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November 04, 2008


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Gosh just discovered your website, and you are such an inspiration!! LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO!

What is the name of the paint color in your living? I just love the color.


The flea markets here in Northern California aren't as good as they used to be either. I wonder why that is?

My obsession is vintage linens! I have a thing for linen and lace table clothes & napkins and vintage pillowcases. My favorite ebay search is "white vintage linen"

Great find Eddie! Beautiful platter! You are amazing and I would love to go thrifting with you and then you can come go thrifting with me! We could have a blast. Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Lovely platter. I haven't gotten into ironstone, but your collection is impressive.
Me, I like old silver, and I love the fork--Whiting's Twist pattern, isn't it? Whiting was bought out by Gorham, I believe. I have a few pieces of Twist that I found on ebay, and I love them.

PS-- do you ever worry about high lead content in your vintage dishes?

not only do I collect vintage postcards as you do, but I also adore black and white transfer ware I have a good collection in my yellow kitchen It is so hard to find, but I did run across a great 100 year old plate in a local thrift store a few weeks ago I was thrilled ... your ebay find is very pretty

Besides eBay, you must know about "Replacements.com"? It's a company which has hundreds of designs of china and silver; you register your favorite pattern and they'll contact you when it comes in, if it isn't readily available! Takes some of the fun of the hunt away, but it's fabulous if you need to stock up on a specific pattern for an event. My family augmented a 1920s Royal Doulton set this way - great serveware and side pieces. Happy shopping!

Eddie, What a great choice on your part, that is no suprise, your taste is impeccable. I will have to say that my obsession isn't a collection but I can't seem to pass up a good looking lamp,mirror or pillows. I think it is because if I change those items in a room it gives the room a whole new look. I do love dishes and linens. I actually use transferware in 3 different colors. Blue for coolness in the summer, black for the warmth and coziness for fall/winter, pink/red for the cheerfulness at christmas and also in the spring for the closeness to the color of spring flowers. I have cupboard doors in my kitchen that are glass so it is fun to change them out. Maybe I should start collecting some older pieces and upgrade. Most of mine are new but I do love them, what do you think Eddie would you be caught with a new plate or are all of yours older pieces?? Thankyou again for sharing your talents with all of us out here in blog land you are the BEST!!xoxo Kathysue

I'm beginning to think thrifting is the way to go since I was recently devastated when receiving an order for brand, spanking new Spode Woodland Turkey dinnerware (at $25 a plate!). Each piece had flaws that would have to be listed on eBay as imperfections! The Spode distributor out of NJ was aghast that I would be disappointed in their lack of quality (but agreed with me). From now on, I'll buy the older stuff. The quality is far superior!

That's a fantastic plate! You could use it in so many ways and in so many rooms.

Hi Eddie, I love the plate and the fork!! I wish I had half of your knowledge. I'm not too sure what I'm looking at sometimes. And Ebay just confuses me. I think I need lessons.

I adore your blog, brings a smile in my designing/treasure hunting heart! My obsession collection is that of wooden cooking spoons I purchase at each travel or as a gift from traveling family. I keep them next to my range in a ceramic vase and everytime I use them (YES..I use them!) it reminds me of my vacations and travels. The spoons come from South Africa,Greece,Vienna, NYC, etc..love them! Keep up the good work and inspiration! :)

Eddie, I love everything you do. I just discovered you and I do believe that you share some sort of creative genetics that my 2 best friends and I have. We were all pretty poor at one point of our lives but it seemed to make us even more creative. Black, white, cream, tan, grey, silver and crystal, I like to call it "Monocromagic"! I look forward to everything you do. Heidi

Gorgeous !! I love the serving fork as well ... details please (I hope you have some - will keep my fingers crossed). The magic is having known to pair it with that fabulous transfer platter ... the very reason you are Eddie Ross and I am not !!

Another great day in your world ...

Shelley Granata
New Canaan, CT

I love the serving dish - the fork in the photo is exquisite!! I'd love to know what the make is so I can look for something similar!!

