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November 06, 2008


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eddie,how fabulous for you to have found a way to make a living doing things you love.amy sent your website to me and i love it.who would have thought way back when in glenville you'd be where you are today...cheers to you!eileen

I am sending you my most heart felt Thank You! I am a designer in Northern California and you are a mentor and shining example to me! I have worked in various aspects of design from fashion design to photo shoot styling and now interior design. My interests being so spread out has made me feel as if I lack focus and a true calling. But, than I think of you and how as a designer you are so multifaceted and I feel so so validated and reassured that I am on the right track! This realization really has had a huge impact on how I perceive myself as a designer so Thank You Eddie! Furthermore, I am a flea market, estate sale, and thrift store junky. Despite that being more acceptable now than ever it still conjures up a not always positive image to many people. Thank you again for helping to shatter preconceived notions that vintage shopping is solely for the budget conscious. In my work environment with designers and clients who fall victim daily to horrid trends it is so so refreshing to have a beacon like yourself who examplifies good taste. And by the way, you dress impeccably and I think you should start a menswear collection. :)
Thank you Eddie.
Sincerely, Christina Van Doren

(sorry this is the worlds longest comment)

Great web site. Carolyne is fabulous-wonderful taste!
Kristen Foster

So nice of you to share your life with us. What a wonderful party it looks to have been. We just returned from a week in Miami Beach, so was nice to catch up on one of my favorite blogs and of course now I'm on to Habitually Chic.

Hi Eddie and Jaithin!
It looks like you have been busy. busy!!! And having a blast. I look forward to peeking in at your Fall and Holiday season.


Jaye & Eddie,
I check your blog daily and you have such an interesting life that I enjoy reading about. How did you get to know so much about so many things? Continue the good work.....I am so impressed. mk

Eddie, such the life you lead! (my best yiddish accent there) I love Carolyne Roehm and listen to her when she comes on MSL Radio. One night I was listening to her and she just took OVER. Even ran into the vet's show! I loved it. He didn't!
Isn't Mrs. Blandings the greatest? Joe looks so much fun. The group photo in your apartment is great fun!

Eddie, you may not have won Top Design, but you have received a blogging award. Stop by my blog to pick it up. :-)

What a fun weekend - a social whirl!!! Thanks!
Love the dishes they are so perfect for you. I hope that there is more than one place setting, if not that it is known where you could find more. The glasses are very 'Rat Pack" cool - what would be the perfect drink to serve in them? I only kind of know wines. Love your trademark bow tie!!

I've never been to New york, but live in the suburbs of Chicago. Somehow, Chicago doesn't seem as chic!!! Thanks for letting us peek into some fun socializing, NY style. I am a country girl but want to experience, just once, some NY glam. Your pictures and descriptions certainly make it sound (and look) as glamorous as I've always fantasized it is.
You and Jaithan were born to wear bow ties, I tell you!
My favorite picture is the the last one. I adore the toile valance in the background. I also love the white on white of the firplace mantle with that touch of wood with the candlesticks. And your sconces are yummy.
My husband is going to be oh so sorry that I have discovered your blog. Our house will never be the same.....

Thank you, Eddie and Jaithan, You have a great life! But then again so so I. LOL-Julie

oooooooo -- I am pea-green with jealousy! First meeting Ms. Roehm and then the wonderful Mrs. Blandings too! And then your wonderful party at home too! Too fun and I'll bet you had wonderful delish snacks too! Sigh.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (just simply green with envy. A very deep shade of green.)

Hey Eddie!!

Great blog! I really enjoy it alot & all the ideas - When you get a chance stop by my blog, Id like to see what you think of my creative ideas!! Best of luck & I will be checking back!


Joey :)

You sure are busy! It was fun to get to go to all those events with you. I'm in Boring Old Wi- nothing but bears and forest as far as the eye can see. A huge event for me is to go to a Starbucks :) I'm not kidding.

The first thing I thought when I saw the "ER" monogram on the plates was that it stood for "Elizabeth Regina" Queen Elizabeth I's monogram. Silly me.

