falling off center.

Looking forward to seeing more cool ideas.

Gorgeous! And you've made it even better than just gorgeous... this is something I can get my husband to do. Power tools + pumpkins = me sitting and relaxing with a mulled cider while he does the Halloween decor!

I love the monogram pumpkin! And the use of a power drill. It's so much easier than working laboriously (and messily) for hours with a knife.

Dude, Great idea! I love alternative uses for power tools! Brilliant....

well...those are just about as cute as you!

; - )

Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage

as a Halloween-aficionado, i've seen just about every kind of carving technique out there. this blows them all away. love your creativity!

Love your perforated pumpkin ideas! Love the drill idea - so I can just hand them over to the men in house and say have at it! And yes, I am now totally addicted to your blogs.

Loving the pumpkin monogram. Very Ralph Lauren.

Eddie you have done it again! Wow!. Polka-dot chic and the whole votive from the bottom thing?! Genius!

AMAZING! as usual :D

omg...what a fab idea! totally love all of the pumpkins, but what I love most of all is the idea of hallowing from the bottom...I can't believe that has never crossed my mind! I adore the little guys on the pathway/stairs and the crest looks so chic!

I love this idea! My dad gave me a new set of drill bits last Christmas just so I could make my own this Halloween. I can't wait to do mine this weekend!

Totally awesome. I'm going to the market tomorrow and guess what I'm going to be doing? What fun, thanks Eddie!! Your monogrammed pumpkin is wonderful.

Eddie- Wow I am addicted to your blog and all the ideas you share. I am going to try the lateset and dust off my drill!!

omg, you have patience. i am the laziest halloween decorator. love the photo of the staircase.

So adorable! I especially love the little ones, and the fact that using power tools make the whole project so much faster!

OMG, I'm thrilled with your idea! This is my dream....handing over like 27 pumpkins and a drill to my husband. He is a master with a drill! Then I can go relax and have a cocktail while he executes lovely pumpkin patterns spotted on the Eddie Ross Design Show.

Cannot wait! [squeal]

I can't wait to do your little sugar pumpkin project idea with my grandaughter Isabella next weekend!


When do you sleep? :-)


Brilliant Eddie. Love the look. Your October 15 post about the past and future was so nicely written too.

road trip to van cortland manor for the halloween pumpkins are the best this side of the Hudson. You will be blown away.
I am thinking this year for my pumpkins of having "4" - on my steps, spelling out the letters - V - O -T -E.
not too scary but politically correct! Maybe the drill will come in handy or just block letters? thinking cap is on.

So cute! I'd love to be on your party invite list! BTW, you crack me up on Top Design!

Dang that is CUUTE! I love the cluster affect, the more the merrier!

I used a drill to do the perforated technique for a party a few years ago. I got so many compliments and it was far easier than traditional carving. Yours look fabulous!

{ Lindsey }

Very, very cute!

Haha! I did that one year and the combination of a couple of hot rum toddies, power tools and pumpkins was not pretty!

Where do you get the time and imagination??? I loved the pumpkins up the stairs, so beautiful. xo MB

Brillant ideas -- so creative and fun! Love Love the mini pumpkins marching down the coffee table! Perhaps a pretty plate full of pumpkin tarts would be a great way to highlight them? With whipped cinammon cream of course! LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage whose thoughts always turn to food ..... LOL!

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