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December 15, 2008


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This is gorgeous and gives me a new appreciation for slightly more barren christmas trees! <3

Hi Eddie..I love your blog! I know this is an old post and you have since moved, but I was looking to find out what the paint color was you used in this room in your apartment...sort of a greyish blue green?? Or can you recommend a similar color? Thank you so much!


My, my, that's a beautiful tree! Love the urn you propped it in. I love tree's that are propped in something rather than having a "tree skirt" draped around it.

And your vintage ornaments are gorgeous!!!!!

I have a Santa ornament JUST like your grandma Dottie's. Twice I have "garbage-picked" christmas ornaments - it breaks my heart to see someone's memories in the trash. The ornaments are so beautiful, for the past two years I've hung these "rescues" exclusively on my tree.

What a walk down memory lane ... these ornaments are what I grew up with ... and ... I have them in boxes in the basement! Maybe by next year, I'll be unpacked. Thanks for your inspiration ... Merry Christmas!


Its oficial you rock! I love this blog! And i just watched the Top Design Marathon last week, and I think we could be friends!

I am so glad i found your Blog!

Merry Christmas!

Oh I adore it!! I am a big fan of the sparse tree - much better to see everything that glitters my dear! We always get a big wispy cedar that is lovely and droopy in all the right places. However I have been eyeing firs this year and wondering about "thinning" it myself. Maybe next year I will be brave and give it a go! Cheers!

Can you tell I'm catching up on my blog reading? The first blog on my list -- yours, of course. I love the little tree and all your vintage ornaments. And who would ever know your little red cardinal was a 99-cent deal from Rite-Aid and not from Bergdorf's?

Eddie - you are simply one of the most talented designers around. You radiate taste and creativity. Congratulations to you and Jaithan on your new business. The tree and the wreath are gorgeous and I can't wait to try the wreath for my door next year. Have a beautiful Christmas!


Sooooo gorgeous!

Oh my goodness I'm speechless your tree is beautiful!!! I love it!!

I was skeptical when I saw you cutting out the branches, but I have to admit your tree is absolutely beautiful! Very old fashioned and magical feeling! Your photographs are really lovely too - the lighting is kind of dreamy . . . :)

I love your little tree. I put all my vintage ornaments on an old white tree, and the sparkle just makes me so happy. (Pics are currently on the front page of the blog). I don't think I could ever choose a favorite ornament though, way too many to choose from!

This tree is all business! Gorgeous!

Gawd that is a beautiful tree...

I adore your tree and I love the toile curtains! I never knew about the sprite trick...I will try that. I'm so happy I found your blog. Mary

When my husband and I lived in NYC we would host a tree trimming party every year and folks would bring us amazing ornaments purchased from every imaginable store. Using tags or ribbons, I write in tiny letters from whom and when it was received. There are wonderful memories in each and every one.

Now I have two children and nestled amongst all those swanky ornaments are kid-made ornaments the likes of which would make a stylist cringe, and a Mother's heart melt. The tree has become a truly personal statement of the friends, parties, travels, and children that make the holidays so fun and meaningful.

Fabulous tree Eddie...love your vintage ornaments!!! Thank you for sharing.

that tree was a very popular post! I love the tree and love reading the xmas stories. My favorite tree memory is when I was way little and we went to my "fancy" Aunt Merle's house in the 50's. You would have loved it. Flocked pink and wrapped entirely in some kind of stuff that would cut you to pieces if you touched it. I'm looking at the picture now with me sitting on the floor next to my cousin who is wearing a roy rogers tee shirt. Those were the days.


Your tree is beautiful! I love the antique ornaments. I, too, have antique ornaments that my parents gave to me. They're from the early 1950's. I remember them hanging on our Christmas tress back then, and they adorne my Christmas trees now. Ah, life is good!

