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December 16, 2008


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This is awesome... woo-hoo... After-Christmas sales, here I come! I'll be building this next year. Thanks.

Eddie your wreath is lovely. HOWEVER the wire hanger you untwisted it -- why ?? IF you secure the silver cap to the ball --the little wire filament can be removed right?? sooo-- if the cap is glued on and you remove the filament to string/secure the ornament on to the round wire circle( re attach the thin filament) the untwisting of the hook part is unnecessary right?? I would think someone could break the ornaments attempting to re-twist it back together

FABULOUS! I am going to do this next year! LOVES IT!

Wow, that IS easy! I love this method. I'll be linking.

what a great DIY project! love your blog more and more each post!

Okay I'm going to do this. I hope it's as simple as your excellent instructions show ha ha. I have enough glue gun burn scars to last me several lifetimes.
xo xo

I love this idea! Really lovely.

LOVE this Eddie! I would have never thought to use a hanger....how creative!!! I am going to do my best to try this before Christmas, but it may have to wait until next year. Thank you so much for sharing!!! xoxo Aline

love this. totally what i have been looking for, you are fantastic.

how many balls did you use?

I LOVE IT! and I love your blog, I am so happy that you share so much with us! I am definitely hitting the sales after christmas and making a wreath for next year! you are awesome!!

WOW...Now I have to find a wire hanger. There is not a single one in my house. I have LOTS of extra Christmas balls.

Thanks Eddie for this great tutorial.

I have a free download for you on by blog today...check it out.


This is beautiful! I've been meaning to make one this year but have not gotten around to it. I think I'll purchase some ornaments on sale this year and store them away to make this next year.

Thank you. I have been looking for a post on how to do this and all the ones I have found have been way too complicated. So pretty!

Very clever! I made one last year, using a foam wreath and hot glue and it seems to be holding up pretty well, but this is so much easier! I also wove some green garland throughout to cover up any bare spots that you could still see.
When I was a kid (many years ago), we tied plastic baggies around a hanger to make a nice wreath. The wire hangers are so versatile, aren't they?

Eddie! What a great idea! I am totally going to do this. Wreaths are something that I want to add to my Christmas collection but often find them out of my budget, however, this wreath is both elegant and affordable and can be created new every year! thank you!

very creative and artistic... really really nice!!! wish i had that gift too :o)

anyway, i saw you in one of the blogs i visted...i'm inviting you to share your thoughts in my blog...would really appreciate it if u can :o)



That's gorgeous!! I'm doing a drift wood and shell wreath now. Just a wee spray of white paint to tip everything off, and some clear glitter for frost. I have to do my beach winter look :) I'm off to get glass ornaments now...I love a holiday project :)


Wow! I am totally going to make one of these this year with my mom and sister. What a great idea!!

This was great...I can't wait to make mine!

My freakin chin just hit the freakin floor!

How cool, I have always loved ornament wreaths but had no idea they were this easy to make. Thanks always Eddie! Happy Holidays!!!

Another winner, Eddie! I've seen these in magazines & it always looks hard to make, but you make it look SO easy. I thought those were all glued together. the coat hanger is brilliant & looks SO gorgeous. I just may have to put this one on my to-do list.

So much more darling than an ornament wreath from the store.

I once spent hours gluing ornaments to a form....your is so simple!!! Thanks for a beautiful wreath!!!!

You've got to be kidding me! This is so cute, and so simple! I love this idea!

Damn it Eddie, you've done it again!

Gasp..WHAT!? Is it normal that I now will have a zillion of these wreaths for year round?! Thank you dry cleaners!! Great idea Eddie!

Simple, genius, simply genius! It's lovely, Eddie, and a great share. Seeing "Joan" up there makes me want to yell "now clean...up...this...mess!" LOL.

Well done!

I know someone who makes these and sells them for a fortune.

She has often scolded people for putting them on a dooor though as the action of opening & closing smashes bulbs. She also puts an enormous layer of Elmers glue in the areas where the bulbs touch to keep the balls from moving around.

Wow! I had no idea this could be done so easily! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us.

Oh, yay! I LOVE that wreath and I am so making one!! Thanks for the idea and great instructions.

