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November 06, 2008


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Would this work on a burlap-ish type shade? I just want to change the color. And what kind of spray paint did you use?

Thanks for this article. I tried it and featured it on my blog. I must say I wasn't a believer at first, but you definitely proved me wrong.

Love the shades, now I'm off for spike tape.

what a fabulous idea! excuse me now while I head out to the thrift store ;-)

Hi Eddie-
Just found you through Southern Hospitality, and I love your style! You had me at those Salvation Army lampshades! I will definitely be back to visit!

Those shades look so fabulous! Did you use regular old spray paint or a special one for fabrics?

OMG...friggin' awesome, Eddie! Where in the hell did they spawn you from darling?!?!! LOL. LOVES!

Great Ideas! To think it has takes over 70 years to finally make lampshades a design statement, at last! Light up your life!

I just love you to pieces Eddie!!! Ok, you could be my son (barely), but I still love you!! (Don't tell my hub or Jaithan!) LOL

Thank You Eddie! Your opinion means a lot to me!

Hi Eddie! Thanks for the inspiration! I updated a silk lampshade and floor lamp a while back, I posted the pics on my blog.

I've been to SO many salvation armys and goodwill stores but i NEVER find anything half as great as you! Maybe my imagination isn't as great, but man, i've been looking and i cant find anything!

great ideas, love your site!

Fabulous! I need to go out and spraypaint something now...

Great ideas again, thanks for sharing your creative mind with us

I am now dying to go to this Salvation Army. But I may not have to die; I work on 45 Street. :-) Thanks for sharing this gem...clearly better than mine!

Eddie, those look fantastic! One of my favorite things to do is make over lamps and shades. I just recently posted about a zebra shade I recovered with fabric here: http://southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot.com/2008/10/covering-lampshade.html

But, I really like your plain drum shades spray painted & the tape added. Never heard of spike tape, that's a great look for them. All 3 of yours are winners!

I love the lamp shades. The look better than ones you can buy. What did you think of Nathan winning the Top Design? I had to laugh when you were picked to help Preston!!

Bonus find on the lampshades. Our GW is totally picked over.

I don't have time to read through all the comments, so don't know if anyone's told you, but this post has been posted on Apartment Therapy. I wrote a comment, as scf.

How did you know I just bought a shade from Target and was wondering how to tone down the bright white?! My husband loves to spray paint, but I wasn't sure till I saw your results. Thanks for the push.

GENIUS! I'm blogging about this today on my Lighting blog. :-) Absolute genius.

Loves it!!!!!!

My concern with using spray paint on shades is having the spray marks show when the light is turned on. You do not seem to have that problem - so tell me what am I doing wrong and you are doing right? Is it that you need double or more layers of paint?
This is another of your fabulous projects! You make everything look soooo good- like it cost major $. Always classy that's what you are!

I am so happy I came across your blog a week or so ago!

You make elegant budget home decor look so do-able and I love how you reveal so many tips for others to do the same.

I now read your blog regularly and always look forward to new posts.

Thank you,

Your shade tutorial puts you in the spotlight and the rest of us in the shade. Loved all three and the idea that you can change them out depending on the look you want.

Inspiration -Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling.

Thanks for the High!

Love the idea Eddie. As always, thanks for the inspiration.

Eddie, another home run! You are incredible. After reading some of the recent comments on your black transferware platter, I REALLY think you should do an instructional blog on the markings on old china and silver, as I think so, so many of us are looking for this kind of help. Can't wait to read your blog about your trip to Maryland. The leaves here are putting an absolute color extravaganza show this year! Enjoy!

Brillant!! Honestly what a wonderful posting -- so inspiring and helpful! Spike tape may be a trifle hard to find in any hardware store -- so I wonder if low-tack painter's tape might work? Hmmmmmmm ..... not sure about that one! The striped shade is a winner -- so cool and elegant! A very posh lamp and shade transformation! Cheap-to-Chic!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

I swear you have the most amazing luck at the salvation army. I am in awe of the things you are able to find! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that you have an impeccable eye for quality and good design. I love your blog, thanks for the daily inspiration!

Love your blog. You have clear point of view, and show us what you do. (I'm so over endless "see what I've found on Etsy" posts). Always the highlight of my blog reading day.

Love this project! I have always been afraid to spray paint with metallic paint. Do most of your metallic paint projects turn out? My fear comes from once seeing a guy on a home flipping show trying to save money by spray painting a sink copper colored to make it look like a genuine copper sink. El grosso! But, your brass lamp base came out very nice. I'm going to get over my fear and give it a try.
Thanks again for the inspiration!

I like the way your mind works...you are always thinking ahead and waiting for specific items to work on in the future. I have found that if I am patient, the exact thing I am looking for will surface. What makes your site so interesting is showing the step by step process. You are not simply doing a 'before and after' photo...you are taking us with you. Thanks, it is energizing.

You are so talented! What great transformations.

Can I just add I was so sad/pissed watching Top Design last night?? I feel like they made such a mistake not having you in the top three. It's clear they picked the three that would fit in "Elle Decor" over the top three who had the most talent.

You're still my #1! Plus Martha totally trumps Top Design and I know you're going to go so far!

You. Are. A. Rockstar.

Rockin' Uggs and a can of spray paint can be hard, but you pulled it off. You really do need your own show! I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing.

Spray paint! Are you flirting with me? LOL

The shades look awesome. I especially love the black one against the silver base.

OMG!! I swear you need your own damn show. ps... are you happy that Nathan won? And again you were hysterical on last night's fianl episode.