How fun Eddie. I'm going to have check out a couple of the sites you mentioned. I love Carolyn!! Although I've never been lucky enough to meet her I do get email updates from her website. The book looks fantastic, I want to check it out. It was nice to see Ondine too!! Oh and the glasses are beautiful!!

Friends, beautiful places, fun...
thanks for sharing a taste of the NYC stylish social scene.

What fun!
And you got to meet Mrs. Blandings too!
xo xo

Hey Eddie!

What cracks me up most about your photos is how you're always slumping or bent over -- are you really that tall? If everyone else is average height, you must be a giant!!

I am exhausted just thinking about so much activity... what fun!

I also love the Bombay Sapphire on the bar!!!

Happy Friday Eddie,

What a wonderful week you have had ... thanks for sharing the photos !! You and Jaithan make hosting an evening of cocktails easy and chic I may just whip one together for this weekend - wait what am I thinking; no matter how effortless the two of you made it look I have to remember it would actually be me hosting ... I think I will wait for an invitation to arrive instead !! As a fellow frame enthusiast I love your choice with the Grecian etching ... so elegant, so perfect. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the look (of course, giving full credit to your genious goes with out saying). Have a wonderful weekend - looking forward to next week; thanks to you ;) !!

Shelley Granata
New Canaan, CT

LOVE the bowties!

Eddie, you are such a busy guy!It is amazing to me how you manage to balance everything. Being a Calif. girl it really makes me want to visit NY. I died for the dishes, I can't believe he found them with your monogram or did he have that done?Either way they are so YOU. Love the way you and Jaithan dress, oh so preppy and chic. Have a great weekend!smiles to you both, Kathysue

It was such a treat to meet you both in person - it's my turn to host next time! Can't wait to see you "in town."

What a great life you and Jaithan have! Living in New York must be so exciting.......thanks for letting us get a glimpse of what it is like! I enjoyed it immensely!

PS I mentioned you and Steve with Larson Juhl on my blog today.

I am so glad Jaithan finally got some quality time on the other side of the camera! You have been such gadabouts lately...having fun. Good for you. Enjoy the weekend. ~ Rosemary

To see you in action in NYC is so fun. Especially the photos with fellow Kansas Citians Patricia,AKA Mrs. Blandings, The Creative Candle's, Pam & Ken. Then oh my how lucky and what a great gift from Steve, finding your monogram on dinnnerware, and the Grecian inspited glasses are devine!

Very cool! I miss going to those types of things in NYC. As a kid my mom would drag me around to showrooms because she was a designer. I learned a lot at young age from that...it does start young doesn't it? Great style Eddie and your home looks fab! Back to work in my jewelry studio now :) Keep on making the world beautiful! I'm getting itchy to do my space over looking at your work :) Onward! Bye!


I miss New York! you and your friends look fantastic as always!

You and Jathian are certainly the men about town. Thanks again for such a great evening it was fun. I also want to thank you for all the inspiration, I know my Thanksgiving will be more beautiful thanks to your blog. Can't wait to hit the antique markets with you. We'll have to plan an Atlanta trip in early 2009. Keep on Framing!

Eddie and Jaithin-We so enjoyed our time in NYC with you. Thanks again for your hospitality. We are looking forward to your visit to KC.

Fondly, Pam and Ken, Creative Candles

You are quite the busy guy these days - New York is such an incredible city! can't wait to see the tablescape for Thanksgiving -

Wowza! You just bring such energy to everything you do! Jaithan and you are very complimentive to eachother! Glad you are back amongst friends and having a good time! Love the glasses!

What fun! You all look like a gang of stylish & happy Bright Young Things & I LoveLoveLove Carolyn Roehm's books.

Oh you all look so fabulous! If I wasn't already dying to move to NY, I definitely am now!

thanks for the glimpse into all of your events! I love ondine and how fun was it at the book signing? you are so my favorite....

Eddie, thanks for a little glimpse into your life in NYC. I felt like a little fly on the wall. ;-)

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