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October 29, 2008


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The comments about Eddie from Carrie on this blog - a bit harsh, don't ya think?? AND then - the GALL!!She's "still going to stay because you have great advice and posts"!!! What a hypocrite!

Well I think Eddie is going to be just fine without your little lecture. What a joyful life you must lead . . .

i am glad that you wrote this... very appropriate. most people will never be on tv and have never been on tv. they believe everything they see. unfortunately the media controls and sort of creates characters. this brings up the ratings but can sometime taint our image of tv personalities. this is the perfect post...thank you. its great getting to know the REAL you through your blog and to be apart of those that care about you-find what you say valuable.

Like Carrie said up above you have a bit of an ego and an attitude. But unlike her I don't think it is a bad thing. You have confidence in your tastes and your style aesthetic and were unwilling to compromise that regardless of what the judges thought.

As for your attitude, tweaked by the producers or not, it was what kept me watching each week.

Bravo for all your wonderful work on the show. I was sorry to see you go. Your designs were always effortless and resting for the eyes.

I am happy to have found your blog though and wish you all the success, you most certainly deserve it!

I've just finished watching TD tonight.

Who is this Jeff guy? I've never heard of him and I subscribe to every decorating magazine available north of the Rio Grande and pick up many of the UK and French ones I can find as well. Why didn't Bravo use a designer we might have heard of?

Moreover, it was pretty obvious Mr. Adler was bitchy to you, notwithstanding the editing. I took great offense at his comments about the "Martha Stewart Funeral Home." He wishes he had her empire!

I loved your wall treatment of the dining room and found most of the required chandeliers to be over the top. I'm sure you could have found a more interesting chandelier at the Thrift store and recycled and rehabbed it to perfection!

I also loved your Hamptons bedroom. It appeared both restful and comfortable. I don't get the choice that was made at all. Who wants to sleep in a white-walled room with ghouls and skulls? I don't get it.

I wouldn't worry if I were you, there are plenty of people who love what you do and would be willing to pay you to do it.

You made your mark with Top Design. Now many,many more people know the creative, passionate person that is ER.
You did some wonderful work on the show.

Eddie--Just wanted to say it was a joy week after week watching you on T.D. I especially appreciated the fact that you drove the point home challenge after challenge, that there are more styles than 'MODERN'. It seems the judges feel that every room and situation calls for stark, bare minimalism and anything that falls short needs to be 'fixed'. I love modern design, but also love antiques, rich textures, fabrics, layers of interesting 'stuff'. Though the pottery elf may not have appreciated it, your rooms were warm, inviting, chic, and so well done time after time. BRAVO!

loved you on the show... you were BY FAR my fav and was SO SAD to see you go. you were the life of the season. so glad to find your blog to see what more you do!!

I just sent the last post about Finale Part I being based on judge/contestant personal chemistry. Forgot my info... oops!

Again, LOOOOVE your style, Eddie Ross. Brilliant marketing move, by the way, mentioning your name over & again on the show.

I just watched Finale Part I again and must say, I'm dumbfounded! Your room was so well executed. The decision seemed to be based purely on personal chemistry between judges and contestants this week. It kills me 'cause I so love your style and I am definately not part of the walker/bedpan set - far from it.

Eddie, My husband is not a fan of reality shows, however I always DVR'd the show and he watched each episode with me always waiting to hear what you were going to say next. We were sad to see you go and thought for sure you were going to win it all. You made the show so entertaining! I know that no matter what your future is bright and you will do wonderful things! Hope all is well!

You are an amazing designer! I was sooo sad when I watched the last Top Design episode. I was rooting for you till the end, which I feel came too soon. You are such an inspiring person and designer! I'm soooo anxious to see what you'll do next! Stay happy and healthy! :D

Eddie my husband and I just LOVED your Easy Breezy Master Bedroom especially the toile wallpaper. Please tell us what tha pattern is! We were shocked you were eliminated we thought Nathan's room was depressing and he was too far out there. We think Top Design didn't give a fair shake to traditional design it was too much modern

Hi Eddie - I discovered you through Habitually Chic and All the Best...two of my favorite blogs. I have heard how fabulously talented you are - I just wish we had Bravo TV in Hong Kong so I could have watched! Keep up the great work with your blog - and as you said although one door has closed, I'm sure another will open for you soon enough.