Thanks Eddie for this instructional and timely post! I just picked up a pair of lamps at Goodwill----they're a great shape and with a coat of white spray paint they'll look amazing, but I've felt stumped about what to do with the shades...this is so helpful! I'll be sure to share the finished result ;)

Eddie -
That is a GREAT project. I am going to have some fun this weekend. I swap out lamps, pillows, throws etc...Seasonally, this will be a great way to change the look of my lamps with out actually removing them!

What happened on Top Design last night? I totally forgot that it was even on. Never mind, I don't care... :)

Great idea! Could you also use ribbon instead of spike tape? It would give more pattern options. Or bias tape as a trim? I'm in the process of launching a blog on cheap and easy decorating - mind if I include some of your images? I already linked your site in my blog role!

I just love your blog and all your wonderful ideas! I think your super talented and you've given me such inspiration to work on projects in my own home. Keep doing what you do!

My Favorite part of your post, beside the brass lamp spray painted and the green shade, is that you moved your sofa out of the way to style the shot - Well Done.

What a great post and a great project! I've customized lampshades with ribbon and trim, but have never thought to paint one. I think I'm going to try it this weekend...thanks for the inspiration.

wow, how fun!! I love the idea of changing the shade for different seasons and occasions! I have had this in the back of my mind since I saw you paint the white stripes on the black shades during your future challenge on top design. As usual, you started my day off with a smile...thanks!!


Only in NYC do you findsuch gem's at Salvation Army and Goodwill!

Haha you are too much! Love the shameless invite for praise. Deservedly so, they are fierce.. almost as fierce as you!

I never thought to paint lampshades. What a great idea! Love the green one and the striped one the best. Very chic!

This is such a great project! For some reason I always have a hard time finding lamp shades I like so I usually end up buying your typical solid color. I never thought to just create my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

Great idea! Anyone....what is "spike" tape???

Is there a brand of spray paint you recommend?

everything you do is FANTASTIC!

How great! They all look so great...How are you ever going to choose one? Love them in the same space to really see what a diferent vibe they have!

Spike tape? Who knew??

Great before and after!

THOSE shades are fabulous, Eddie!!! Thanks for sharing!....Love it!

Eddie, You are so inspiring. Seeing your creations make me never want to shop retail ever again!

I love your work!


Did you take out the main lightbulb and and add something to the lamp? The top of the lamp looks like it now has chandalier bulbs in it - it's a great look! I love this makeover!!

Thanks for sharing - what a great idea to change the look without spending a lot.

And I love the photo of you on the roof...I bow down to you to be able to spraypaint something green while wearing a white shirt!! You are a brave man!

AH! I picked up an old floor lamp off the street just the other day...it's sitting in the garage just waiting for something inspirational to come along. And Eddie delivers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to get started on my project :)

I love all three versions, what a difference it makes!

PS- I copied your pumpkin idea and posted pics, hope you dont mind I posted your pics too!

I love all three versions, what a difference it makes!

PS- I copied your pumpkin idea and posted pics, hope you dont mind I posted your pics too!

I love all three versions, what a difference it makes!

PS- I copied your pumpkin idea and posted pics, hope you dont mind I posted your pics too!

fabulous...did you consider painting the inside of the shades?

You have a great decorating sense but I think you need help with your shoes. First the nasty new balance and now Uggs, yuk.

What a cool, sophisticated idea!! Love it!

Great ideas! What type of spray did you use on the lamps?

Wow, what an amazing, custom fix, I’m adoring your B&A posts! I tend to be a little more on the frilly side - I know, I know editing is always better :) But, I could totally see myself doing this and adding some great upholstery trim to an oversized shade. I love the stripes, how chic is that? Thanks for another splendid idea!

Amazing! Your sooooo green! Love it!

Very clever! I love all three!!

Eddie, very cool! Love all the shades.

you light up my life.
great shades.

Hello there Eddie,

I discovered your site after watching the Martha Stewart show - when she did the segment on blogs. I was home from work that day!!! Lucky me.

You are very inspirational - you have many great ideas whether it be cooking decorating, crafting, entertaining, floral arrangement, antiques - and thankyou for sharing all these ideas and your home with us all out here in blog land.

I try to look at your posts every other day and cant wait to see what you come up with - keep up the great work.

I think you should work on your book - and perhaps have your own TV show.

Yours sincerly,

Poppy (Australia)

you never cease to amaze me - and the ease in which you make your finds, and transformations is the icing on the cake! these turned out fab - but was there any ever doubt? :)

There is just no end to your creativity! I love the striped shade. Anything black and white is a fav of mine. Keep the ideas coming, thanks to you my trunk is getting full of stuff from my local Junque'stores. When I get a chance I will take some picts. and send them to you. I found one piece I would love some ideas on. It is a birdseye maple tray with compartments, I think it might be an old dresser tray but it is solid birdseye maple for $1.00 at Salvation Army they were having a half off sale. Can you believe that?!!! Looking forward to more of Eddie. Smiles to you ,Kathysue

So clever!!!


I have been one of your most devoted blog stalkers since my sister from Archives of Our Lives wrote about you on her blog. I LOVE your ideas, and I love even more that they are affordable and doable. I just had to comment on this project because it's exactly what I needed for my son's nursery. Thank you, and please keep posting these great pieces of advice. I, for one, check your blog every day, and sometimes multiple times. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Most sincerely,

A devoted fan in Mesa, AZ

Great idea Eddie! Thanks for the inspiration!

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