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January 27, 2009


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The ball shaped arrangement is what I really like, I'd like to call it "ball of flowers" :) this can be a great centerpiece in a wedding reception.

Simply beautiful arrangement, I love the white bloom being used here, gorgeous.

A question: We are actually doing a similar thing for a Jan 2 wedding, and are trying to estimate flower #'s. Might someone be able/willing to advise?
Our bowls are footed with 6.5 " openings; the aqua plus will be a half-dome measuring approx 5" in diameter. Any idea of how many standard carns per area?
Thank you so much!
Susan and Greta Haney

I am interested in doing this for a wedding centerpiece only concern is how does the flower ball stay intact to the candlestick, or will it just sit and hope it wont fall if someone bumps the table??? I love the idea its gorgeous. Anyone have any ideas or advice?

Shut up! What a beautiful arrangement. I love, Love, LOVE that spherical arrangement! How chic, and inexpensive too!

I copied this for a corporate event. They were such a hit. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions- I looked like a rock star!

love, love, love your post!! like patti says, you win, i'm sold! i shared it with my readers!

Hey dahling,

Love the carnations. Sorry I have been away being creative, and I PROMISE you, I was wondering about carnations on Sunday. I am going to convince you and Jai to come to NC...just give me a minute.

Congrats on the new crib! I can't wait to see what you guys do with the place.

Kisses ad great big hugs!


Eddie I think you are amazing! Really... and today you kind of rock! Come to Utah on Vacation, make sure to let me know, and then we can have brunch!



These are BEAUTIFUL! Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to try it out myself.

{I agree: the poor carnation is given a bad name. I'm so happy to see such a gorgeous centerpiece feature just it!}

Oh, Eddie, I love your flower arrangements! They're knockouts, every time.

Eddie, Carnations have been one of my favorites since finding a beautiful vintage hand painted botanical of carnations. They are so simple and pretty. P.S. I just saw you at Scott's while shopping for a new botanical. You were very warm in responding as I called out my greeting. Continued success to you. You deserve it.

You are the BEST! You have opened my eyes to the beautiful carnation. I am SO making my Valentines centerpiece with that poor, misunderstood treasure! Thank you!

Eddie Ross, I do declare! You never cease to amaze me!

The candlestick arrangement is pure genius. I was looking at the post in my office and I gasped so loud that my assistant came in to check on me!

Thanks again for your inspiration!

Reminds me of Esther Williams and those fabulous old swim caps. Lovely and fresh.

this is just ridiculously genius!

These arrangements for centerpieces are ingenious! Thanks!

These are just beautiful!
I especially like the first image because it's so simple and fresh looking.
I love Carnations, too!
Their scent lasts so long!

Cindy H
Bud Vases

Eddie, I fell in love with carnations as a child. I lived next to a cemetary and after funerals (much to my mother's chagrin) I would decorate my bicycle with the vials of carnations.

You are ingenius. Dianthus, Pinks and Sweet William are staples of my perennial garden and I can't wait to duplicate your idea. Beautiful!!!

Do you Twitter?

SIMPLY GORGEOUS! You have converted me. I am now a carnation lover and not a hater. Makes me want to have a dinner party just so I can showcase some carnations myself.

Sigh. Simply (in the all best uses of that word) the Best, Brightest and Freshest Use of Carnations! And yes -- the whole arrangement DOES look like a marvellous and elegant wedding cake! Wouldn't a few of these arrangements look magnificent at a wedding -- imagine one on every table! And thank you and many blessings for thinking of us "regular folks" who have been cutting way back on flower expenditures -- I'll be looking for carnations on my next shopping day!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (who now so often wonders "What would Eddie Do?" LOL!)

That is why I love carnations so much. The tiered cake is amazing and the orb is stunning!
Thanks for the taste of springtime.

(I may have accidentally sent my original comment through before completing it.)

I am now a believer that there is beauty in carnations.

That is one of the cleverest - and loveliest - use of flowers I have EVER seen!

I can't wait to do my Valentine's day centerpiece now! You gave me a great idea because of your clever use of the cake plates.

Your fans keep raving over the arrangement. Our booth looks beautiful. The office line is ringing off the hook as so many are inspired. Many thanks for sharing in your talents. This is a fun ride. Fondly, Pam, creative candles

Hi Eddie!