Hi Eddie!! I am such a huge fan!! I loved seeing all the great stuff you came up with on Top Design and you are sooo on my radar now!! Like an earlier poster said, you did outgrow the show and better things are in store for you!! I now have this blog bookmarked! Thanks for sharing your lovely creations!

Eddie - You were so inspiring to watch and were one of the reasons I tuned in and consistently watched "Top Design". You are immensely talented and I am thrilled to have discovered your blog, your style is so chic and elegant and I love your suggestions of how to make your home beautiful with simple, inexpensive items. I hope to see more of you in the design world and media!

although you are indeed a fabulous designer and I'm quite sure the producers/editors over-exaggerated your character, what I'm sure they didn't edit out is your "I'm better than everyone" ego. Regardless of editing, it doesn't change the fact that you said you didn't care what the judges thought, what the mentors thought, and the shots you took at some folks. Even if your over the top persona isn't my cup of tea, it doesn't excuse the flippant ego parade that appears to be Eddie Ross. And I'm sooooo not even talking about the elf comment.

As I said, your creations were wonderful more often than not (but sorry, you really did kill that gorgeous chandelier and not in a good way) and you are a wonderful stylist but your attitude and some of the comments you made on the show and even here in this post are just such turn offs. It makes me sad to see many people telling you that you're great just the way you are because even though I'm sure you aren't the person Top Design showed you to be in many ways, there is a serious ego in play.

Ego is fine, but if you can't admit that you can learn something from other people or that there's room for improvement, you are in for it. Unfortunately, it seems that you are surrounded by people who can't or won't check you a little bit. I'm going to stay because you have great advice and posts, but I'm glad I don't have to hear the condescension any longer.

Please learn some humility, it will serve you so well. And then Eddie Ross will really be a force to be reckoned with.

I just watched a Top Design marathon this morning and you're the reason I didn't change the channel! I was appalled to see you leave and enjoyed your sense of humor and style. All of your rooms were full of life and had your signature taste in them. Well done and I can't wait to see what you design from here on out!

Dear Eddie
I think you are innovative and so very creative with everything you've done. Thanks to you, I am not so set in my ways in displaying my possessions and setting a dining table.
I will miss you on Top Design, but that's their lose.
Wishing you only happiness and much success.

Who the F%#$! that Jeff thinks he is? He thinks he is so good.

That Jeff is someone who doesn't have a life.

Ahh, Eddie.

I'd Tivoed this week's episode and watched it just last night.

I am so sorry to see you go from the show, but I also sensed that in essence - you'd "outgrown" the show early on. That you already have the success that most of the other contestants are still looking for.

Fortunately, even though this episode and season of TopDesign ends shortly - we'll still get to hear plenty from you.

Take care and best regards.

I'll follow you wherever you go! You are very talented and I get great ideas from you. Keep on blogging!!


Dear Mr. Ross,

Kudos to you on your fabulous attitude. I think that the show provided you exactly what you needed for the next chapter of your life: Exposure.
When I began my company I had aspirations of working in multi million dollar homes. I succeeded in that goal. But as time went on I found that I felt more creative when I was challenged with a limited budget and materials. I made the choice that everyone, of every income level, if they so desire, deserves a pretty home. The joy that I bring to people, when they see their things with my touch, is priceless. I see that you subscribe to this thought process as well and will do great things with your talents. Here's to your future endeavors.

omg. they were raggin' on you the entire time. it was like i totally expected it. they proved me right every time. douchebags. what is wrong with classic taste? baffles me. anywhoo, you are fu**ing awesome. to me, it was like you should've been judging them! lol seriously. love n hugs from the wine country! besos.

i have this week's episode on DVR but honestly, now that you're off, i'm not sure i care. i was CERTAIN you were the winner, especially with the domino issue...i thought i was so clever to have figured it out!

and i'm sorry that you left, not surprised though. i think they (the judges) wanted you all to be scared and reverent of the judging process and because you were confident of your work whether or not the judges were into it...well, that doesn't fly.

you know where you're going eddie and while that money would have been sweet, i have no doubt that you are on your way.