I obsess with vintage glass and white dinnerware with silver. Glass serving dishes, candy dishes, and bud vases! When you put candles on the table the glass just sparkles!! I love etched glass - it's always chic and elegant. BTW - LOVE the cranberry compote you picked up at the flea market Eddie! That's my style too!

Here in Toronto Canada, we have a lot of small thrift shops/antique stores that sell "onesies" like Wedgewood and Spode... I keep going and sometimes I find exactly what I'm looking for! Patience is a virtue to have when you're obsessed!! Am I right?

Eddie, I so look forward to your email everyday. I think you should have a contest. "Spend the Day with Eddie" There are so many of us that would love to go shopping with you! Keep up the awesome work!!

I too love transferware. I have blue and white that we dine on every day - variety of patterns. For Thanksgiving Johnson Bros. His Majesty turkey plates.They have seldom been used as we tend to travel most every T Day!! This year we will be in Santa Fe. Yes, ebay is wonderful = your platter is amazing!

Stacking the transfer ware with your white collection is beautiful. (I just watched your Top Design video!) Soon you will need more living space for your collections!!

I was given some black & white transferware this summer and it's just so lovely and graphic.

Love, the platter and birds are a favorite image for me. I get overwhelmed when I search Ebay and have not yet had the courage to slog through the thousands of posts when I enter a category of say serving ware. What terms did you use when you found this platter? Perhaps the topic of one of your blogs could be how "you" use ebay.

I very very new to finding treasures that are not brand spanking new. I've always loved old things but just couldn't see beyond the scuffs, scratches and dents to find the beauty underneath! Through blogs such as yours, I am finding such vision!
I am starting out slow but know with time and experience I will soon have an entire collection of things that are 100+ years old that I truly love!
I live in the Chicagoland area and am wondering if you know of any great flea markets around here. I hear there is one called Kane County Flea Market and I am hoping to check it out soon.
Thank you for your blog. You are something I look forward to every day!!!
p.s. I do have a couple of bowls dating back to my great-great grandma. Not collectible, just sentimental, but oh so beautiful!

Couldn't you just jump up and down when you get such a great find? I know I do. I live in VA now but in a few weeks will be back in CT to live. I cannot wait to start trolling back country roads in search of objects for my new home. Litchfield county is famous for great stuff! Take some pics of your holiday table please!

Holiday obsession? Vintage Champagne coupes, the kind with the hollow stems. One's husband collects them.

i love roasted root vegetables and make them as you describe, heavy on the parsnips!

at first i was thinking the chinoiserie you were going to show was painted mirror and then i was going to talk about my to die for chinoiserie coffee table, (that i need to desperately refinish), complete with a sliding top to reveal the perfect serving tray, that does come out. i know you'd love it...

It would be so nice if you could give us some tips like "where to go" in NY if you wanna shop nice interior. I will be there a few days in december and I would love to get some nice tips because I haven't been in New York before :).

Best regards!

Fabulous blog! I live vicariously through you - would love to be able to visit fleamarkets with you, entertain like you, cook like you, decorate like you. But, I live in Sydney and I am obsessed with antique roses paintings, vintage floral paintings, antique needlework, vintage hatblocks, antique perfume bottles, antique sterling silver, antique textiles .... the list is infinite! My husband would rather I collect money but how boring is that. Please look at my blog for some photographs of my collections.

Oh that is an awesome plate! Really love the design.

Gosh, Eddie, even from NYC, you find the best deals. Love the transferware plate. Let's see ALL your collection one of these days, okay? :-)

Love the transferware platter. I picked up a brown and white one a few years ago with cattails on it that is huge and easily accomodates a large turkey or ham. My usuual obsession is putting a ton of silver on the table to gleam in the candlelight. This year I can't wait to use the antique pressed glass hobnail deviled egg plate I just bought on ebay! (As a Southner I am obsessed with deviled eggs at the holidays)

thank you for an amazing website. Everything you do is just amazing. I particularly love how you take flea market finds and update them.Just wonderful. I also cheered for you on top design.

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