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December 12, 2008


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I love them all. It'd be hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for the ideas.

These are all BEAUTIFUL! Very inspirational! I'm not a decorator myself, but the way you explain how you got your ideas and put everything together is very helpful!

Hey Eddie!!

Love the blue!!! Something diffrent for the season!!

Happy Holidays!!

Joey (GuyFriday)

Awesome! Thrifty and elegant, you're a genius
all the way from Italy

Love the berast cancer setting. Beautiful and thoughtful at the same time.

eye candy. love how you gave an "instant" fun to the tables.
great for all ages.

Thanks, I borrowing your peppermint setting for a fet next Wednesday.

I loved your beautiful and inspired Hanukkah table setting. You know that it's hard to compete with Christmas! Andrea

Gorgeous, Eddie. Always just magnificent! The Hostess

I love all of your ideas! I really love the blue, the jelly beans are a fab idea. The pink Breast Cancer theme is really special, I really can't pick a favorite. As usual, INSPIRING!

Picture this: Eddie you are my mecca and I am in prayer postion.Seriously.
My mother has not been to my home in 11 years and is coming to a dinner for 15 at my home next Saturday.I am currently in crazy insane planning every little detail phase.
Due to the fact I have been decking everyone else's houses besides my own I feel a bit like Simon Doonan and want nothing to do with decorating my own home. But I did want to set a pretty table.
Eddie, thank you so much for the inspiration. I hope that Santa is extra good to you this year. May I say that Jaithan looks particularly handsome in red. :)

Those tables are so beautiful! I love all three of them. This definitely puts me in the decorating spirit.

Love all of your ideas, especially the candy canes with the poinsettias. Your displays of taking the traditional and making it all fresh and new is truly inspiring. Thanks!

Beautiful tables, Eddie. Wonderful inspiration.

Lovely, and ever so inspirational.

I always get so inspired when I visit this blog. Your creativity is just so.. amazing!

I get tons of inspiration and I just wanna say thanks!

We need people like you here in Scandinavia where everybody decorates with only black and white (more or less). ;)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

I love this! I'm dying for those vintage mercury glass ornaments.... so pretty!

I love the red and white table scape. The red sugar rimmed glasses are perfect!

Hi Eddie, I love them all!! What wonderful ideas. I especially liked the candy canes. I have to remember the sanding sugar tip, it makes everything look so special. Have a great weekend.

OMG...I didn't even know Fire King made pink plates...I only knew about green & blue. Your tables rock! Love the huge pink ornament & all the vintage ones. Saw that Walmart has some cool pink & clearish irredescent breast cancer symbol paper this Christmas. Think the blue table would be great for a baby shower for a boy too (or Carolina fans! - HAD to say that, sorry!) Love the vintage silverware from your nana Dottie too!

You are so awesome and talented! I imagine you could create something amazing using a thimble as your inspiration. I think another attraction of your blog is your smiling face. You always look so happy and people love and respond to that. I am so happy I found your blog!! Happy Holidays to you and Jaithan!

What a surprise to see many of the very same ornaments in your post that have been handed down in my family. I always thought they were beautiful. Now I know how special they are.

Eddie! So beautiful... so you~

I want them all! Having lived with breast cancer I must say the pink is my favorite. The napkins are so simple yet make such a strong statement. As always it is another wonderful post.
Cathy B

Hello, I'm fairly new to your blog & have to say I just love your table settings! The red & white totally pops! The use of gumballs is genius &
the old ornaments are a great find. I'll be back for more eye candy, Happy Holidays, DebraK

Love everything...but the red table...wow! Who woulda' thought...Candy canes and sugar rimmed glasses...so festive, creative, and brilliantly simple.

Wow!!! I am loving your red and white table setting!! And, great finds on those vintage glass ornaments! I collect them too and have fun coming up with new ideas to showcase them. They are front and center above my dining room table this year hanging from my chandelier!

Wow! You have done an outstanding job! If I wasn't into the Christmas spirit before reading your post, I certainly would be now.

The antique miniature alabaster urns and the mother-of-pearl spoons were the perfect touch, but I have to admit that the Hanukkah theme is my favorite. The mix of textures from the flatware, ornaments, and the glittered ferns is stunning. I was surprised to see that you used the iridescent flatware in the third theme. Fantastic!

I think the red/white tablescape is my favorite. Love the RED bakelite flatware. I never knew bakelite could make such a statement - and the red sugar rims, wow. A++ for the napkins on the pink tablescape, Eddie. I'm addicted to vintage ornaments, so more ideas featuring those this season please! And Eddie what is the difference between a spooner and a celery vase/jar and a cordial glass? PS I never knee pressed glass was acceptable until I met your blog!

Hi Eddie, You've done it again.. another inspiring post. I'm over the top this year with vintage mercury glass. I did a small tablescape using the mercury glass in a silver compote and reindeer, a bit of greenery and a vintage looking runner..in the kitchen I've gone with the candy cane theme.. Ironic that you would post this..I'm over the top with envy of your flatware..I'm needing to hit some flea markets, antique malls or something.. I would love if you would swing by the blog..lynnesgiftsfromtheheart.. I'm going to check out Apartment Therapy..I hope you're having a super Saturday...hugs ~lynne~

I can't belive you just whipped up three dressed tables THAT detailed for a simple post for us to enjoy. So talented you are!

Eddie the color is wonderful. You give me so much inspiration for decorating my small home. I was wondering- what do you think of tin ceilings for a kitchen? My home was built in the 50's and it's a small rowhome.

