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January 28, 2009


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Wonderful house Eddie--sure it will be a dream when your done. It and the setting remind me of one of my favorite movies from the '80s 'Baby Boom'! If you haven't, you must see it. Must tell you--you have inspired me to become a new convert to thrift store shopping. I have found some FABULOUS things for next to nothing, but the thrill of the chase is the best part. As a friend says, I've become a 'thrift whore'!! Anyway, happy renovating and decorating--can't wait to see more pictures as you make it yours. Cheers to you both! :) Scott

I am so inspired by your new home. Love what you are doing with it....I am so kicking myself now for donating all my "milk glass" after reading your postings and viewing the pictures. I have a few pieces left and will be hanging onto them.

Congratulations on your new old home! People kept telling me to come take a look and I finally found the time to after digging out from my own moving boxes. The house is absolutely perfect! I'll be back to see what you do with it :)


Oh My Word yall!! I SO am dying from EVERYTHING with that house!! It is GORGEOUS!! The detail, the old hardware...EVERYTHING!!! Congrats!!

Love your new house!!!! Stunning! And the floors are just amazing:-) Looking forward to follow the rest of your journey...

Hello Eddie,

It was so great to talk with you tonight on Olivia'a Blog Talk Radio. Loved the show. Speaking of Mommy Dearest - it was perfect when you put Joan Crawford's picture on your "Christmas ornaments on a wire hanger" wreath post.

You and Jaithan must be very elated to be in your new home and probably a little stressed at the same time. I hope you will share how it's all coming together from the floors up. Just curious, were you able to move right in without having to do anything major to the bathrooms or the kitchen? Thank you again for inspiring the rest of us!

what a perfectly lovely and charming place to call home.

can't wait to see what you do to "make it yours"

get jordan to tell you, I can help with the dogs. lots of dogs.

Hi Eddie & Jaithan,

I've read every word of your blog. Can't wait to see how you bring a little new world to your lovely old farmhouse. Please, please show how closets and storage areas have been added to the house over the years. Closets as we know them today are more a 20th century invention. I live in a 100+ year old farmhouse with practically no closets!!

Love, love, love the wide plank floors. We have them, also.

i cannot WAIT to see what lovely amazing gorgeous fabulous things you do to this space!!! and the sheep. OH, the sheep! just completes the whole thing. thanks for adding me you your blogroll as well! what an honor :)

I'm soo happy for the both of you & to start a new chapter in life. This is a dream that only few can really set their minds to and go after!

I wih you all the luck & happiness for your new home. A house is just a house, but filled with all things we love, truly make it a home.

I did somethng on a smaller scale but took a chance and just bought a 1966 travel trailer to restore & get out on the road! So much to see & do and without taking a chance & tossing caution to the wind, why not!!

Best wishes!!


Your own slice of heaven!
I am so happy for you.
You work so hard, you 2 deserve this.
Many blessings for your new home,

CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't wait to see what you do with the place. It will be lovely, no doubt.

How beautiful; I'm sure you'll enjoy life there.

I just recently found your blog and LOVE it! I am so excited about your house I almost squealed out loud! I cant wait to see what you do! I know it will be fab! I wish I could come to one of those dinners! Have fun! Julie

What a beautiful canvas, can't wait to see what you paint.

Congratulations! I've just moved from upstate New York to Texas and I have to say the beautiful countryside will forever have a place in my heart. I am so glad you two found the perfect home... Now the first task is to name it something wonderful!

I have one word for you ---- Adventure!

Fantastic, guys! The house is so beautiful. I love the guest room and those stairs! Congratulations! I hope the house is filled with dreams come true.
All the best!

Congrats! So much potential. And I do love the shot of the doorknob. Somehow, I am compelled to post pics of mine as well... I guess because I feel so lucky to have a knobs that somehow survived being melted down in WWII... I am a historic preservationist and am amused by the small things.

I always hope to get to consult on a proect like this now, but with the economy, people are just not looking to restore/renovate.

oh how exciting! I can't wait to see you both do with this great space!!

I can't wait to see what you do to this home. I love the look and feel of it from the pictures. You'll feel so content and at home when you get your personal belongings in it and decorate. Can't wait!