Oh the lovely, lowly carnation! They do remind me of prom night in high school though. I especially love the ball shaped arrangement you created - very chic. I did not know sphere shaped Oasis was even available, new knowledge and a new web source - thanks to the one and only Eddie Ross!!

Thanks Eddie!

PS: great article too :-)

I usually buy a flower for my last money...lol. This time it was a simple white carnation. I liked the way it turned out when I photographed it. Think they are so beautiful in their simplicity!:)

So simple and yet so beautiful. I live close to a very expensive neighborhood (here in Vancouver) and their supermarket has an entire section devoted to white flowers of every kind. I have NEVER seen that anywhere else but in that neighborhood. White flowers in numbers can certainly be inexpensive but create great impact. I have some cut white mums on my dining room right now. And the best part about inexpensive flowers are that they last at least 2 weeks or longer. Why is that I wonder. . .

I have always associated carnations with Funeral homes and never considered buying them.. but,I have changed my mind after seeing these,
Truly beautiful, arrangements ~
Just gawjus!

Don't give up on the dyed carnations quite yet. I envision balls of blue, red and yellow on varying height candlesticks for a lovely summer beach party themed child's party. I have always loved carnations, but your balls were such a special way of displaying them. Thanks.

Yes I quite like this A LOT!

OK - you got me. those pom pom-y arrangements are - dare I say it? adorable! I'm running out to some oasis and carnations right now. I just scored a few delish antique silver candleholders over christmas, and now I know what to do with them besides the obvious. Thanks eddie, you're a gem!!

Eddie,I completely agree with you regarding carnations, especially white ones. I wish I had a picture of the center pieces from my wedding. I think I told you about them and I think your mom might remember them. We used glass bowls that rounded up like small fish bowls. Since it was a black and white wedding (literally), we put black marbles in the bottom of the bowl and then filled the bowl tightly with white carnations. We also accented it with a few white roses. We even placed little white tea candles around the centerpiece. They were absolutely beautiful and we got so many compliments on them. :)

Love it - you're so cool!

Gorg!!!!! Love it, so clean and timeless and you are right..beauty in numbers totally transforms the look of the frown on carnation!! Great ideas once again!

Wow-wie! Love them combined and with the jadeite, just marvelous! Thanks for another dose of Eddie Magic!

hahahaha love this post!!! (I totally used to be like, "anything but carnations honey.") I'm so a believer in carnations now!

Simply beautiful!!!!

I cannot count the number of times I have heard "Carnations, never...." You have turned Cinderella of Flowers into the Belle of the Ball!

Eddie these are really very lovely and look classic in white, and I know they smell lovely, as well. Sadly, the fragrance has been bred out of a lot of flowers these days. I'm putting this post in my "Eddie's Ideas" notebook.

Love the carnations Eddie, I'm thinking valentines day and flowerless chocolate torte. Thanks for the inspiration. T

WOW! I am totally with you on this idea! I used all white carnations to mimic snow for my wedding bouquet last January... where were you then? I could have used that extra push of brilliance to decorate my tables! I love love love the ball on the candlestick!
You've done it again!

Love it! All flowers are beautiful...even the weeds. As a preacher's kid I used to get the altar flowers after church. They were always gladiolas and carnations...no one wanted them. I made different clusters of them for my mom :) Funny how some people think of certain flowers as church flowers or cheap or not worthy of using in an arrangement. They're all lovely. You see beyond the fold Eddie :)


Simply Amazing. Thank you again for such a wonderful idea to make entertaining such a fun thing! Have a great Day!

I have always used carnations en masse. Thanks for making it "okay" :)

I love your carnation arrangements. They are one of my favorites to use because they are inexpensive and last a long time.

Eddie, I have been wowed by your talent and craftiness since I first saw you on Top Design, but really today you have outdone yourself. Carnations are always on the bottom of my list and you have swayed me. Anyone who can make carnations look this good is super talented. NICE WORK!! Please don't try to sway me on the dyed ones though...:)

perfection,absolutely beautiful

good job! And I love your writing style too. I used to work at church and we often used white carnations in the arrangements because they last so well and bring such light and brightness with them (and all this with very little cost...)