Those of us who really care about you understood well what the show was doing to you and the way they wanted the world to view you. I LOVED your bedroom and would never leave it. They were very insulting to my demographic and that was stinging. I had "another door open" today too. Take a peak at my blog.
Hugs and waiting for your own show to hit the airwaves...I'd love to see you show what you do. I was so glad to see Martha's reality show, but NO, they took it off the air!!! and we had to watch the Donald. I'd rather see the "artsy" side of life that you offer.

Brand yourself already! You are so ripe and we all can't get enough of you!!!

You are fantastic. I love your website. In today's economy, I truly value your creative ideas on how to make a lot out of a little. To be honest, I have never seen an episode of Top Design... and I probably never will. I would rather read your blog ;-)

I check in to see what you are doing here almost every day. I have never seen "the show" actually don't know what "the show" is!

Just enjoy this blog and love finding you here.

Hi Eddie! I just wanted to let you know that you were my favorite among all the designers in that silly show. You are extremely talented, funny, and creative, and your style is just amazing! You really have a great eye :)

It was so obvious that a lot of the judges were jealous of your talent and your success, hence, the constant nitpicking. It just showed what kind of people they are, and I'm seriously not watching that show nor will I be supporting any of their work because of that.

I really wish you all the best, Eddie! :) I'm glad you have a blog so my partner and I can be up to date with your work! We're really proud of you!

Take care,

I just wanted to let you know that I am a very middle class american who is finally glad to see someone out there who really gets what the true pleasures in life are all about. Most people can not afford to spend thousands on things. Thank you for all the great ideas and inspiration without spending a fortune doing it. I am a true thrift store junkie and it is part of my lifestyle. I get your passion because I am right there with you. Once again Thank you.

Sorry about the show, unfortunately I was not able to watch but do hope to catch up with the reruns. I discovered your blog through habitually Chic and now your one of my daily reads. Anyway, as an antiques lover and currently working for two designer here in Nashville I could not agree with you more about the chandelier! Keep up the good work and thanks for the daily inspiration.

P.S. loved all three of your homes that you toured last week. Please keep us posted!

You were first brought to my attention on Martha Stewart on Sirius Radio. Then more recently on Top Design. I was totally rooting for you - despite the TV edits - I think you are fabulously and hilarious! I look forward to following you and learning from you on this site, as well as through the pages of Martha Stewart Living! Thanks for just remaining true to yourself!

You are blessed with many gifts, Eddie! This isn't really a loss...you will probably get your own TV show out of it, dear!! :-)I will continue to follow your endeavors and hopefully one day save enough money to have you refinish some furniture for me! ;-) Love you sweetie!!

Hi Eddie,

I first heard you on a Sirius broadcast of Martha Stewart's TV show and when you were a guest on Morning or Afternoon Living on Sirius. I liked you so much that I wrote down your name while driving so that I could look up your blog. I read it almost every day and LOVE it. I watched Top Design once, because you were on it, and hated the show. Still loved you, but thought the judges were morons and the guests (the week that I watched), kind of rude. I think it is a loss for Bravo that you didn't win, but not a loss for you. You're already successful and I have no doubt that you'll continue to shine.

A gays gotta do what a gays gotta do! You are the only reason I watched and now, I don't. Congrats to you!

I was so sad to see you go, but I'm not worried about you -- you're amazing. And I knew you wouldn't say something snarky like that to JA for no reason. It's called EDITING, people...and they needed to make someone villianous (is that a word?). Anyway, all my best to you. you were a pleasure to watch! If you're every upstate, call me!


I think you're fab and I too would rather refurbish a $40.00 flea market light than own an insanely overpriced $40,000.00 chandelier. Most of us don't even have $40,000,00 to decorate a whole house. Reality TV, they need a little reality check!

Those of us out here in the real world need really great decorating advice that we can afford. I think YOU can provide that! I know you will continue to have success as you pursue the many options out there waiting for you.

Happy All Hallows Eve

The real issue about that show was that it poorly produced. The contestants were lopsided in their talent. The egotistical judges were all over the place. They looked like they didn't like each other let alone the designers. When Margaret Russell says "But just because it isn't your taste does not mean that it isn't good" You have to wonder why a judge has to have this pointed out to him. As far as a judge saying "he is not sexy" does that mean we are at a singles bar? On the Playboy channel? Where were the producers? Where were the guidelines? This show has the potential to be so much better. They should hire you back to produce it!

