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December 16, 2008


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I can't wait to see how it turns out! What a great idea to slip them on a hanger! All of the ones I've seen are glued to a stooafyrm form, but this seems like it's so much each and anything that doesn't involve burned fingers with hot glue I'm all for!

Wow, really good creativity on making xmas things. I will try to do it for sure for next xmas :D. Loved the blog.

I love this idea. Simple, easy, and cheap. That's my kind of project.

OMG!!!! I LOVE THIS! I have been tiknihng about a project with the googly eyes and this is perfect!!!!! definitely pinned this one!

Gorgeous, Mommy Dearest! (LOVE the scary reference!) This is so retro cool :)

Love, love, love. I have a box full of vintage ornaments and this is the prettiest, simplest way to arrange them. THANK YOU!

I just wanted to let you now that I have been coveting this wreath for 3 years and I finally collected enough vintage ornaments to make mine. I posted it today on my blog...


I am so happy that I was patient enough to track down beautiful old vintage balls in all the right colors. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration. Merry Chrsitmas!

Well, actually it's incredibly gorgeous!!! And sounds simple! I don't have 80 ornaments, but I do have some vintage ornaments I bought via Craigslist, and (I'm so dumb :) when I got them home I realized they're in very poor condition - no shine, all scratchy like ... what shall I do? Any ideas? Use as is? Fake a shine on them? Thanks!


Great project! I just wanted to let you know that we featured this project on our Facebook page with over 17,000 fans. We’d love it if you’d use our Featured Blogger button, available at: http://www.dailycraft.com/thank-you-for-crafting/. Our audience loved the project and we look forward to sharing more from you. Please let us know if you have any questions or projects you’d love us to feature! Thanks!

This is quite clever. And beautiful...

That is absolutely stunning! And something I think even I can do. It will look beautiful on the mirror in my living room. I'm so excited

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I love this idea! I've been wanting to make a wreath out of ornaments for a bit now and I think this wire hanger idea is the perfect way to do it! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

Eddie, this is genius. Your joyous style is beautiful and elegant. Your ability to inspire and empower is AMAZING. Thank you.

I loved the idea so much that I made one and posted about it with a link to your post on my blog.

This is so beautiful...I'm going to try this today! I love the colors and the pink ribbon:)

Okay, I'm going back to Goodwill tomorrow to get the ornaments I saw and making this tomorrow! So cute and it looks easy! Easy enough to find time to finish before my dinner party Friday evening.

I've been looking for this post forever! I'm so glad I found it! I saw this (I THINK?) on Martha Stewart awhile back and have been thinking about it ever since. I'll be featuring you and this post on our blog tomorrow, hope you don't mind. Check it out at InCircleInteriors.blogspot.com.


Thanks for the tutorial Eddie! I posted my version on my blog :)


Love the wreath. I linked it in my own blog.

Hi Eddie,

I have thought of this ornament wreath so many times since I first read your post last year, and I finally have the opportunity to use the wreath in a window display. The final result looks great, and I'm installing it in the window tomorrow. I posted about my project here with a link back to your post:

Thanks for the inspiration!!

I am writing to request permission to reprint this adorable project on Craftown.com. We would of course give you full credit and will happily link back to your blog. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks!

Amanda Formaro
Chief Editor - Craftown.com

It's not just pretty, it's beautiful!

made one last year, using a foam wreath and hot glue and it seems to be holding up pretty well, but this is so much easier

Made this wreath in blue and silver. This is the perfect project budget wise! So simple and updated.

I too copied this fabulous wreath Eddie. You are genious! Thanks for the tutorial!


Not bad for what groups. I love it.

Ten wieniec jest SUPER!!!!

Am so going bargain glass ball shopping post-Christmas!

Eddie: First off - I gotta say, Jaithen is a RADASS name. I have 3 boys - why did I never hear of that before I named them?
Second, and I'm sure you're tired of these, but yes. I did the wreath. And you know what? You rock dewd. That is a cool craft and so easy and massively satisfying. I've made 2 so far, with plans for more, but wanted to show you because the purple/green/gold thing is so Mardi Gras! LOL! I feel like I need to stick feathers in it. http://johnsonmanorisms.blogspot.com/2009/11/alright-already-dang.html

Thanks for sharing your wreath wisdom. If I'd known how to do this, I'd have never told the secret wonderfulness. :P Lucky for the world, it was you who was oh-so clever. Thanks!