AMAZING house-- I would move out of the city in a heartbeat for your new digs. Oh the fun projects you'll get to do in this place.!

Oh my I am so excited for the two of you!!!! I can feel the warmth from the pictures you shared. What a beautiful cozy home.

I once left the city for greener pastures It was the best time of my life and we have plans one day of going back to our piece of paradise.

Have fun decorating and living in your beautiful home!!

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,

I wish you the very, very, very best times ever in your fabulous country farmhouse. I can't wait to see the magic you bring to this charmer.

Enjoy the next phase of your creative lives and enjoy Millerton! It's a hidden jewel.

xoxo Evy

Congratulations! How exciting for you both. As a compact city-dweller I know exactly what you are talking about....
Can't wait to see what you do with it!

WOW AND CONGRATULATIONS! What an amazing home! I cannot wait to see how you make the aesthetic your own and hear about the life you build inside its walls!

Looks incredible! I can't wait for future posts with lots of photos of your new home. Congratulations!

Congratulations to you both! But I confess I am thrilled about your new home for a slightly more selfish reason - we moved into a home built in 1770 and added on to in 1800 in an historic district in RI and I CANNOT WAIT to see what you do to your place, as many features are similar. I am so pleased that you plan on keeping us posted. Thank you!

Welcome to the neighborhood!
Let me know if you ever come to Hudson for a shopping trip.
Those miniature ponies are too much!

Eddie --

Tell me you will be coming back to NYC for your "flea market" trips?

No matter, congratulations on your new home! Middleton's fabulous quotient just went up like 1,000%!

Congratulations! I pictured it covered in hanging garlands and wreaths at Christmas!

Way to go!

I am so jealous! Your home is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with it. I am sure it will look amazing! Good luck with your move.

Congratulations to you -- Please, oh please, keep us posted with lots of pictures from your move, and whatever wonderful things you do to this house. Have truly enjoyed your blog and wish you many years of happiness (and serenity!) in you new home. Perhaps you will be inspired to travel down to our Virginia horse country someday -- (?)...

My very best wishes for good health and much happiness in your new digs. I can hardly wait to see what changes you make to this charming house.
Much love to both of you, Mrs. Kenney

congratulations on the move--the whole place is amazing--and I'm very excited to be able to watch as you turn it into your dream home!

Mazel Tov! Those views! Those hardwood floors! I can't wait for you two to be settled and happy there. You can breathe!!!! So happy for you two, it looks like paradise, wonder how beautiful it will be in the summer? :)

Wow! By the looks of things, you'd think you were moving to Arkansas!:-)What a HUGE change for you both! Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you turn this quaint house into a home!

Congratulations on the new home, dear! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Eddie & Jaithan....so very very very happy for you both....what an awesome home...the patina on those floors is to die for. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you do with it!!!!!!!!!

So happy for you both! And I really encourage you to have a HUGE party for all your faithful blog readers - including (ME, ME, ME!!)

Wow!! Wish I lived closer and could help you,Two move and cook a good dinner later for everyone. Ican't wait to see all the good thing to come next. Good Luck to you both!! Paulette

Good for you, CONGRATULATIONS !!!

I can't wait to see the transformation :)

Kathy :)

Congrats to you and Jaithan! I can't wait to see you put your spin on your lovely new home.
P.S. Will you be riding horses? If so, this I have to see pictures of!! :)

Best Wishes!!

Congratulations and best wishes I hope the home is everything you ever dreamed a home could be


your new home is so wonderful ... but the best is yet to come. You will fall in love all over again when the snow goes and the landscape wakes up and turns green. We live in the country and summer is my favorite season by far. Your place will be breathtaking with all of those wonderful trees.
Enjoy every moment making this house your home!

It's nirvana! The little ponies are worth it as neighbors :) That odd window in the guest room is a trip! But "Oh my gosh!" The floors Eddie...the floors! The wood work in the home alone is just something you can't buy, it has to be original. You are going to tweek this home into a show place, I know it! I may have to send you a lovely Nantucket Basket to sit by the hearth...I love your new place! You two will love the feeling of really being home :)


That place is soooooooo beautiful!!! - you are so incredibly lucky - are you keeping he manhattan apartment as well or going all the way and moving out herre full time? - you are going to have so much fun decorating - I am so jealous!!!

