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October 15, 2008


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Eddie, you've given me and others a new found appreciation for white milk glass. I've enjoyed this blog soooo much. I'm much older than you, but I still share your excitement and love for finding the wonderful old and new pieces and transfixing them into artful treasures! I look forward to reading many more of your blogs. I'm also A fellow Etsy seller and purveyor of antiques and collectibles: Serenities. My best Regards, Marci

Loved the plate pattern... and found another for sale, but out of my price range!:


How BEAUTIFUL!!! I cannot imagine a life without lovely old things like these... they bring such a joy to the little rituals of daily living. :)

I think you were just born with the "making things look pretty" gene! ;)

Lovely!! I wish I could hop on board your flea marketing train. You seem to find such great things and make it all look so beautiful. I'm finding it difficult to find places here in Seattle.

Hope you are well!

There is nothing "gold keds and stirrup pants" about those. I swear, I almost peed my pants laughing at that -- and other -- comments last night. I love that you call it like you see it and don't hold back!

ah, thanks Eddie! what a wonderful way to start my morning with such a lovely blog entry from you!

Thank you for the wonderful blog you have. I have been so inspired to try differnt things around my home because of your blog, some not so successful, but others are great. I also have tried some of your cooking. I was actually able to make the orange bread with success and my family loves it. Thanks again gina

Lovely. The patina on the antiques with the gray pattern on the plate reflect your great taste for the finer things in life. You can "feel" the history in the pieces! That is priceless!!! So much better than buying new!!!!

Would love to know your polishing secrets as well. I have so much that needs it! Do check my blog for art to go with your antiques. I move back and forth from bold abstracts to subtle landscapes and still life.

I remember loving the Jetsons too and also loving old things and finding beauty in simple qualities. Making a house a home requires work, laundry, meals and why not do it with things you love.
I would love to have a "Rosie!" I loved that sound she would make!

Wait? Where is the 'sperm' fixture -- omg that cracked me up. You did great, I loved your calm and cool attitude when the varnish splattered everywhere!

Fun show tonight, Eddie. I have a silver question....what do you use to polish old silver pieces? Thanks and keep up the good work.

I loved you tonight on Top Design! I don't know how you manage to be sweet and sassy at the same time. And your response to Kelly's comment 'Granny Gone Wild'? Priceless.

Love the refined,civilized post and also tonight's show;Kelly W looks ridiculous, I can hardly hear her comments for gaping at her ensembles.JA is succinct,but you all look so tired,it hurts to look at all of you! And congratulations on your safety. I love that you seem to support one another,noticed a espirit d' corps tonight that I hadn't witnessed before.Go,Eddie, go!

Eddie, I loved your futuristic design on the show tonight! I also admire your confidence and how you approach each project the others I am sure have learned alot from you! Your sense of humor cracks me up in all that seriousness going on on the show! Routing you on!! :)

The little girl that I nanny'd in college used to say "can I have then when you die?" to me and her Mom whenever we had something that she wanted. So umm, about the teapot...


Congratulations Eddie you are safe on top design again. I am watching what happens ( or happened ) It's sad to see natalie leave!
Again congratulations!

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