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December 07, 2008


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I am new to your site and have more than enjoyed spending time browsing about. I saw you were at Scott's in Atlanta. Please let me know when you are going to be back. I have several wonderful finds that I would love to share with you.

I will be in NY for 3/12-3/17. What are some of your favorite tried and trues for accessories!


Eddie, Please tell us what happened to "DOMINO" ????

Team Ross's new motto:

WWED..."What Would Eddie Do?"

You ROCK!!!


Wow your decorating skills are amazing! If you ever move to california I'd hire you in a second! Also, if you ever are in need of an amazing stain and odor remover, might I suggest a product they sell at Petsmart called get serious? They sell it at petsmart and it is the most effective stain remover ive ever used. It works on any surface, and leaves no residue. Im giving it to all my gals for christmas!

Hi Eddie! It is me from Austria again. I love your flower arrangements & love what you have done with these table settings. I collect antiques and combine old things with new all the time. It is so exciting taking old pieces of china, furniture, lighting fixtures or art and giving them a new life after a bit of repair, painting, re-upholstering or cleaning (if necessary.)I´m looking forward to your Christmas ideas!

too bad you have gotten too busy to continue to post on your blog more often-disappointing

What a great article! I love your table settings! That gold monogram plate is my favorite! Gorgeous!

Congrats on the wonderful article! I love how it showcased your amazing ability to dazzle us with your inexpensive finds turned priceless possessions.

Thank you for thrifting and thrilling us all!

You did an amazing job as usual. I love the variation from one tablescape to another. I definitely pulled inspiration from different parts of each of them. Thanks for the gorgeous eyecandy!

nice article! you have my silver on your lattice table! don't you just love it? i always get compliments on my table when i use it...

I adore the table with the chartreuse napkin, green plates, with the black & white plates.....and the table cloth looks amazing!!!!
Congrats on the piece!

I see a "table setting" book on its way. Divine.

Eddie, your table settings are just breathtaking! All the best for your new ventures!
May I ask you for a tip... my family and I are going to visit NYC in January. I LOVE to dig at flea markets and thrift shops. But unfortunately the days we're in NYC all are weekdays. Could you recommend a place that I must go to satisfy my need of digging :)
Irina from Hong Kong

Congrats on the great article and I love your idea about the shoot at a consignment shop!

Eddie, that's a great article. It's fun to catch up with you on the things you don't blog about. I really thing you have such a promising future ahead of you. You're so generous with your blog and comments, I'm not surprised you've got such a dedicated following.

I love all the table settings. You are truly talented. :-)

Love tha table top designs! Okay,okay, now I will get my wedding china out of the cabinet and use it this Christmas. You inspire me. Best of luck on your new venture, you already have me hooked!

What a great article - congratulations! I'm going to get out and find something to spruce up my table for Christmas. I'm sure you'll be missed at MLSO and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, I am so glad to hear that you have left Martha. I love her, but now you have time to write a book. I can't wait!

Another thing I am looking forward to is your Christmas present to us. I just loved the Thanksgiving gift.

Thank you for being you.
Barb Nieder

Barb Nieder

Oh, what FUN! I love setting pretty tables, and trolling the thrift shops, and sometimes play with settings just for fun. How pathetic is that? Here is one of many posts I have made with thrift store dishes:


Congrats on the article -- it's fantastic!

Eddie, you are going to a long way with your talent. Please keep inspiring all of us with your beautiful displays. The Greenwich article is a great tribute to you. God bless you on your new adventures!

My eyes popped out of my head when I saw the Greenwich Times article featuring my grandmother's green Chinese tree plates, which I had recently put in Consign It. My grandmother was a design fanatic and was enormously proud of her imaginative table settings. I am truly delighted that those plates have found the perfect home!! You've given her memory a fabulous honor. Thank you.

brilliant!! they are all beautiful and inspiring! I am very excited about your future and what is to come for you in 2009!

Eddie, you are a tablescape genius! And where did that gorgeous linen lattice tablecloth come from? Is it vintage? Please say no...and tell us where you found it! I will be thinking of you as I set my table this year...brilliant!

Love the article, you have me looking for grandma, white china. I went to a thrift store this week, For the first time, I dug through boxes of silverware, thanks to you! lol I have not had chance to hit the woods for my logs, Hubby was in heart unit this week, as things settle down, I am going to the woods!lol

Fabulous article Eddie. You do such beautiful work and the encouragement you give to use what one has and to go consignment or thrift to add is so perfect for our times. You are spot on with the wants and needs of today! Economical and so very cool!!