LOVE IT! Dwight says we can make one of those - and with your instructions I KNOW we can! Thanks for yet another inspiring, inexpensive way to brighten our holidays!!!

Beautiful and brilliant in it's simplicity! I wish I had 80 leftover Christmas ornaments, but will start scouring ebay and thrift stores (and at least will be prepared for next year!).

Yet again, a wonderful idea and great instructions! Thank you!

Swoon! Simply gorgeous!!

Love the wreath!
Also the color scheme! So yummy looking with the colors! Great idea.

Wow, you made that look so easy, but I'm sure mine wouldn't be near as pretty as the one you made!

I love this idea. I have boxes of the same ornaments you collect and I don't have enough places to put them. Thanks for the inspiration.

This is the best holiday DIY idea ever! It looks great and way better than store bought wreaths!! Thank you for sharing.

So clever!!! I can't wait to try this!

I love ornamental wreaths. We have one in our hearth room and it always made me wonder how our family could make one. Thank you so much for answering that question, Eddie! Your wreath is beautiful.

More vinatage ornaments?

Perhaps my eldest will have a new holiday project for this weekend. If so, I'll send you pictures of the finished product.

Thank you as always for sharing your talents with us. Have a lovely Wednesday.

I just bought a wreath like this all in copper and gold ornaments at Goodwill the other day to go in my kitchen which has a lot of copper pots.

This would also make a wonderful surround for a vase, punchbowl, etc. on a table.

All I can say is "Yessss"
Now, to start collecting more shiny brights. L-ove the pink bow :)

Oh my gosh. I've seen these but never knew it could be so simple! Thanks!

That is a use for a wire hanger that I can embrace. Love, love, love.

this is stunning (and i recognize those amazing aqua ornaments) and as always, you make it so easy! thank you.

That is adorable. I love it!

Awesome, love that wasn't sure how that was done! Thank you once again! :-) Cathleen
check out my post on Harold lloyds silent film star's ornament collection, you will love it. :-)

OMG! I love this and so easy. Thanks for sharing. I am going to go make one!

This is gorgeous and so easy! I love it! I'm totally doing this next year.

AMAZING as always Eddie! What an inspiration!

Eddie, I believe even I could do this beautifully elegant project!

Brilliant! You continue to rock my world!

The wreath is just lovely! I was thinking he is never going to be able to get that many on it! But you did and its wonderful! Last night I had a visit from a friend that lives an hour away,she brought homemade toffee candy, a ham, ribs, potato salad, Austrian apricots, and a gift from our Chimneyville artists guild, of a wooden handmade bowl with a top, all made from a tree with worm holes, great for my Native American collection. She brought a few magazine. I cut off the computer, and sat by the fire, to read. I am thinking I know this magazine from somewhere. I look and read on. An ice bucket caught my eye, I am thinking I have one sort of like that, and a siver tray, I have one like that too. I need to fix up my bar in the cabinet I built that coming from bedroom to family room. Then I think, this chest looks familar, and the wall color. I read the heading, Oh my gosh its Eddie Ross! I am reading about his home! No wonder the chest and wall color look familar.His tree is in this place. I had a good laugh. Here I am planning my bar and all the time, I am looking at an article that was published about yours! I love the mirror in the fire place mantle.I have a similar mantle as yours too. Not sure where I am going to use it, just yet. My mantle has always been in my family room, but with the remodel going on. It may go to dining or kitchen. The parlor has a huge mirrored mantel. Thank for the tips on the bar. I have a collection in my cabinet for wine and a fridge. But trying to remake the inside to a total bar. Thanks for the inspiration, from your article in domino!

That is fantastic. I am so tired of saying this...do something UGLY. ;)

Simply stunning! ☺ Diane

This is adorable!! This will definitely be hanging in my apartment next year.

Oh! This rocks!

Wow! I think this is actually a craft project I can undertake with Roo while she's on winter break from preschool... thanks!

This craft makes me want to jump in the car and drive to KMART right now to buy Martha Stewart ornaments in fun colors and sizes to mix in with the vintage one's that I already own. What a brillant idea!!

Now that is one amazing wreath! What I like best is that it looks so polished and unique and at the same time is one of the easier holiday projects I've seen anywhere.

AWESOME!!! I can't wait to try this idea out.

{ Lindsey }

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