Hi Eddie,
Thanks for giving me a piece of "Real Christmas" My husband has been insistant on getting a "fake tree" for the past couple of years. And I finally gave in, but not without a fight and a consolation prize. I "settled" for a 9 foot slim tree from Lowes where I've been eyeing up these great vintage patterned curtains and matching rug for my dining room. So instead of settling for a $250 prelit fraud tree, I bought the 9ft from Lowes for only $90.00, and made my husband buy me the curtains and rug I wanted. I look at it this way, 1 month of misery with a fake tree for a lifetime of happiness with new curtains and a new rug! haha You gave me such a great idea, I's so used to only purchasing 9 foot fresh cut monster trees that usually scrapes my ceiling every year that I never even looked at a smaller fresh cut tree. I'm thinking one would look great in my new dining room on the buffet to compliment my new curtains! thanks for sharing your Christmas Holiday with us!

my mum has focused her ornaments on vintage glass ones over the years (leaving my brother and i *stunned* that she won't hang the string god's eye or paper clip skates on the tree! lol), but they do look so lovely on her table-top tree. she gave us one that looks just like that large one on the bottom left of yours, my son calls it the beachball, and i think she has a pinecone like yours as well. it's wonderful how so many of us grew up with these old treasures (or can nourish our memories at thrift stores :). i love how thrifty you are!

Your tree is breathtaking and I adore you ornament collection.


The tree is fab. I love the tons of lights you put on it and the ornaments are wonderful!!! You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many lights on your Christmas Tree!

Lovely tree Eddie! I wish we could get away with doing a small tree, but the kiddos and husband would never go for that. Gorgous ornaments too!

I love the tree in the urn! Great idea. The tree looks gorgeous...of course!

Merry Christmas!

looks great! we went for a small tree this year and i love it! it's super tiny and i can plant it after the season.

so pretty!

Oh, just beautiful, Eddie! If I was starting over with my tree, I'd do all vintage too. I must start a collection of those! They are really gorgeous. Love what you did with your little tree. Merry Christmas to you both!

gorgeous eddie!

it looks like a festive sculpture


Oh, lovely. I'm a big believer in memories attached to ornaments. When I was a kid my grandmother owned a shop up in West Stockbridge, MA, selling awesome American Crafts (art glass and so forth), African and Native American artifacts, estate jewelry, etc. She also imported stacking dolls form the USSR and wooden ornaments from Germany. She gave me a stacking doll and the family an ornament every year, and I still love those wooden ornaments, so lightweight and detailed. Last year she let me and my husband each choose one off her tree and I got a tiny deer grazing inside a wooden hoop, next to a tree made of wood shavings. She also gave me my own version of my favorite ornament from childhood, which I always hung last--a tiny nutcracker whose jaw actually moves. Finally, at a tag sale in NH a couple winters ago I poked through a box of trashy plastic ornaments and at the bottom I found one gorgeous vintage glass one and a tiny wooden christmas tree that is the twin of another of my german favorites from childhood! I got them both for a dollar.

Our tree will never be as elegant as yours, since the wood ornaments tend to be brightly colored, but it's awfully charming.

Love, love A small tabletop tree! I do that every year. It's so sweet & old fashioned :)

Eddie and Jaithan,what a special tree it just sparkles and you made it come to life with your special way with words.Our tree is full of memories,every year when I decorate it I start crying remembering my 3 little boys now grown.We Moms sometimes wish we could get back a few moments of our childrens childhood.Each boy got a particular themed ornament from their Grandmas since birth .Son#1 gets soldiers and dogs,son#2 gets bears and rocking horses,son#3gets trains and santas.2 sons are married so they now have their ornaments for their tree but I still have #3s on the family tree.They now buy me an ornament of their theme to replace the ones off of the family tree.Son #1 left his silver soldier on the family tree,he said,No Mom this belongs here,it was so touching because that was always his favorite.I have their pictures,my sons first pair of glasses and ornaments from mine and hubby's parents first tree.The tree is covered and looks like a toyland tree,but the memories connected to it are OH SO SWEET,thank you both for sharing with us all.Merry Christmas to you both, Kathysue

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,

Simply spectacular !!

... and so is the living room !!

But, on an even more important note ... they actually make "patterned" paper towel ?? White is the rule in my home as well ... a rule which often brings to mind the scene from "Mommy Dearest" regarding the wire hangers; okay, just a slight exaggeration !!