I couldn't be MORE in love with this idea!!!

I've been collecting vintage Shiny Brites for a few years now - filling up my empty vases and cloches. Now - to have them on a wreath? And how SIMPLE it is, too!!

Eddie, you're the right brain I've always wanted.....and the right brain mine desperately yearns to be!!



I just saw the link to yours at the Thrify Decor Chick - love the wreath, I'm going to give this a try!

Amazing and lovely. Thank you I'll def have to make one!

dear eddie, i followed a link here from thrifty decor chick blog and i am sure you dont have time to respond to this but i thought id ask my question anyways. ya never know right?

ok so i have a storm door in front of my real front door. i am swooning over this project but it looks like the ornaments go all the way around the hanger making it twice as thick as a normal wreath and there fore not fitting in between real door and storm door. do you have any suggestions on how i might do this project but keep it flat on the back so that i can cram it in that space? hahah. thanks for reading this and sharing our cool project.

I just posted my gorgeous ornament wreath! Thanks for the fantastic idea!


LOVE this idea!

Beautiful! I love the door too!

Wow, I made one of these years ago, but your method is tons easier than mine. It's beautiful!

Love it! It's gorgeous! Thanks for the clever idea!

So fabulous and easy-peasy. This is definitely a project I'm taking up very soon!

Love it! What a simple yet elegant project for the Holidays. Thanks for sharing, Eddie!


That is absolutely stunning! And something I think even I can do. It will look beautiful on the mirror in my living room. I'm so excited

That is such a great idea to use a wire hanger. Who doesn't, besides Joan, have wire hangers around the house? I have some vintage bulbs that I don't use on my tree, but they would make a great small wreath to hang on an armoire door, etc. I think it would be easy to cut those hangers to whatever size you need and then just twist the top back. Thanks for the great tip!

Oh my, I am finally making these this year for gifts and can not for the life of me make that beautiful sash and bow on the wreath. Are they two different pieces?

If anyone can help me with this, please email me.
thanks amiris12000@msn.com

Like it, we tent to use natural foliage on yours but your one would last longer.

That is actually surprisingly pretty for such a simple idea.

Pity wire coat hangers are so difficult to get hold of these days.

This will make a great Christmas gift. Thank you for the idea !!

THIS WILL MAKE A GOOD CHRISTMAS GIFT !! Thank you for the idea.


it not beautiful ı do beautiful

Aha! I've got my vintage Shiny Brites ready to go (donations to the Caring Place, this wreath will be for silent auction to raise funds for the facility) -- I was vexed on just HOW to make a sturdy wreath without overdoing the glue...and voila', here YOU are and it's fabulous.

great tip!


Whoah! That came out really great, I just put away all my Xmas stuff, but next year, this puppy is goin' up.


Love this idea..cute and lovely.

I love all of your ideas I will be looking here often

Something I never expected to make of like that.

From 1-10 we give this ideal,
A 9
Very beautiful !

Good work. Its called to make new things from old items

great simplt wreath,but where to get ornaments?

That is a really fantastic idea. I would probably drop it the instant that I finished it, though. lol

How beautifully simple! Thanks so much.
I've got to make these!!

Now all I need is the instructions on how to make a glass ball ornament table top tree. Not sure how to form wire to make the shape of a small tree---how to attach the balls, etc.

Hi Eddie - I realize that the holidays are gone, but I finally got up my post and wanted to show you what we made (thanks to you) over the holidays. I think they turned out beautifully! btw - I used one of your pictures, I hope you don't mind. :)

Here's the link: http://www.fromsingletomarried.com/2009/01/06/making-a-wreath/

totally gorgeous

That is beautiful!! This looks easy enough for a klutz like me to try...LOL.