Eddie - You ROCK!!!!

Eddie,you give so much inspiration to us all. I find myself wondering around the house looking for things to change inspired by you.
Waiting for the ANNOUNCEMENT

This is just marvelous! Even though I knew where you were going by the end of the first few sentences, in its finale, it was delightful. Thank you for sharing!

Oh, Eddie! It's beautiful! I'm not a fan of carnations, but I always feel sorry for them because so many people are on the carnation hate train. They never did anything to anybody. It's not their fault they don't really have a great scent (or any scent really) and they can't help it if they grow so well and plentiful that they're cheap. They just want to make the world a prettier place. You've given them the opportunity they've so longed for. ;)

Ok. You win. I'm sold. I don't hate white carnations anymore. Those are fabulous! (Can you give us an idea about how many it took to do each project?) Now...can you make me like lilies?!


Very innovative! thanks for sharing,i get some ideas.


Wow!! That's really all I can say. I am buying a big bunch of carnations next time I am at the grocery store. I have one of the Fish Eddy's cake stands that you used and I can't wait to try out this look!

Two of my fabulous friends from KY are at the Gift Fair this week. They operate Henry Brown Bags (www.henrybrownbags.com). I know it's a huge place but say hi if you run across their booth.

Wow. I've never seen a carnation look so good. You're my hero.


I, as well, share some of the carnation snobbery that the design field seems to be rife with. I usually just use them to 'flesh' out bouquets of roses when I can't find enough to do the arrangement.

but, WOW (again)! Those look great. I especially like them massed together because they're white carnations. It just feels so pure.

Thanks for the inspiration,

You are so incredibly talented, creative and simply genius! I'm so saving this idea for possible future local shows. Even your flower pin idea with throw pillows blows me away! I'm so glad I found your blog! You are a huge help to us design stumped fans. Thank you for sharing your ideas once again.

Thanks to you I will never look at a Carnation the same again. My favourite is the last one...adorable!
Ness xx

Last September, my sisters and I did a birthday party for our mom. The theme was sort of Frank Sinatra/Martini. We used 5 dozen red carnations packed short and tight in $1.97 square/rounded candle holders (quite cool actually) from Wal Mart. Everyone loved them. They had simplicity and class and wow!

Oh Eddie,I am constantly in awe of your talent and enthusiasm.Oh what I would give to hang out with you for a day and absorb your genius.I feel the same way about the MUM.I love them and they last forever just like the carnation so as far as a wise purchase in this economy I am with you.I just did a birthday dinner and with Chinese New Year coming up I did an Asian them with white lime mums and white button mums in black ceramic chinese containers so simple and yet so fun.I can't wait for the big announcement.Hug Kathysue

Makes me want to get out my Midwinter Invitation stoneware with the pink carnations. They're in the bottom of the china cabinet, behind the solid doors and I don't see them to think of them. Hmmm, may have to make orange-touched French Toast, set out an arrangement of carnations, and use the stoneware this weekend!

Rock on. Love it. I haven't been to Fishs Eddy in a few weeks...I feel a lunch time trip coming on...

I LOVE this! Just sent the link to my mom!


My God - you are absolutely amazing. Those are two stunning arrangements. I have always loved carnations, especially the miniature kind, and I have never understood the bad press. I think they are adorable, pure, and smell lovely! Plus, I find they last quite well. Thanks for reviving their image! Lovely, lovely, love-ly!


This is why you will be doing my flowers at my wedding.. gorgeous my love!!!

I will never look at a carnation in the same way. I love all your beautiful creations. My daughter's favorite flower is the carnation and I always turn up my nose. Wait until I make a lovely bouquet for her birthday!!

Oh my god! gorgeous...

These are GREAT ideas!!!!!!!!

Love. in love.

I'm going to use the pomador ball on the candlestick for a shower I'm hosting this month. I will be perfection.

I love what you've done! You know, my mother's favorite flower was the carnation. She was a practical lady -- she knew they last longer than lots of the more popular varieties!

You're a man after my mother's heart -- I know she would have adored you for this one!

Just Lovely and Tacky all rolled into one! Just kidding Eddie....it did turn out much better than I thought it would! I am one of the ones who has always considered carnations tacky but you have a way of creating a thing of beauty....always! You are too fabulous, Eddie!