I just adore you both,
enjoy your beautiful tree,
Shelley Granata

This is the most fabulous mini-tree I've ever seen. Stunningly beautiful! :) Merry, merry!

Eddie, have you ever been to The National Christmas Museum in Lancaster, PA? If not, you've got to go. It's rooms and rooms of vintage. You would love it. There's even a mock Woolworth's store! Such eye candy.

Can you do a post on vintage christmas china? What markings, etc. we should look for at flea markets? There must be brands other than the ones we all would recognize, like Spode and Wedgewood, which are collectible.

Beautiful, just beautiful! I could even do a tree like this in my little condo. I have given most of the family ornments to my daughter. However I put out many wreaths, garlands, candles, Santas, etc. Great Sprite tip I will pass along.

Stunning - I did the garland first, hmm... perhaps I need to rethink that for next year. The collection of ornaments is beautiful. One of my friends said, "It's like see friends I only get to see once a year."

Hi Eddie,

Thanks so much for the lovely picture of the jewelry I sent you gents. Great shot! Well...ya done Tiny Tim proud with that thar tree :) It's so dreamy...you have a fantastic eye for color. Have a very Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year. I hope the house hunting goes well and with the market the way it is you'll get a wonderful home for a fab price I'm sure :)

Much luv,
Sconset Flair Studio

500 lights on that tree - fabulous!!

I live in an apartment as well and this year my father brought over a 7 ft tree!! I add a cup of sugar to my water - for those of you who don't have Sprite in the house - it's an alternative!

My favorite ornament is a crackled glass ball that has a gold filigree pattern right in the glass. I think it's vintage - I bought it at the Humane Society thrit shop down the street for 25 CENTS!! The best part - I bought it in July!!

I also bought a $5 bag of crystals at a garage sale, for a chandalier that I was DIY-ing. I had so many leftovers I put them on the tree - they sparkle so much and add glamour to my tree! I love them!!

Eddie and Jaithan - thanks for sharing your gorgeous tree with us! You put so much care into the details and the ornaments all seem to have a story. That is the true spirit of Christmas!!

Being jewish, I have never had a tree of my own. That is why I love my goyum friends! I go to their houses and I love all the sparkling trees. Your tree is beautiful! I love that it is small and doesn't over power the room! I can hear the xmas music and smell the hot coco, and see you and Jaithan sitting together enjoying the magnificent site!

I so appreciate the tips!!! Thinning out the tree, the Sprite, etc. You better watch out...some little elves might carry your tree away. It is magical!

Looks like a gorgeous magazine shot, as always, Eddie. I've been buying old mercury glass ornaments (does the paint have mercury in it?) from church sales and from Mr. Pink's in NYC for years. Those get displayed in glass vessels and are not on the tree. My favorites on the tree are the small framed photos we've taken over the years (when the kids were in kindergarten, etc. and now they are pushing 30) and the ones we have brought back from every trip we've taken over the years. When we put them on the tree each year we remember the trips. My brother has the old ornaments from our childhood and there is one in particular I truly covet, a mercury glass oil lamp in silver, red and blue. I hope to talk him out of that. I ought to get at least one, right? Thanks for the great tip on the Sprite! What do you know about vintage Nativity sets?

First off, your tree is BEEEAAAUUTiful!

I have a few favorite ornaments. One is from my Mom and Dad's old collection, it is almost identical to the one you picture above the blue pine cone, one is a ribbon ornament i made when i was little with my sibs out of styrofoam balls, the squiggly ribbon and the we attached sequins with straight pins with colored heads on them. It is tattered, but i still love it... the other 2 that i cherish 1 is a vintage Christopher Radko candy cane ornament and the other is a Radko with a gorgeous poinsettia painted on it given to me by my hubby!

Merry Christmas!

I'm in love with your tree!! It is so beautiful......with wonderful "memories" attached too! Gorgeous and SO says, "Merry Christmas"!

Merry Christmas to you and Jaithan!

I love the way you utilize objects with personal history.
The tree is lovely.