Oh my goodness...this is beautiful...and EASY???!!!! Be still my heart...I think I just fell in love ;)

great idea!! i am trying one right now!! but i need some help!! did you find that a certain pattern (1 big, 1 small, 2 big, 4 small, etc) worked best?? I can't seem to get the ornaments to set right??

anyone that can help, please!! i can be emailed at jladewski@hotmail.com

Perfect! I needed a reason to keep collecting!!! Thank you!

Oh MY this is SO much easier than it looks! I'm going to have to stop throwing away the wire hangers and try this! Great idea!

I saw your wreath on "One Pretty Thing." It is absolutely gorgeous.

Hi Eddie, I was so inspired by this beautiful wreath that I made a similar small version for a vintage piece that I am showing on my blog. Hope you check it out. And, while you're there take a look at our very special Christmas tree, designed completely by my 5 year old grandson. Were you designing at that age? He has great ideas all the time. http://www.rescripted.blogspot.com Best holiday wishes!!!

Super duper cute and easy... Thanks.

I have wanted to know how to make one of these for years! I love your simple tutorial! Thanks so much.

Holy moly, if Christmas weren't almost over. Sniff.

PS Eddie, you know I would totally love to sell you a Moroccan carpet or blanket at a super good price. Just let me know what catches your fancy.

I love that! I'm going to have to pick up some ornaments at the day after Christmas sales. I could even have my students make these - if I can get the ornaments cheap enough.

Love love love the wreath! Could you do a post on how to create the perfect bow?? I just made an indoor wreath and I love it all except for the bow I made to hang it up with! I know your tips and tricks on how to create the perfect bow would be fantastic!

Only our Eddie could combine hot glue, ornaments and Mommie Dearest. This is truly stunning. I think I love you more than Joan Crawford!

Thanks for this! Looks stunning but seems surprisingly easy to make. I will make this next year when I find lots of cheap baubles in the sales.

What I want to know is how to make that BOW!

Oh my gosh this is SO much easier than the one I made! I will definitely do this next year!

Well, that's the prettiest wreath! I've always hated wire hangers - now I know what to do with them! Thanks for the brilliant ideas and great instructions too!! Terri

Gorgeous ! thank you for the inspiration

Goreous, Oh Eddie I love you. I'm going to so do this next year. Thanks for the inspiration.

I too collect vintage glass ornaments. I will be on the look out for a bunch of rounds to make this lovely wreath.
Merry Christmas!

Found you via Oh Happy Day. I haven't even been past the first page & I know I'm going to add you to my daily reads. Oh my gosh -- I made a fabulous wreath out of vintage blue glass ornaments I found at Salvation Army (a huge boot box for $3) last year. But I followed a Martha tutorial & used a form and a glue gun. Much swearing ensued. This is a fantastic idea! Next Christmas, I'm coming back here. Thank you!

The wreath is just gorgeous! Let me give you my address so you can send it to me. . haha. I love the colors and who knew it could be so easy! Have to admit though, I got a momentary shiver. . "No more wire hangers"!!!!


LOOOOVE IT! Someone recommended I make one of these for my daughter's room after seeing her tree on my blog. It's perfect! Check out her pink paradise...


I just love this. If I have extra ornaments, I am going to try it.

OMG, Eddie, I can't believe you made that with a wire hanger. I converted to plastic hangers long ago, and I try not to buy anything that requires dry cleaning, but I'm totally raiding my closet tonight for a wire hanger. Thanks for the idea!

OMG thank you so much! This is WAY simpler than what I thought it would be and also beautiful - two things I love, especially together!

love this idea!!!! miss u eddie!!!

This is so on my to do list. I have to make one for next your. Genius!

genius. i'm going to make one.

Saw this on Craft:... I love it... gonna make it and love your toot. And love the Joan Crawford reference.

So that's how you make ornament wreaths! Thanks so much for demystifying the process! I'm trying this next year with all the Christmas ornaments I'll pick up on clearance after Christmas!

I loved,kiss

It's beautiful Eddie. And so easy. I'll have to make a note to make one next year. Time is running out for this one.

Insanely pretty. I'm doing this next year too.

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