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December 18, 2008


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Love this beautiful veggie arrangement. what a great idea.
It is a beautiful presentation

Great looking, and looks fantastic. Going to try this for sure.
You have a wonderful site here. Love it all

Awsome looking. Great idea. We do veggie trays all the time. This will be so different and nice to present at our next family gathering
Love it

I have just discovered your blog and I love it, and the cabbage dip bowl is awesome!

um, that's amazing.

My other fave veggie dip "recipe" is sour cream and Good Seasonings Italian dressing mix. Give it a try!

Simple, inexpensive, and beautiful. I love that your ideas are so accessible. Thanks for helping us normal folks live life a little more lovely.

Hello Eddie,
I just came over from Ronda's post on you and I don't know how I've missed your blog until now! It's terrific and I love your work with this cabbage....great idea. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Impressive! I now have a new blog obsession. Have a terrific holiday Eddie.

Hi. Just popped over from Jerusalem's post. You have such a lovely blog! Merry Christmas!

those are the most gorgeous vegetables
I have ever seen.

I like you even more when you let us in on the shortcuts!

If you want fewer calories, substitute plain yogurt for the sour cream. The onion and herbs in the mix hides the tartness of the yogurt. Wonderful culinary childhood memories of the giant size package of Ruffles potato chips and a huge bowl of the sour cream and onion soup mix on my lap while watching TV with my brother. Parents not too concerned with our health.

that dip used to be my go to drug whenever I broke up with anyone in college! All stores would have lipton's onion soup mix and sour cream and potato chips (has to be the one with ridges). You have elevated it into an art form!


C'est tres belle! j'aime la présentation. vous êtes impressionnant!



You always have the BEST ideas. Thanks! And Happy Holidays.

Seriously, Eddie, is there anything you can't do well? I love this!

Simply beautiful my friend! I'm inviting you the next time to my party!!!

you have great simple ideas. I love how everything you do anyone can do! Hopefully looking forward to meeting you if and when you do an Alameda Flea market field trip...

Endive & Lipton dip...a total favorite!

What a great idea. I've used fruit as bowls for fruit bowls so why didn't I think if using a veggie bowl? I guess I was waiting for you!! Good dip by the way!


I used to make crudite arrangement a few years ago when I catered weddings and events. I usually used a large pepper or two hollowed out for my dips. I never would have thought to use cabbage.

I love the green color, it reminds me of a great floral arrangement. And that porcelain basket, where do I get something like that?

Thanks for the tip!


I'd never seen a crudite before (I think)--but what a beautiful way to arrange vegetables! Who wouldn't want to eat from soemthing like that?

And I hope I can handle that dip recipe. ;)

Very clever - It's all about the packaging!

beautiful!! We did something similar at my sister's wedding reception only we used a bread bowl to hold the dip and it looks really pretty. Will definitely have to try the cabbage next time!

Oh great! My Hubbie is home because we have had 13inches of snow today!!! Anyway he just looked over and saw the picture of the veggies and said Hey! I like that! Lets make that for the Party tonight! Sure Honey... as soon as we can dig ourselves out! Ha ha... We will see how that goes!!!
( a snow flake party for all our "flakey" friends! )

~Hee hee.... Vanessa

No one in my family like cabbage but it never occurred to me to use it as a container (pause for a "duh"). I am definitely going to do this! And might even make the "Dottie dip" to go in it.

I have used "bread bowls" (bread rounds with center cut out) for soups and dips and various melons for dips and bowls.... but hadn't thought of cabbage!


You did not even see me double dip, did you?

Hi Eddie! I adore your blog! I have gone back and read ALL of your entries and can't wait for more to come. You are so innovative and make everything look so beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Awesome idea! Love your site.

The wonderfulness. It's completely overwhelming.


Love the presentation cabbage makes. Don't you just love all the northern arrangements of cabbage or kale on the streets this time of year?

What a beautiful and festive presentation! I am in charge of bringing the veggies and dip for my In-law's Christmas Eve party and I will totally be using your fabulous idea! You're the best Eddie! ~Marlene

Can I just tell you how excited I was to see your comment on my blog!? Seriously, thank you- it's a rare occurance when the author of a popular blog comments back, so it meant a lot!

