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December 18, 2008


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oh! SUGAR TONGS! i saw some at the local Salvos and passed them up! i will have to get back next week to get them :)

you have started a silverware collector in me! i spent the 45 Celcius day indoors polishing my few first pieces :) will blog about these soon!

wonderful gift ideas. I usually have a terrible time thinking of things to give and these are wonderful ideas.

wow, these are really great ideas!! :) Wish I had all these parties to go to, so i could give these fabulous gifts!!

Your ideas are perfect -- I often find beautiful things in our thirft stores for a $1 or 2 but am never sure how to gift them -- your post is just the inspiration I need! thank you so much!
I am a fan from Alberta Canada!

Merry Christmas Eddie -
We do a big extended family thing on Christmas Eve, and the question is always what to do for all the cousins. This year we decided on batches of my molasses spice cookies, and my husband came up with the plan to present them on silverplate or ironstone platters tied with fat luxurious ribbon! They are going to be lovely!
Your suggestions tempt me to branch out, however. I love the olives and olive fork idea - there is something so elegant about olive forks. And then I wouldn't have to bake quite so many cookies!
All the best - Hilary at Tandem Antiques


Thank you so much for these little gift ideas. They are perfect for friends who have everything and you just want to give them a little something special. Keep the ideas coming.


I love giving gifts like this! My only problem is when I find vintage pieces I love them so much I want to keep them!!
Thanks for sharing. xoxo

eek! these are just stunning! and the photography...!


Eddie, these are such great ideas! Great presentation!

You are a clever boy! Such good ideas, and more importantly, so much thought has gone into them. I think that's the best gift anyone could ever give: thoughtfulness! Enjoy your Christmas!

thank you for your exquisite and frugal ideas! elegant and witty as usual
hugs from Italy

t'is better to give than to receive, unless of course you are on your receiving line. lots of simple ideas straight from the heart.
love them all.

What marvelous ideas, EDDIE! THANKS!

Eddie, sugar tongs and olive forks! I adore these ideas. I read your post first thing in the morning and then I walk around all day asking myself 'why didn't I think of that? I want to think like Eddie'. You are my inspiration.

Eddie, I say a book is next. I remember one of Martha's very first on entertaining with Hor'dourves, and I think yours would be better, With great photography! I love the doilies into sugar cube cones, darling!

Oh I love those ideas! So inspiring I think I'll go back to the flea market this Sunday when everyone is out of the city! I love those sugar tongs; my parents have some at home and they were my favorite piece of silver growing up. Thanks Eddie!

I love this!

When I was very young and had first moved to Charleston, the ladies about town would do this kind of thing at bridal showers, only not with as much talent for presentation. I was appalled - thought the goal was to rustle around in the cellar and find some odd piece they could part with - these days I understand what lovely pieces they were gifting from one old family to another while ny old NY family shopped at Hoagland's for showers. It was just another, lovely way and one I now adore. Be well, The Hostess


These are all GREAT ideas! Thanks for sharing with us. Actually, I have been banned from the thrift store by my scrooge hubby..... bah humbug...but I still sneak away and I swear I have found some wonderful stuff there. I try to make it to the thrift at least twice a week. The flea is great, but right now in IL they are closed because of the winter months. I actually attended an overnight flea here in Wheaton. I went by myself. It started around 4:00 p.m and went on till if I remember correctly 2:00 or 4:00 in the AM. It was fun even though I went by myself.


Angelica Torrez (MRS. BAH HUMBUG)

This is why I want to go to Scott's with y'all! That is so great! I've always wanted to give gifts like this, but have never gotten around to getting a good collection going.

I adore these sweet ideas! Problem is that I'd want to receive something as lovely myself!

Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Eddie, you make the best diy, projects! I need to make them into a book! LOVE!

What great ideas. I am hosting a holiday brunch on Saturday. Will you come, I am only 8,000 miles away!

Hi Eddie, I also use fancy stemware for goodies. I've never included the silverware though. I'm starting my collection now and I can't believe how many beautiful one of a kind I've passed up. I'm so glad you are blogging. You are one of the bright spots of my day.

Great ideas for gift-giving. You are an inspiration to us all!!


Eddie, stop...please. The olive fork cuteness is making me dizzy!

I must have missed the one marked "to Jean". Back in a minute...gotta go read the post again...


Cute ideas!

Thanks for the inspiration Eddie. I have been baking up an assortment of cookies for gifts. My favoutite trips to the thrift store are to find pretty silver platters to place them on. I put paper doilies on them and a few balls of Lindt chocolate. Wrap them in saran and then overwrap them in cellophane a pretty bow and a candycane. These are well received. I also found some pretty vintage glass bowls and beautiful jars of cranberry sauce with port. A consumable gift is wonderful. Thank You for all your wonderful ideas. Still waiting to see your tree in all its vintage glory. Donna

What fabulous ideas Eddie! I love the little sugar tongs with cubes...adorable gift! Thank you for wonderful inspiration, as always:) Have a great day! Aline

Simply adorable!

I love the sugar cube packaging. Very clever. I suggested something very similar in my gift guide. I suggested a vintage sugar bowl filled with sugar so that they always have the neighborly excuse to stop by and borrow some.

Eddie, as always, you rock. Love the ideas! We're always looking for something more creative than a bottle of wine to take as a hostess gift.

You're a genius! These gifts are such lovely ideas; they're thoughtful, useful, and unique!

Love your gift ideas! I will take the tea cup! lol The red doilies are great in the cone.

Love the tiny olive jar with the fork!! Too cute.

It's official...I love you and all of your creative, wonderful ideas! I only discovered your site a couple of days ago but I believe in love at first sight :)


Fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!

Great ideas, all, Eddie. Thanks for sharing!

Great ideas, all. I think that vintage and antiques are the ultimate in "living green".

LOVE IT!!! I have never been so inspired by someone before. You have the best ideas.


You are amazing, you clever monkey! Thanks for the inspiration and top of the holidays to you guys!

Eddie, these are all great ideas.Gifts so personal and from the heart.In the current economic conditions these are wonderful ideas that anyone could duplicate.It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to be a lovely gift and you have proven that.I love the sounds of that cheese,yummm.Speaking of cheese I am still waiting for you to post a how to do a cheese bar, I love to serve cheese at my gatherings and I would love to see a display done by my Eddie.Thankyou for more inspiration. xoxo Kathysue

One of the BEST sites with ideas and inspiration out there! Not too much, not too little, great photos, and well written. Perfect. Thanks!

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