Gaw-jus, Eddie! I'm just lovin' those vintage ornaments & would love to start collecting those too. My mom has quite a few that she still uses on her tree that are just so fragile & pretty & I told her to pass them to me when she decides not to put up her tree anymore!

Now, back to your tables! All stunning and beautiful, your ideas just continue to inspire us all. I'm loving mercury glass too & did an all silver console table this year using the few I've collected. I want more!!

Beautiful and inspiring! You are really fortunate to have your Grandmother! I am so glad she is well. I miss my Grandmothers (and fathers as well! )... so many sweet memories. Sometimes I can almost feel their soft withery hands on my cheeks!
Miss that....

Now which one do I love the most.MMMM!I can't pick just one they are all beautiful.I LOVE vintage ornaments, I have a collection myself.I have done a Grandma,Grandpa tree where all the ornaments range from the 20s to the 70s.I love how you gave us 3 different color options.I have a display of reds and pinks in my Dining room and love the combination.Now I would like to know are any of these going to be for your Holiday table or do you still have something else in mind?I know ideas are never a problem for our Eddie, you are amazing and fun and inspirational,as always,Hugs Kathysue

Eddie, I love your idea using the candy around the base of the candle. That is genius! I am giving a Christmas tea party for my daughter and her friends next weekend. I WILL be using that idea for the party. I also like the crepe paper spheres scattered about the table. Great ideas!!!

I'm so happy for you that your Grandmother is doing well. Grandmothers are such special people and you are fortunate to have yours and I think it's wonderful you did a "pink" table!
I love those mother of pearl little spoons in the alabaster urns. Who would have thought of that but you!
I am going to run out and buy a pointsetta and candy cans and do my everyday table like that! A great idea for a budget.
I have been emailing links to all my friends of your blog...it's a treasure. Mary

You are a genius - when I look at all of the pieces at the flea market I can't even imagine putting together the finished table. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

Such great ideas for my Chanukah table! Thank-you, thank-you!

Your sure are a creatice soul. I've been browsing through your blog, and I think you're really good at reinventing yourself, I mean, the table settings are just SO different from each other! Love flea market hunts myself, and will definitly have to go to a NY one when I travel over the pond from Scandinavia. Bet you would think our flea markets are pretty exotic, it's huge here! Oh, and you should definitly go to Poland, they have great selections with fantastic prices!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

Both Festive and elegant. How can you go wrong! Beautiful, Eddie!

I love the Hanukkah settings. Such a nice take on the tired old blue and silver!

Do you have any ideas for removing stains from old bakelite cutlery? Or is it a lost cause?

I went over to Apartment Therapy and I bet lots of people would love to have my 1950 teal sofa and chair! Wish I could send it to them! My 90 year old neighbor died, and the family was throwing her things away and burning them. We saved most of her things, My girls went home with most as she was like a grandmother to them. I have my favorites, but I could not bare the thought of her children burning her pride and joy sofa! Which is in great shape. If you visited, she would barely let you sit on it. I got to sit on it twice and I visited often.lol

Oh! What fun! Shopping for mercury and all the other ornaments. I adore the candy canes in the glass, and the table cloth just everything! The ornaments are so wonderful! I have a Craftsmans Bungalow, when we moved it in on our farm, The attic was full from former owners, this made me think of the silver tree that up in the attic, and tons more. The pink tablescape is very dear to me, You made it so lovely, but the napkin, got me! If you ever go to my blog, on the side bar read my article on A Lady's Hope. I love the cellars, I found little glass ones, now I need to find some little spoons! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, you are sharing.

All three are so beautiful! I decided on a red and white theme for Christmas this year and I love how you did your table setting. Simply wonderful!

You are such a wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I love LOVE love the pink table for my daughter's tea party birthday that she wants this year.

I love your tables. At Thanksgiving I put two 8' folding tables together so I could fit 16 at one table and I filled the middle with fall fruit and candles. What are your thoughts for centerpieces for Christmas for such a large table. I really liked it because you could see everyone and converse. At Christmas I am going to do two of these tables because I am going to have at least 30. Love your blog. I am in Hawaii and we do not have anything like your flea markets.

Spectacular tablescapes!!! I love AT and was so glad to see of feature of you on there today. I will lovingly "borrow" your ornaments on the table idea this Christmas! xoxo Aline

Candy canes + robin's egg blue. Current obsession

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie,
(apparently I'm channeling Jan from the Brady Bunch today,...sorry...)
You are a treasure. I love all the tablescapes, all are charming, inventive, sophisticated, without a smidgen of decadence.(Decadence being so turn of the century...)
Thank you again for your graciousness in sharing your talent.

Gorgeous as always!

Love the red sugar rims...Im stealing that one.

How fun is this! You never fail to keep me thinking about how I can use my things in new and beautiful ways. And it doesn't take alot to switch things up a bit! Eddie, another home run.

So pretty, eddie!

All of the settings are gorgeous but the pink one is especially festive. I'm so happy that your Grandmother was diagnosed early and is doing well. I have my annual "squish" next week and am dreading it. Ouchie.

I went on a Salvation Army bender today and found lots of Lilly Pulitzer and Liberty of London goodies. Looks like I'm spending the evening with my good friend "Woolite"! LOL

I checked in the morning and there wasn't a new post.While browsing AT a few minutes ago,saw the article on your flea market trip. The table settings are beautiful and well worth the wait!

I love all of your table settings. I also loved you on top design. I look forward to seeing more great ideas on your blog!

I am so jealous of your mother of pearl flatware! And those mini alabaster urns are ADORABLE! Love it. All three are such fun.

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