I must say, I'm envious of your incredible talents and taste, and I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Design Gal & Her Handyman

Oh, that looks yummy. And I agree, you can't beat Lipton's Onion Soup dip. It's like the Crack of dips... can't stop eating it.

That looks so delicious!


I just discovered your blog today and I feel like the Universe just gave me a HUGE gift!

Thank you for sharing this crudite idea. So fun to make!

Thank you!


beautiful presentation.
for us overseas that don't have the onion soup mix can you suggest an alternative?
thanks a lot

So beautiful!!

I'm going to try this for Christmas, AND a flower arrangement per your instruction video! Thanks!


What a great idea! I also love the height that the porcelain basket gives the arrangement; when it a crudite looks like that it is worth elevating!

Cheers to you and Jaithan-

This is so simple yet sure to impress, I love it...and perfect for the dieter. Another great idea...Mary

Yes, it is and I will be borrowing this idea for my Chanukah gathering! Thanks Eddie for another wonderfully creative idea, you are my design Guru! Lucien

Simplicity is key during the holidays, so thank you for such a great-and colorful-suggestion!

P.S.- I absolutely love your last photo. The colors are so vivid. Wouldn't it make a great painting?

Great presentation! I might have to try your grandmother's recipe for a holiday party.

This is beautiful and I love how simple it is to prepare! Thank you, Eddie!

Gorgeous display How could you NOT want to eat those beautiful veggies. The French porcelain basket is one of my favorite things. My mother-in-law once gave me one, and in a fit of anger with her I threw it down the garbage chute. Even before it hit the bottom I wanted to follow it. It might have been Sevres!


My caterer did cabbage bowls in the buffet at my wedding reception. Such a cute idea!

love the colors! What eye candy with a nutritional twist!

Eddie, now I know I could do this BUT I need the french basket.Now that I have seen this nothing else will do.Darn looks like another treasure hunt,hehe!Kathysue

I've been creating crudites baskets with cabbage "containers" for 25 years. I feel like such an idiot! I've always used a grapefruit knife to hollow out the cabbage! A melon baller! Thanks for the tip!

Just beautiful (and yummy!). I'm SO doing this for my Christmas Eve dinner.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my humble, little blog the other day!

The cabbage dip bowl is a fantastic idea ! I love your arrangment , it looks like a dutch painting

It's an endless new idea place, your site! So colourful, love it.

Are you putting together a book of these ideas yet?? I'm definitely starting my own notebook of Eddie's Genius.

Eddie, I almost fell off my chair at your mention of the Lipton's dip! I had never had it until 7 or 8 years ago, at a party at my mother-in-law's house. I couldn't stop eating it and when I asked for the recipe she almost died laughing. I know it's got to be pure MSG but you're right, no one ever gobbles down a dip as fast as that one.

Hi Eddie, this is beautiful. I am beginning to plan my christmas eve dinner,I am going to give this a try.

Oh my, that look positively lovely! What a wonderful use for a cabbage. I love fresh vegetable trays and whatnot because they keep me out of all the sweets. I agree that Lipton onion soup mix is brilliant. We use it in a potato dish where we make sliced potatoes in foil over the BBQ and people go nuts about it. You just put chunks of butter on the potatoes and sprinkle in the onion soup mix. So easy. I was raised (not formally trained - lucky you!!!) to make things from scratch, but there are many more things I'd rather do with my time.

Great post. Love your blog! I have a lot of catching up to do here!

xo Terri in Canada

Wow.....who knew???? Fantastic idea!!!

Another truly beautiful presentation! Wow!

I'm totally doing this! It's easy and has a HUGE wow factor.

It is, all in the presentation! Wonderful Eddie!

Love It!!

Eddie, you make everything look delicious AND gorgeous! Merry Christmas from AL!

Now that is just wonderful! Food and an arrangement! I do not think the cabbage,we have in Mississippi, looks as pretty as yours! I think we would have to find a farmer that grows cabbage!!

Yum indeed! (I love Lipton's dip!) I am going to use this idea for my Xmas Eve party. So pretty. ;)

I like the cabbage dip bowl, it's a cute idea.

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