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November 14, 2008


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How I wish I could have joined your merry band for a trip to the flea market. My last visit to such an event was a car boot sale in a field located near Oxford, England. It was a treasure trove of items with so much personality and history. Thankfully, I was with a group of talented Brits with a great penchant for Georgian silver, among other goods. My foray into such flea marketing netted me some extraordinary salt dips and spoons along with several pieces of china from a local manor house. I've also been fortunate to have discovered a villa in France which was closing its doors as a bed and breakfast and restaurant. How lucky was I to find 8 porcelain chargers which I carried on my lap for most of the flight back to the States. Since then, I've wandered through every possible market and antiques mall in our part of the country, finding something lovely and affordable at every site. My thanks to you for all your brilliant suggestions, ideas, and information. Brilliant job, you two!

Eddie, you give so generously of your ideas that I want to share one with you and your readers. For those of us who hate to part with great magazines. Some are just too beautiful to cut up (Martha Stewart's Living, for example.) Well, I have found that selecting the ones that apply to the holiday and keeping those in three ring vinyl clear holders in a three ring binder works so well. That way, at Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Christmas, I just pull out that binder and there are the relevant mags. The others get stored with serving pieces I have for those holidays. You can put six years of a mag in one binder. It works great...hope you like this idea.

Sandra Chitty--Orlando

Hi Eddie! I think I have just fallen in love with you,ha! Can I say that? Well I love your style. You have got me wanting to sit and spend hours reading your blog. I hope to catch up and look forward to all of your great Christmas ideas. Here's to making a new friend~ Susie Harris

spray paint an apple or pear gold and tie a leaf on with pretty rafia or ribbon and then write the name on the leaf. Later, put them in a bowl to add sparkle and "glamour"~

Simple yet chic. I am an Eddie Ross addict. I can't wait for you to write a book!

Beautiful table setting, Eddie. I especially love the linen tablecloth. I need to keep an eye out for those.

This reminds me of seat covers I did for a Carolyne Roehm party. Cut out squares from a soft felt, scalloped the edges & stapled grograin ribbon to the corners for the ties. Simple but so clever!

Hello Eddie

I've just discovered your beautiful site. I am passionate about table setting and dishes of all kinds. I truly enjoyed this post and look forward to returning.

If you don't mind, I'll add you to my list.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

What a great idea! Such a cute personal touch that really makes your guests feel special. I love it!

Now, who wouldn't love a guy who has a grandmother named DOTTIE? It just never ends my love for you. (still not your stalker though)

These are darling... I made placecards once for my company party. I had to make like 50. THEN I got the bright idea to also make placecards for each item of food for the buffet. It was fun at first then it just took over like a fungus. I don't work there anymore, but my old boss calls EVERY year and asks if I'd consider doing them again? I say... "I'd love to, but I'm not crazy." Wanna see?

Can't wait to real all about your shopping!!

So simple, yet so fabulous. BTW, love that knife to the right of the plate. I can only imagine how gorgeous the set is.

Thank you so much. Here in Santa Barbara we have been as you might know under extreme pressure from the huge fire. Thursday evening I was so worried that I escaped into the world of Eddie Ross. I read all you blogs! We were evacuated at 11 p.m. but fortunately our house is fine and we were let back in yesterday.

It would break your heart to see the beautiful, unique homes that have burned to the ground.

Eddie, these are great. I just love unique placecards also. I do calligraphy so I am always on the outlook for new ideas , so when someone calls to employ me for a party, I am READY! Thanks so much!

Another creative idea from Eddie. Simple but festive. I am coveting Grandma Dottie's tureen. It would look perfect in my kitchen with my black and white transferware. I actually purchased cream porcelin place cards that you write on with a marker and then you just wash them and re-use the next event they are by a company called placetile designs.I actually bought the knife rest because it was smaller. They are great and a one time purchase. I will be thinking of all the lucky people shopping on Sunday.Calif is just too far away.Have Fun!Kathysue

cute idea, walnuts also make a cute placecard holder, use the ones that have started to come open just enough to fit in your card, they can also be glittered first for a little sparkle on your table, or use a razor knife to split the stem of mini pumpkins, slip your placecard into the split

I'm trying to catch back up on your latest posts.....was busy with some filming going on at my place the last few days. John Schneider and Roma Downey were filming a Hallmark Movie. Tons of FUN! Check it out: http://thegreenhousediaries.blogspot.com/2008/11/john-and-roma-thanks-for-memories.html

Hi Eddie, would you ever consider using a real maple leaf and writing on the leaf with a gold marker? I just love the fall colors and maple leaves are so beautiful!

Have fun Sunday! Wish you could do that in Atlanta - I'd pay double to join you & Jaithan!

Love the soup tureen!!! You have given me an idea for placecards. I will make them using a lobster cookie cutter for a template for my next beach dinner party. Sorry I can't make Sunday's shopping trip, I will be at the office working to meet a Congressional deadline. Oh well, it will mean more shopping cash. Have a great time hosting the flea excursion.

This is beautiful and very elegant. The meal will be set off to perfection. What music would you be playing - would it be a cd or vinyl?

You are too good to be true! Thanks for all the tips.

Hi Eddie! i'm wondering what your thoughts are on decorating a fireplace mantel. a mirror? big mirror? i need help and i love your style. can you post on this, or email me back if you get a chance? thanks so much!

Cool idea! But, I really really love your grandmother's soup tureen!!

Love you Site, Great Idea's, Love you Eddie :-)

Great idea, so simple. It would be fun to let the kids help, even...

What a great idea! My mom decorates tables for the senior citizen luncheon every October at her church. I'm going to share this idea with her. Thanks for the inspiration.

So cute. I'm working on a place cards' post as well and I HAVE To include this too! :)

... does the magic ever end ?? I for one am counting on - NO, being the answer to that particular question !!

Another quick question ... is that a candle in the second photo ?? At first I thought that is how you were going to attach the "easel" piece but then you wrote you glued it. Curiosity is definately killing this Fairfield County Cat !!

Have a wonderful weekend,
I can't wait to read all about it !!

Shelley Granata
New Canaan, CT

The salt & pepper bowls on the table are the best!! My mom always had that on our tables. Love it!

Sometimes the simple things are the most creative. My kids are always looking for ways to get involved with entertaining around the holidays. What a perfect way to incorporate them!! (Without getting under my feet in the kitchen!!)

Simple, but adorable!

After reading about your flea market successes, I went to an "antique" mall today. Lots of good stuff, I think. All I could think of was "what would Eddie think of this?" The prices here in Richmond, Va are probably so much lower than in NY, I think you would flip if you were here. Of course, there is a lot of junk to dig through too!
Love this blog! It makes my day...

Hi Eddie, I've got some leaf cookie cutters. I bet I could trace around them and make some awesome placards. Now I'm thinking about Christmas and Xmas cookie cutters. Ok I've got to go get busy now.

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