That flower arrangement is GOR-GEOUS!!! Awwe Eddie...you truly are the cat's meow!!! xoxo

You were charming, witty and entertaining. And certainly talented enough to have made it to the final three. Alas, Jonathan Adler was very bitchy toward you and madly in love with the other two fellows--'tis life.

I know we will be seeing much more of you and you will continue to inspire.

I was sorry to see you go. I loved your bedroom. I love your blog. I moving out of state and your blog gives me courage to leave things behnd and hit the Goodwill in my new home town. It's great to see such wonderful traditional design in a blog.

So sorry to see you go on Top Design. I love your ability to be unique and march to the beat of a different drummer. From the number of posts here, it's obvious you have quite a following now. Enjoy and good luck to you in your future endeavors.

I know a producer of a reality show and he told me "don't believe anything you see on a reality show" They edit to make people look good or bad depending on what they want!

You are so right that when one door closes another one opens and it's usually because something better is behind that open door!

Well that was a bummer. I watched the show for the first time and you got the axe. It was a great room too. There were several of us in the TV room at "the ole' folks home" and all thought your room was the best. Yes, it was very traditional but many of us think that classic is best. Not everyone agrees and that's what makes us a Neopolitian world. All one flavor would be so boring. You are very creative and gifted and you will do well without being top dog on that show.

Reality shows are fake. You are the real deal - loaded with talent and optimism. The best is yet to be. Thanks for inviting us along on your journey. Yours is the first email I look for each day.


Eddie--you were creative, bitchy, inspirational, funny, AND sexy (despite what Jeff Lewis says)! I am sad we will not see you on Top Design anymore, but happy that your talent is alive and well in the world.

I'm not a fan of "reality" TV competition shows. I think TD was/is beneath you (and the other contestants too). What you're doing here on your blog is much more valuable, because it's inspirational!!! And I'm sure your ideas have already helped to create many beautiful homes. I will continue to follow your blog and I hope the next show I see you on will be your own!!!

Very well written Eddie :) Everybody is SO proud of you and so excited to see what you will achieve next.

Eddie - had I not taken the time getting to "know" you through your blog I probably would not like you very much based on how Bravo presented you. I'm sure they were giddy to have someone so outspoken to mold. Bastards! You are multi-talented and have such a great future and you bet I will be following you via this blog with excitement! Let's say this - going on the show provided you with the unique chance to see yourself in a new way. Maybe not all of it was pretty, and that's the stuff WE ALL need to see as we grow and evolve. Big kiss!

The BEST part of TD this year has been my finding your blog. I never miss a day. You are my kind of person! I can't wait to see the next door open for you.

I was rooting for you, and then as the show went on, I stopped because I realized that you were too good for them! You are so smart, witty, and a threat to them because they wish they had a fraction of your creative ideas and personailty. JA is an elf, and he did himself no favors being on TV. They are all turn offs, except for Margaret who I respect. The rest... get real!

Thanks for writing this. I came away from the show not sure how I felt about you. LOL Now I am convinced it was editing that gave us a slanted view. I love what you have shown us on the blog. Keep it up!! You have learned from a master. NO ONE does it "all" like Martha.

ER: Never mind. You are original and true. YOU, at such a young age, are already influential and highly regarded by many.
Cheers !!

That was such a sweet letter, we enjoyed watching you on Top Design but more importantly we have all fallen in love with your style on your terms that we have seen on this blog.

Eddie....I will surely miss your creativity and unique and gifted personality on the remainder of the show. I feel somewhat comforted knowing that I can keep up with your joy of Style with this Blog and see where you will be taking us for a fantastic design journey.
Thank you for letting people know that there is nothing wrong with working with Antiques & Thrift finds...not everything wonderful comes from the mass market of a Design center...but can be scultped into a masterpiece using our minds. Please come visit us in Texas...you will love going thru Warrenton during our thrill of Antiquing twice a year...we'll be waiting with a Big Texas Hug!

Be grateful that you are no longer being judged by an "iconic potter" and have to endure the weekly character assassination concocted by clever TD editing. You are on to bigger and better things and your fans look forward to your taking us along!