I love your tree and your blog! My tree is full of ornaments collected over 27 years of marriage. It is so full of memories...many are from vacations...such as a pelican with a Santa hat from our honeymoon in Sanibel Island, a tiny Queen Elizabeth I doll from a trip to London...and ornaments that reflect my son's interests over the years, a carved wooden knight, a tiny Superman metal lunchbox, wooden trains we personalized with his name and the year...and many vintage finds from garage sales and flea markets. It's hard to pick a favorite!!
Merry Christmas to you and Jaithan!!

I don't know who or what is cuter you,j or the tree. Actually the tree isn't cute it's a work of art,just loveley.Love the toile curtains too.

Eddie and Jaithan,
With so many things happening in our world today your tree brings so much Joy,Peace and Love to all of us. Thanks for Sharing your Traditions with us.
Oh,on the Sprite this Southern Gal(65)
has known about it for years.

Hi Eddie!

Id heard of Sprite for flowers, but it totally makes sense for this too!

This is so stunning and cosy at the same time (2 words you don't often see together)

Question? How come there are no wires to your lights? What magic did you perform? Or what lights are these.

Beautiful as always!

I too have an eclectic collection of ornaments for our tree from my mother and grandmother - my favourite are the ones that my mother made for me just before she died - little peg dollies dressed in party dresses and painted santas

Every year I go to a garden centre (in the UK garden centres have huge christmas departments with all the decorations along with the trees) as this is what my Mum and I used to do together and I choose one new ornament each year - and I always seem to be able to fit another one on the tree!

The Colour pallet you have is beautiful, and has that magic of shimmer and Sparkle! Great collection!

This year my own tree (Not clients) is chandeliers, crystals! Rhinestones, fleur de lis, and glass...a bit ecclectic but it makes me happy!
I love how it looks like a snowstorm!

I also hung around 20 ,14" large snowflakes all from the celing...at various heights,
and the room looks like a winter wonderland!
(Actually my daughter says it looks like Target! Ha

Hey if you cant be over the top during the holiday's .. when can you?

It all goes with my party theme for this weekend:
A snow"flake" party,... for all my flakey friends
Hee hee
Vanessa Johanning

WOW- I love a small tree that packs a BIG punch! Vintage plus Christmas equals Fabulous! My husband and I found a awesome vintage red and white tin star for the top of our tree this year. It was even in the orginal Life box!

Many blessings for a wonderful holiday!

I probably don't have just one favorite ornament on my tree - like you I have a story for just about every one! However, my collection of red-and-white painted wood ornaments from Mexico are probably the most meaningful to me. I bought them while studying Spanish in Mexico and they were the first ornaments I ever bought for my own tree. Best bargain? A set of small, ceramic Santas from Peru (dressed in Andean costumes), bought at St. Vincent de Paul in Port Washington, WI for 50 cents!

your tree is stunning. I love it. Now I wish I had put one up.

One of favorite ornaments is a small glass prune that was on my father's first Christmas tree in 1921. Often ornaments were in the shape of fruits and even vegetables--like the pickle.

Every year since it was on his tree--through his life at home and in his own home and now in my home.

I have inherited my grandmother's and my parents ornaments. Some of Granny's were simple silver balls with a stripe or two of color around them...from the 30s I think. We lived in Germany in the 1950s and collected many glass ornaments with handpainting and indentations (like the one you found at the tag sale above) and in various wonderful shapes. I also have some wooden cut outs of candy canes and Christmas trees my father's father made and painted probably in the 40s.

I am glad to see there are those of us who still prize the hodge-podge of family ornaments with all their memories.



I just realized that E and J having matching coats. That's a whole new level of cuteness that I was just not prepared for.

I completely adore your little tree! I will SO try to talk my fiance into one, next year

Your tree is amazing! I love the antique ornaments.

Haven't heard the sprite trick...thanks for the tip!

Oh Eddie, I can just picture the next photograph in your Christmas tree montage. You and your honey turn off all the lights except those on the tree and sit cozily sipping home made hot cocoa from fabulous mugs found in the bottom of a flea market bin while admiring your work. Snug as two bugs in a rug while the cold New York winter wind blows outside. Merry Christmas to you both!

