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November 22, 2008


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Dear Eddie:

So Simple! So Divine! So Elegant!

Absolutely Flawless!

Blessings to you and your "lucky" quest's on Thanksgiving Day!

P-town, Oregon

I am a sucker for rich woods and plush velvets. Be still my heart. Heidi


Love the cabinet and tray. You did a fantastic job as usual! (Exhausted here, painted the interior of my mother's house the past two weekends)


Eddie I agree with everyone else, this looks fabulous! I have an antique bookcase very similar to the Ralph Lauren one you've used. I'm now chock full of ideas about how I could display some of my ironstone! Thanks again for the inspiration! This blog is inspiration RICH my friend. Vanna

Hi Eddie: I still can’t get over the rude way that guy on “Top Designer” talked to you. (I don’t remember his name because I think that is a delicious way to get even.) If you are watching the AMAs tonight, you will see that the Jonas Bros are wearing the British gentleman look by Ralph Lauren. You were too avant guard for that TD creep to understand that Eddie Ross, Mr. Top Fashionista, was wearing what all the interesting people would soon be wearing.” Keep rocking our world, Eddie. Barb (The one with a cute son.)

I got canned today because of the recession. Forget thanksgiving, eddie. still love your blog.

Eddie, If I only had a tiny bit of your taste and creativity! I love the design in the picture and it has me on pins and needles to see the next designs. Martha

Love it. Especially the layered cakestands. Can't wait to see more!

Oh, Eddie. As I've said before, "A New Post from Eddie Ross" absolutely makes me giddy. This is beautiful!

Hi, Thanks for the note, you left, I love how you placed the old with the new. It has turned out so lovely. The chairs by the cabinet just set it off! The tray is such a wonderful idea, just sittng on the chair. I love the pewter with the white. I have some pewter, but started collecting aluminum. I use the aluminum with the pewter. I may just have to add some white pieces after seeing your lovely home and the cabinet. Its all so lovely!

I love the way you layer! I always find myself editing much of what I want to display, being afraid its too busy! I love your hutzpah and taste! I am learning to be me though, thanks to you!

This is a stunner Eddie! Cant wait to see what else you have up your sleeve tomorrow--

Nice display, I love how you layered the plates, platters and stands. What a great holiday display!

I met Wm. Yeoward in London last month. He's very talented... and funny!

Eddie, you have such a knack for arranging dishware. You always have the best ideas!

I love, love this. I really enjoy your blog. Saw you on Top Design, you were just too cute. I loved that you were so sassy too.


How beautiful Eddie. You always amaze me with your creations. I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

Lovely - display is one (of many) things that you do best.


Eddie, this is just absolutely beautiful!! Hope you are having a great Saturday, Theresa

Beautiful as always, Eddie. I think to keep things from being too cliche you need a mix of the old with the new. Matchy Matchy is never the way to go!

Hi Eddie,
This is so beautiful! So much eye candy to drool over.

I found your web site on Rhoda's blog & was delighted to be able to "visit" you. I was a fan of Top Design & always loved your designs.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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