I wish I could spend a week inside your brain! You are so wise and an absolute genius. Every posts inspires me. I've been an avid thrift store shopper since high school and I get a thrill from discovering treasures that I can transform into something chic and stylish. Thank you, thank you for this blog. There is something wonderful about finding the good in everything (even furniture!!).

All my best, Bridget


I would have loved to see what the rest of your house looked like. I think you are always consistent and it would have been fabulous. I love your blog and thank you for the inspiration each day.

I'll miss you, Eddie! You made the show for me! But, you're right, you have endless possibilities ahead of you!

I missed the show so I will have to watch the rerun but I was convinced that you won the whole thing!!! I'm so sorry but no matter what, you will always be a winner to me! I'm so glad that I have gotten to know you and Jaithan. You two are so wonderful that I know great things are just around the corner and they are probably better than Top Design!!! XOXO!!! HC

You are a true talent and more generous than many to share your design tips and inspiration with the world for nothing but the pleasure it brings you. Please keep doing what you do. I only discovered your blog a few days ago but have already been very inspired and for that, I thank you! Wishing you continued success and happiness, D.

So sorry you are gone from the show - I loved your ideas and enthusiasm! However, I feel there was a big East/West Coast dichtomy at work and that the judges, particularly Jeff Lewis, just didn't get you because they either didn't grow up with the style or live with it today. Too bad! But when one door closes, another one always opens...and maybe a bigger and better door! Keep up the blogging!

P.S. I think you can "Eddiefy" any of those houses you look at!

Dare I confess it? I haven't actually been watching Top Design. But I LOVE your blog, and you are an amazingly talented designer! And I think that your talent, creativity and personality shine through every post. :)

I am a big fan of yours and never watched Top Design. I am so obsessed with your blog. I agree, you will have your own show anyway soon:)

Iconic Potter and his huself must be from anotehr planet they are the creepiest creatures I have ever seen. I think that they are all hott for Preston and he will win. The two women on that show aside from India who seems to be gorgeous and gracious are horrible. Who dresses these women and their hair is ridiculous. They look like they just walked off the set of Americas Top Model! I met Martha in 1993 at a book signing in DC, she was gorgoeus then and still is, its the Polish geenes. You have a great thing going don't let anyone get you down. You are the next male version of Martha to carry on her legacy, God knows Alexis isnt qualified or interested! God Speed Eddie Ross!!!!!

The show is a bore and you are not. Two weeks from now, your name will be the only one viewers will be able to recall. And isn't that the ultimate prize?

Keep the blog fresh!

Hi Eddie,
I have been a complete design fanatic since renovating my first house and Martha first had her original show. Top Design has never been my fav because of taste difference... until you showed up this season! I thought for sure, no question you would win--no competition. Wow, what a shock last night. I don't know if it's a West Coast East Coast thing or what but the panel seemed clueless.
Eddie your the best! Thanks for sharing all your good taste with us! I love it.

Just wanted to send a note to encourage you in opening your new door!! People sense your grace even through the internet. I agree with the last lady--lots of books and other TV in your future, or whatever you decide you want to do!

Dear Eddie, I love you.

I don't watch TD (can't get it here) and I can't remember how I found you, but so thankful I did. You are such an inspiration. Can't wait for your show (please make sure we get it in Canada!), magazine, retail space, line of fabrics, dinnerware, etc. etc.

Much love to you and Jaithan!

I loved how you graciously left the show with a big smile on your face. You remain confident with your God given talent and will not buckle to the opinion of the critics. Bravo! I can not wait until you start your next venture (dinnerware collection, magazine etc) and Top Design will be a small bump on your resume. I wish you continued success!

Eddie, I found you because of Top Design and I am ever so glad. Your blog is now a regular stop for me. You were sparkling on that show and I must say ...quite honest.
And yes, it's reality TV but it still has to sell to stay on the air so those editors must be creative. Most of us realize this.

I don't watch TV, but I'm a big fan of your blog. Keep on doing what you do!

I have to admit, I didn't watch the show this season... mostly because it's not very 'realistic'.
On a side note, I think we would be shopping-partners-in-crime... you should hit Round Top in the Spring with me and Courtney from In(side) the Loop.
Keep up the great work!

