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January 27, 2009


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I must admit to being a carnation snob, but any flower can be beautiful en masse. 'Cake' arrangement is brilliant!

Stunning "cake"! You amaze me with all your ideas. On the candlestick arrangement, did you need to anchor the foam sphere to the candlestick at all? Or does it just stay put?

Just gorgeous! I agree a large grouping of the same item, even the most humble of flowers is a beautiful thing!

Eddie, you are AMAZING. thank you.

LOVE THIS!!! I always feel bad for those sad, dyed carnations (particularly when they are sprayed with glitter - oy!).

I love these ideas. The only flowers I used for my wedding were carnations. They really so simple and so gorgeous when grouped together. (And CHEAP too!)

Wow, those are absolutely stunning. I suffered a bad experience with carnations once while working in a flower shop, but after this post I may have to give them another chance. I think a big pink arrangement would be perfect for my sister's bridal shower.

Beautiful arrangement, Eddie! And yes they do look gorgeous in groupings.

Love this idea...Not a fan of the old carnation but love this spin...Hmmm thinking of daughter's sweet 16 and her color palette of orange and purple (don't ask). Might have to do some dying of flowers.

I love grouping (naturally) coloured carnations in their own little bud vases and creating a rainbow down my dinner table. An instant and cheap winter blahs pick-me-up.

I know a lot of people don't like the smell of carnations, but they have a wonderful old clove scent! The great thing about carnations is that they really last a long time... a week or more.

It would be great for a wedding when the couple don't want to serve cake, but want to have a dessert buffet or something non traditional. Just put the carnation cake on the buffet and you would still get the wedding feeling.

Absolutely lovely. Thank you Eddie.

OH MY GOSH! I did a post today using the same carnations! I found these great old miniature pharmacy apothecary jars and used them in mass as tiny vases! I'd love to know what you'd do with them. Hope you can stop by.

So simple and beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

These arrangements are gorgeous! It has always bothered me that I hate carnations solely because I think I'm supposed to. I am going out to buy some today thanks to you and attempt to create something beautiful. I love that you summed the flower up as misunderstood and lonely. Brilliant.

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