Eddie, thanks a bunch for the tip on the Sprite! I'll have to try that next year.

{ Lindsey }

WOW. I absolutely love the ornaments. Never knew that sprite worked! Fantastic, it's absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely breathtaking! It's beautiful! Oh, and about that Sprite...does that really work?

I swear, Eddie, everything you touch comes out beautiful!

Love the tree, the urn, the ornaments, your place -
Is that the radiator cover you put the tree on? You must turn the heat off, right?!
xo xo


I knew it would be wonderful!

Peace to you!

Angelica Torrez

What a charming little tree! I too am a fan of the less-full tree... bring on the ornaments!
I have young kids, so our tree is covered with lots of their projects this year.
I love the ornaments that are associated with special memories. One of our traditions is to make ornaments to give away to our friends every year. This year I covered paper mache ornaments with various papers.


I sign them and date them. I keep one of our homemade ornaments every year... and give several away. It is fun to see our growing collection on our tree.

Beautiful tree. Want to come to Alabama and do our tree. My four year old will be your BEST friend. I am so not in the spirit this year.

Ooooo...I wanted to put a wee tree in the shore house, and love the idea of the urn. Which I have. Whoo hoo!

And thanks for the Sprite tip. Makes total sense! I think I'm going to load the big guy (the apartment tree, not the boyfriend ;-) up on some tonight.

I don't know what is cuter, the tree or the two of you decorating it! thanks for sharing. Such a treat!

p.s. Please no jealousy Jaithan.... I find Eddie absolutely fetching in his sneakers and ripped at the knee jeans. Truly! Something about that look makes this happily married 40-ish stay at home Mom's heart skip a beat! WAAAAAAA I can't believe I just told you that!

Simply Divine!!!! My lights NEVER go on that beautifully!

We love our old fashioned feeling tree with ornaments from when when husband and I were children all the way to now with our children's favorite ornaments.
My favorite came from Equador. It was given to me by an old family friend when I was 6 years old (I am 42 now.) It is made from what I presume is clay and is a typical Equadorian child dressed in traditional clothing. It is bright, colorful and brings back memories from my 6th Christmas!

We also love to find tiny little frames throughout the year to frame snapshots from events throughout the year. We hang those in the tree with beautiful satin ribbon hot glues to the back of each frame!

Your tree looks stunning! It's so neat how you made it look so full even after cutting back the branches. Your ornaments really are the focus on the tree. And they're spectacular.

I love the pink ones the best-shocking to me since I wouldn't normally associate pink with Christmas. Who knew!

My favorite ornaments are the ones my eldst has made and the knitted ones we just purchased for she and her brother: a colorful peacock and alligator. They were bought in honor of their New Orleans heritage.

I love all the mercury glass ornaments, you have collected! The tree is lovely filled with all your collection of ornaments! I buy a Santa every year for my family room tree. Love your Santa!!

Great post! We have a small tree full of vintage ornaments as well!

Gorgeous Tree!

All of the ornaments are fantastic, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pinecone!!!!

I have been checking in all morning to see the finished product. It is lovely. I am going to spend next year searching for ornaments. Happy Holidays

So beautiful Eddie! I love how you used the little urn as a stand...tres chic! I try to use ornaments with history on my tree....it is so special associating holiday memories as you hang each bobble:) Have a great Monday!

Charming and love the large collection of mercury and vintage ornaments!

Eddie, I've always saved the tree's bottom branches for the mantle, and I even use them to hide my gift-wrapping skills, or lack thereof.

But, I've never, ever, heard of using Sprite to keep the needles on the tree longer. Thank you!

And, I almost forgot to mention (I got a little excited with the Sprite tidbit) that your tree is nothing short of spectacular!

Great Post! All of your ornaments remind me of the beautiful painted ones my paternal grandmother gave to us as kids. Some of my favorite ornaments are the ones my sisters and I made for our parents as kids. Decorating the tree always reminds me how the best gift is having my two sisters near me for the holidays!

You and Jaithan are too cute! You always seem to have so much fun together


My Mom only has 3-4 of the mercury glass ornaments left from when she and my Dad started their life together, they are by far my favorites.

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