I think you must know from the public's response that you have something special to offer the world that comes along only rarely in this business. I admire that you have stayed true to your beliefs and who you are in the face of such pressure to conform to an elitist design philosophy that excludes 99% of the population. In a world that is finally coming to terms with the consequences of materialism and excess you're a breath of fresh air. I'm an ardent fan and can't wait to see what you do next. I'd wish you good luck but I don't think you'll need it ( I'll wish it on you anyway)

Eddie - Loved you on TD and was so sad to see you go. Your instinctual sense of style and attention to detail is fantastic. If comfortable, classic and elegant design is "granny with bedpans," those judges don't know what they are doing. Not everyone wants something pointy, sharp, overly designed and minimal. I agree with all the commentors that you definitely need your own show, specifically with lots of "befores" and "afters" from your thrift and tag sale finds! Thanks for all your great ideas!

Eddie - What a great job you did on Top Design! Too bad everyone else on the show couldn't see that as well. Here's to your next big endeavor.

L & W

So the day has come for me to comment..:)
I think you are absolutly great.. first thing that i do when i come to my workplace is read THE blog..:) I'm from Croatia and the time difference works perfectly..:) In Zagreb we have two fleat markets.. cheap one and expencive one.. u have inspired me so i'm going in two weeks.. i love to have unique things, so u are very BIGGGG help..
this should have been an e-mail..:))
youe're great.. i know u know it.. but it's great to hear it, don't u think..:)?
ba bye..

EDDIE...I have been letting my 12 1/2 year old daughter stay up late to watch you on TD. We were very disappointed on your leaving the show. My daughter Lizzie said...it would be fun to work with you as you have personality and great sense of style. NOT everyone can work with people!!! Love your constant smile and eagerness to try something out of the ordinary. YOU NEED YOUR OWN SHOW!! Congrats Eddie...
Best to you and Jaithan from Washington State,
Helen and Lizzie

I had a large fundraiser last night that put me home quite late....I haven't been able to watch the show on my tivo yet, but am SO SAD to hear that you are gone!! I can't imagine that you could have designed anything to warrant that....everything that you touch is gold to me:) I will watch the show this weekend and will leave you a comment after. I am thrilled that you did the show because now I am aware of you and your inspiring ideas. xoxo

Eddie, was sad to see you go last night, but am so looking forward to seeing what's next for you :o)

An Eddie & Nathan reality show/talk show/design show? That would be hilarious!

I for one think you were lucky to not be in the final 3. You have an incredible talent and getting your name out there on Top Design is all you really needed to do. You have created an incredible platform between the blog and your stylings on the show to launch the Eddie Ross Brand. With your talent and personality you are certainly on the fast track to becoming a houshold name. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. I would not be at all surprised to hear that you are doing a cheap & chic line for Tarjay one day!

(The judges are just people too. There is no gold standard to design.)
What I appreciate about your blog is that you inspire creation and show that anyone on almost any budget can make a room look glam and perfect for them! So thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of the world! And good luck with your future "door."

I don't know how I landed on your blog... but I love it, and loved you on TD. Sad to see you go. I think it's pretty clear there's some *clever* editing going on on TD. Clearly words and snippets are jumbled. Rest of the season will be dry and boring without you. xo

So sorry to see that you wouldn't be competing until the end of TD last night, but the previews eluded that you'll be returning so I'm looking forward to that! Besides seeing some great design, I thought you guys were hilarious! Thanks for some good laughs!
Love your work at MS Living and the Blog. It's TERRIFIC!

Eddie I love you and know that you are very talented! I wouldn't have been friends with you in culinary school if I didn't see how wonderful you are! I felt it to be very interesting that all of the other designs were way modern. Yours was just perfect in my book. Maybe it is that Southern and East coast vibe in me! I did love to see some of your funnier moments of when you were just hanging out becuase that was the Eddie that I knew in shcool and loved! Great job! So much fun to see!


Dearest E -- Trust me! In the nearest -- and dearest future -- your fans here KNOW that your star will shine FAR more brightly and reach even more people! In the short time that we have known you and Jaithan through your wonderful words and photos -- you've become a true Blog Celebrity! And just imagine when you re-do your OWN house -- and turn into a charming, elegant and welcoming home! And then your book will document the whole process -- and I'll be the first in line here in Dallas waiting for an autograph and a hug!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (who is a decor book and magazine addict ....)