Brilliant - I Love your blog!
You are amazing!

You've done it again! You're the Michaelangelo of Home Decor!

I come to this site everyday for inspiration and ideas!

I love your ideas for the arrangments. So yummy!

And all this time I've been so mean to the poor carnations...

Actually "Carnation" is one of my favorite songs by the Jam.

Only you, Eddie, could make carnations so chic!!! I have to give this a try...the result is stunning!

Thanks so much for the great inspiration ! I'm so glad I found your blog.

Thanks, Eddie, for elevating the lowly carnation to where it belongs. No flower is ugly or lowly if used in a creative way. If dandelions were scarce, we would all be clamoring to import them to plant in our garden beds and fill our vases.

Once again you have shown it is not what a thing 'is' or costs but how you use it that counts.

I lived in Japan in the 1960s and carnations were quite expensive compared to large orchids, roses, and what we Americans considered "good" flowers. Mother could have two large Cattleya orchids as a corsage for what a carnation corsage cost. So it is all a matter of taste and availability.

Back in the US, I used to stop at the wholesale flower market and buy a bunch of miniature carnations for their scent and many blossoms. They lasted quite a while and cheered up the house.

Ab fab arrangements, Eddie! Martha Stewart (or was it really you?!) changed my mind about carnations years ago. Can't wait to use this idea.

Hi again!

Great question about the number of carnations. For the first arrangement, I used about 250. For the second, 120.


Love the sphere & the cake! I'm helping a family member with her wedding reception in a few weeks and might use one of these ideas...how many carnations did you use on each?

These arrangements are so gorgeous and so simple! I love them.

These are beautiful!! I feel so un-creative. I really need this website. See you are helping the world (become more beautiful).


Thank you for the continued inspiration, Eddie!

Eddie, these are gorgeous!I do have a question for you. I have a vintage pink Fostoria compote that I think would work well with the "ball of carnations". The bowl will not have that same tall thin shape but the stem is about 3-4" long. Would the visible shape of the bowl through this whole thing off balance?

LOve that! I love the impact of how they look together! I am having a giveaway~! Stop by and enter! :)

STUNNING! I just love both of these ideas, they are so fun! The candles are beautiful, and made even more beautiful by the wonderful arrangement you made to go along with them!

So Beautiful!
Thanks Eddie, you have done it again!

I LOVE carnations~! They give you such bang for the buck. They smell great, last forever and as you have aptly shown, can be used to create beautiful centerpieces. Well done.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the sweet comments! I'm SO happy you like the arrangements!

A few of you have asked how to adhere the floral foam sphere to the candlestick. After soaking and draining it, simply press down firmly on the sphere to mold it to the candlestick. It's that easy!

Thanks again, everyone! And be sure to come back tomorrow for a BIG announcement you won't want to miss!


This post totally made me smile. I used to think carnations were cheap...why have a bunch of carnations when you can have casblanca lilies? But carnations were my grandmother's favorite flowers...she loved the simplicity, the smell and the fact that they lasted for more than a week or sometimes two. My Grandmother died a few years ago and she lived with my parents. To this day, my Mom puts a vase of fresh carnations in her old room...to pay tribute. So I'm sharing this post with my Mother as I know she'd enjoy it too.

Definitely no misunderstood or lonely carnations here.

Your arrangements are just lovely. I love both, but the sphere is my favorite.

I think I remember being give a carnation corsage dyed to match a prom dress is my distant past. Ack! Glad those days are long forgotten.

Beautiful work. I think carnations always get a bad rap, but I always use them like you do. It always works in big groupings and staying with the same color. I go out and get the green foam and fill up my milk glass bowls with them.

How gorgeous, in fact, they look good enough to eat!


Hi Eddie,
Just wondering how you get the sphere to attach to the candle stick. Double stick tape? Or just pressing the sphere so it molds a bit to the stick?


Wow...I will never look at carnations the same again! What a drop dead GORGEOUS job you did!!!

Hey...How goes the house hunting in upstate? I have some great leads for ya if interested???

These are perfection, Eddie. I would love to see a picture of the finished project at the N.Y. Gift Show....


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