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October 18, 2008


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Just wanted to say i realy like this blog and I am a very frequent user.
If you`re interested, also check out this blog, with nice and easy recepies.

I'm so hungry now! ;)

are you kidding me with the apple pie with cheddar crust....omg, to die for!!! I will have to try! I live in southern california and love taking trips up to oak glen to pick fresh apples and indulge in cider and wonderul pie!

I just picked up apples at the Farmer's Market and am trying my hand at apple butter. Never made it before but it's sure making my house smell divine.

I may have to take a step up and try that pie with cheddar crust, sounds delightful.

Thanks for your lovely comment! It really made my day to be honest :).

I'm still obsessed with your amazing blog and I hope that you will show us some Christmas inspiration/decorations soon :).

I'm going to live/work at a ski center/hotel during december but I'm going to try to make my hotel room look a bit cozy even if I can't decorate it like "home" and I need some inspiration before I leave. :)

With love

My dad used to eat his apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese on top - cant wait to try the last recipe with the cheddar crust- almost done with the dresser will send some pics - just canned 12 jars of bread and butter pickles today- YUM!

Actually, I just baked my first apple pie EVER today! I confessed on my blog yesterday that I had never baked one, and then I felt obliged to bake one so that I could post about it on Monday!

I made an apple crisp today with apples I bought at the Farmers Market this morning. I is cooling on my counter as I type this and my house smells so yummy!! If you have time later come on over for some with vanilla bean ice cream on top. I would love working for Martha, you are so lucky.


Eddie...The first one looks the easiest. Love the idea of a cheddar crust on the last one. I will have a slice of each one, please. ♥Rosemary

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