What a great article...what a great thrift shop slueth you are! Congrats on your new venture. You will be very successful in any way you want. I know it!

Congratulations Eddie. What a wonderful article. You will go far with all your ideas. I always feel like you are here talking to me when I read your posts. You are so cute and personable.

GM Eddie,Now it feels like a normal day starting with another post on your blog.I don't know what it is about you but you have a personality that jumps off the written page and makes the reader wanting more.You are a talented young man with a vision that needs to be shared and I am so glad you choose to share it here.Whatever you decide to do will be a new and wonderful adventure for you and Jaithan.Don't lose site of what your passion is and you will always be content.Loved the article and again it made me think of getting out there to go treasure hunting.Thank you for bringing excitement to our lives,Hugs Kathysue

Wow!! Congratulations on the wonderful press! Great photos -- and a fantastic story too! LOVE LOVE LOVE your tablesettings -- perfect for any season!! You really are so talented -- such an eye for color and visual balance!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Wonderful article, Eddie! And congrats on your new venture of leaving the magazine & going out on your own. I'm sure you will be quite successful with whatever you do & the blog will take on a life of its own. LOVE the table settings, esp. the green one. Just stunning as always! Hope the 2 of you enjoy this season and have lots of fun.

LOVE these table settings- you have such amazing ideas, I dont know how to come up with so many new and fresh ideas.

Eddie..gorg table settings! Love the green color..and in addition to that, you are totally being 'green' by re-using once previously loved antique items and giving them a new life. Well done!

And again your talent shines thru. . .

Eddie, Fabulous article and place settings. You must go to Mrs. B's to see her latest wonderful project.You will love it!

Congratulations on the nice article! I love your sense of style and that way you put together different things. Very creative!


Eddie- Great article! I didn't realize you resigned from Martha Stewart. It's so funny, I felt like I should of known that. I read your blog constantly so I feel like I know you personally and we have never met. Looking forward to more holiday ideas.

Stunning - I love the "old" yet modern table setting!!

In fact - all these table settings are amazing!

Beautiful settings,I also didn't know you had gone out on your own.
Good Luck to upu and Jaithan.
I am so inspired by your blog. I catch myself saying how would Eddie use this piece or what can I do with some of these pieces I already have.Thank you
Oh, do you do window treatments?


I truly admire your talent and insight about design.
For years I have been collecting antique napkin rings as well as scouring consignment shops for unique items. The items I have found have given me such pleasure in decorating and entertaining in my home.
You are an inspiration to remind us of the value of the past.

Eddie, congratulations on the article and leaving your job to work on your own! Your work is inspiring!

Eddie, this is wonderful!!!! Wish you all the best in your new endeavors (you are so talented!) .......I look forward to observing via your blog....how much fun is this!
Kudos on the article and thanks for always inspiring me......xoxo

Congrats on your article..what an inspriration... I'm going to be pulling out more and more of my pieces and mixing things up around here..
hugs ~lynne~

Bravo! I know that thrift shop very well. There used to be a lovely one in New Canaan, as well, where I bought all my vintage copper pots.

I rarely get so taken with someone as I have with you! As another commentor posted, "I love to see the world through your eyes!" I truly do! Just simply inspirational!

i love this - you make table settings seem effortless (fully aware that they aren't) and you inspire me.

i also see in the sidebar (because i can't wait until this weekend!) that you are no longer at martha stewart. you weren't kidding when you said that big things are on the horizon, i have no doubt!

Eddie-eye candy! Love the mix of it all. Thank you for your endless inspiration!

My congratulations and best wishes for all your new endeavors.
Table settings are just amazing Black&green my favorite .Very well done!! Love it all

Oh my goodness, Eddie. I am in love with the green and black Chinoiserie china. Do you happen to remember the maker?

Congrats on yet another great article!! You are so very talented!

it really is such a pleasure, to see the world through your eyes

Congratulations on the article Eddie! Well deserved. Outstanding table settings. You continue to amaze me with your talent. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful job, we are all proud of you! If this is granny, then i say go granny go!


This is the first I realized that you had resigned from Martha Stewart Living. Wow! I wish you and Jaithan the very, very best in all your newest endeavors. You will definitely be a major force!

What a lovely article. The Greenwich consignment shop looks amazing, and the tablescapes are stunning!

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