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January 07, 2009


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hey--great ideas! thanks!

The medicine cabinet is well organized and arranged, And the three tier hanging basked its looking very cute.

Thanks for posting.

Hello Eddie- Love your postings- read them religiously! Getting re-organized in 09 is tops on my list too! By the way, we sell the Moroccan totes at our store and have many styles available. Please take a moment to visit our website- we are on the coast of North Carolina, having moved from the Hamptons last year.

I have been looking for inspiration for an open shelf in a bathroom that the previous owners of my home never finished. This medicine cabinet is it!!!

Is that some kind of glass behind the shelves?

Amazing post! I feel more organised just reading it.

Ditto what Carolyn said, I'm a big collector of pottery (I can't stand to not buy anything hand made when I'm out thrifting. I also have a huge collection of quilts!) The little bowls and pots I use for holding makeup brushes and beautifing utensils, jewelry and the like. My friend does the same thing with old milk glass from thrift stores, you can find anything to match your personal style if you do a little thrifting (and can I just say I dug up some vintage Peter Max fabric today, huzzah!)

The pink is so pretty and the arrangement so effortless!

I love your ideas...esp. the hanging baskets for the closet. My ny resolution is to get my closet in order, so I am totally going to try that for my scarves and headbands!!

Hi Eddie, I love the chairs, great color combination. The ribbon thing is nice too, never tried that. Would hot glue work as well as the glue you used? Or not a good idea?
Wow! I could sure use those organizers too. Caio

I live by 'the big red bucket'. I'm constantly schlepping stuff from the city to the house and vice versa. Everything that needs to move elsewhere gets dumped in the red bucket, the bucket then goes to the trunk of the car...and onward.

Love all the expandable things & perfect timing. We've been needing to hit the storage area & make it work for us & all the incoming & outgoing things... We're even considering some type of outdoor shed... And your medicine cabinet picture is just SO pretty.
-Lauren Liess

Hi Eddie - great post and perfect timing for the new year. I had not seen the Saran Wrap holder before so I'm definitely going to get one. I'm also a big fan of the clear boxes and the labeled boxes too. In fact, I just used them when I reorganized my home office (New Year's resolution) and it turned out really great. (I used mostly Elfa and other items from the Container Store as well as boxes from Ikea.)

Here are some pictures if you want to see the before and after: http://www.fromsingletomarried.com/2009/01/07/you-can-do-it-getting-organized/

Oh!!! how great a book--I can not wait.

I must tell you how much I enjoy your blog and all of the beautiful tips and your apartment is over the top.

Thanks for awesome insirpation.


I use plastic shoe boxes for everything except shoes. They hold all my camera accessories, light bulbs, extension cords, cat "stuff," small hardware like picture hooks, even a cleaning kit for my gun! I put a white label on the end and can stack them 4-5 high on the laundry room shelf.

Fun! Thanks for the tips! I am in your hometown of Greenwich right now for work, and I am so looking forward to meeting you and Jaithan Sunday at the Atlanta shopping trip!

Oh my god this just made my day. I'm moving to a smaller place so I'll be coming back to this when organizing all my things in my mini shoebox. I am SO EXCITED to organize!

Hello Eddie! I so enjoy your blog. In my last house I changed out the plastic shelves in the medicine cabinet with antique amethyst glass shelves. It was always such a treat to open the door and grab the tootpaste!! I love the interior of the medicine cabinet you've shown.
Happy New Year,

I would like every one of those storage expanders :-)

Eddie, your post today is timely.This is the time of year we all look around at our homes and want to make changes.It always seems to start with the cleaning and purging and organizing so your hints will be very helpful.I like to use pretty containers to hold items in my laundry room also.There is no reason that shelf can't be pretty also.You cabinet is a perfect example of that.Great Post,Kathysue

Tis the season for organizing. Yea! I just bought a broom/mop organizer and am thrilled. Isn't it funny what thrills us as adults? Great post, Eddie.

I collect little pottery cups and dishes, whatever ends up at Salvos. I use them in pantry, linen closet and cabinets to hold everything small. they look nice and make such a difference; plus I get to see my collection and have it be useful. Without built-in shelves or nooks in the shower, I love those over-the-shower-head caddies or the spring-loaded shelves. And frankly I think pegboard is an organizer's wet dream. Our garage is lined with it and we hang patio chairs and tables on it, the ladder, tools, paint supplies, and have those great little bins that hook in for screws, nails, etc. Superfab.

Actually, I think I need all of your organizers! I do have white covered wire shelving in my laundry area for cleaning stuff. Also behind my master closet door for small items like evening bags, belts rolled up etc.

Shot glasses in the bathroom cabinet - duh - why didn't I think of that?

I'm just about to re-organize my cabinet and I love the way you styled this one for your shoot!! Thanks for the inspiration!! I'm a big fan of nice looking storage!!

I buy low, small shelving units at thrift shops and place them on my closet floor to hold shoes, purses etc. It's very economical!! Most of them are under $10.

Fantastic! Boy, do I need this stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!

My absolute favorite tool for organization is my P-Touch Label Maker from Brother. I label everything...shoeboxes, files, kitchen storage containers, even my linen closet. If you don't one...get your tushy to Target!

Those expand-a-shelves are genius! I, too, am partial to tiered vegetable bins. I have a claw foot bathtub and there's no rim to stash shampoo so I hung my bin to hold my products.

I get a buzz from organization.

An Eddie Ross post that I have already accomplished :)

Enjoy the day.

I use a couple of covered cubes in my den as a coffee table. I made them from simple MDF boards, covered them in batting and then my favorite fabrics, which can be changed out for the different seasons of the year. They have pockets on the sides for remotes, and inside of them they hold throws, extra pillows, and etc, getting the clutter out of sight. In the garden I use old glass jars with the lid side up, buried half way in the ground as an edging. I have been known to put colored water in them for holidays and when the sun hits the glass and water they send rainbows across the lawn! It helps to have the size and type but spagetti, apple sauce jars are the best. They never fail to spark a conversation when someone comes over for the first time!

You are an organizer after my own organizer heart.
I am loving the new year for it feels like "back to school" and all these helpful things feel like sparkly new supplies.
Lately file folders are my FAVE!
I will send you the link.

Thanks for the post. Just the motivation I needed for a little organization today. The medicine cabinet is beautiful and ssadly mine is not. Eek!

Great suggestions

So why don't we have the Container Store her in Norway???

I would absolutely LOVE to do a project with you :) How do we make it happen?

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