Hi Eddie, I was very disappointed in your loss last night. I guess I must be at the walker, bed pan stage of my life because I loved your bedroom and thought it was the best. I'd love to sleep there. The pompous ass that said all those mean things is a loser as far as I'm concerned and I loved the comments the ladies made about you. You will go far in your career. Good luck and I'm anxious to read more of your experiences. Love your blog and look forward to reading it.

I'm joining the crowd. I'm just impressed that you were brave enough to let the wiley bravo editors have a run at your character. The editing is brilliant on their shows, but I wouldn't want to be on the other side.

Clearly by your comment section day after day, your fans could care less if you're still on Top Design or not. I am a long time watcher of A LOT of reality tv and can spot fake editing in a heartbeat, and last night was a doozie. Although, your birthday party looked so fun and you and Nathan definitely need YOUR OWN SHOW!!

You are unique, beyond creative and hilarious to boot. That's all I need to know.

Love ya... ps. I'll be sending my photos soon for your "ADVICE." Thanks so much!!

Why do I think you are editing the comments just as the producers edited the show? There is way too much gushing for this to be all the comments. With that said, you are better than Ondine and should have been in the final three, not her. (I suspect the ratings appeal to straight female fans influenced that call). However Nathan and Preston are better designers than you are--more natural talent, (and I suspect Big Daddy is too, who went home way too early). You do have the talent of good taste, putting things together beautifully (styling), and a big personality. But as far as original design ideas, not so much. (and frankly Martha's strong suit has never been in interior design so, like her, don't worry about that weakness, concentrate on your strengths). You're right...you'll be fine and do very well. I've had (and have) a lucrative career and traveled the world working in the creative field, helping others live more beautiful lives and I'm no more talented than you. See you at the Paris flea market.

Hi Eddie-
Just wanted to say I was dissapointed withthe results last night. Jeff Lewis is not a designer, as funny, crazy fun to watch as he is. His partner at Brown design is a designer. I was very happy to see Margaret Russell sticking up for you and being generous with her praise. I have a feeling other nicer comments she may have made about you were edited as well.

I love what you do. You have a strong point of view, and isn't that what makes the world a more interesting place?! You handled yourself with grace and style in this last episode, which probably rook alot of restraint. Bravo!

you did an amazing job on top design and i was so sad to see you go last night. your blog has been the best inspiration for me and i am so happy i will be able to continue to find you here. i can't wait to see what the future has in store for eddie ross- YOU ROCK :)

You have a home run here, Eddie! HOME RUN.

I'm sorry you had to deal with idiots, sorry that they were dumb enough to send you away (I didn't even know that you were on such a thing...not a TV watcher/no cable). I am thankful that you are willing to share your time and your abundance of talent and wisdom with us!! Accept our appreciation and forget people who are foolish!


I didn't get to see you on Top Design but I absolutely love your blog! I've been checking for new posts everyday. Keep up the amazing work!

-a new loyal fan

Eddie, I'm practically crying at that blog. That was so sweet and touching. You're amazing! I can't wait to see what you do next.

TOP DESIGN is an amusing entertainment. And that's all it is. I have really grown to admire your work by following this blog. You find treasures where nobody else would think to look and you immediately see how they can be repurposed and gorgeous again.
Jeff Lewis is a vicious, untalented jackass! You are gifted and funny. And it doesn't matter who wins the damned show.
Love you!

What a nice post. I am happy you posted about the character that they made of you (and others) on the show. I was lucky enough to find your blog before seeing you on TV (no cable - boo hoo). When I saw you on TV, you seemed different, and I told myself it was just clever editing. Now I know it was just that.... keep up the inspiring posts.

I seriously screamed at the tv last night, I was so sad to see you go! You were the only reason I watched, I LOVED seeing what you created every week, and loved that you made me laugh the entire time! I still die laughing when I think about the $10 vase that got broken, and that guys attitude about it being worth $100. I love what you create from nothing and I can't wait to see so much more from you!! Thank you for always inspiring me to go out and create beautiful things for myself!

"The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it." - John Ruskin

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