Eddie, I am so proud of you! God bless you, your home and your new life!

Wow - so excited for you and of course, a little bit jealous. Look at all that SPACE!! (living outside of DC, I know what you mean about wanting space.) I can't wait to see what you do with the place!! Good luck moving...

And you are so deserving..
I am so happy for you and happy for us because of your generosity WE get to share in this adventure with you!! I can't wait to see your new home become YOU.


Eddie & Jathan, congratulations on your dream home! It's beautiful! I LOVE the upstairs bathroom! Can't wait to see all the projects you're planning to do! and your garden in spring and summer, oh it's going to be gorgeous!
Irina from Hong Kong (currently skiing in Maine:)

Well congrats to you. I can't wait to see what you do with all that space. It is so lovely, so quaint, so PERFECT. It looks like a Christmas card.



CONGRATS!! Your new house is beautiful! And all that land! I'm envious! So happy for you two. Can't wait to watch along as you transform your new place into your dream home! xo

Oh I am so jealous! I have wanted to live on a piece of land with small ponies and rooooom forever!
I can't wait to see what you do with your beautiful home.
It has such wonderful potential. How exciting!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so excited for you both! This is wonderful, truly. I can't WAIT to see the amazing things you come up with, using your new home as inspiration.

This is really wonderful. You're living the dream!

I am so excited for you!! It will be beautiful. I can remember when I first ventured into my 1875 log home that was once a "Holding Place" for traders here on Old Stage Road. A dream come true. I was thankful to have connections with a plumber and electrician...so much had to be reworked. The home now has a very large stone addition. You will love what country life will bring your way..the fields with flowers, the chance to have a garden....ohhh...you will have a ball! Congrats!!


So very, very pleased and excited for the both of You. A wonderful new adventure to be sure. CONGRATULATIONS!

WOW! This looks like a dream come true. Can't wait to watch the progress once you get started. With sheep and Lamas will there be spinning and weaving? Congratulations to you both.

Oh my! I've been reading your blog as a creepy lurker for a while but I just had to comment when I read this and saw the pictures! I am going through something kind of similar right now, being a city girl heading towards something simpler and trying to be much more self sufficient. From seeing how beautiful that house already is, I can't even wrap my brain around how amazing it's going to be once you start making it your own. I can't wait!

Oh my GOSH....I'm SOOOO happy for you guys!!! I discovered your blog just before Christmas and I've been secretly checking in ever since! I really appreciate all of the inspiration you so generously share and I just LOVE your style, Eddie.

You wouldn't believe the huge smile on my face when I read this post. Again...I'm SO happy for both of you...yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo...sorry for all the exclaimation marks...it's just...wow...yay!

Can't wait to see what you do with your wonderful new place!

Now...keep your fingers crossed for me as well, o.k? We are hoping to sell our 1919 home in town soon and move to some land as well to a 1916 home. Now we won't have as much space int he house itself as we have now...but having land will be wonderful. I can't wait to get to work on our new house...right now it feels like I'm living in Limbo and I don't want to renovate this house anymore as we will be moving.

O.k...so coming out of lurkdom and I can't stop typing...oops.

Congratulations :o)


Congratulations Eddie and Jaithan!

Eddie, didn't know you were on Oprah!? Can you put a link to that footage on your blog? and like everyone else said, congrats on the house, can't wait to see your renovating ideas. We're also awaiting the next big announcement - Butlers Pantry!

That is quite the leap with a perfect landing. I grew up in a house in Massachusetts that was built in 1668. Looking through your photos made me very homesick!
I am looking forward to seeing the evolution of your new abode. Congratulations!

WOW! A beautiful place to live. I love the wide plank flooring. And Luna and Hal are precious. I love miniature horses! When I live in Montana, I used to groom miniature horses for a friend -- it's such a great calming experience!

Congratulations to you both! Your new home is beautiful and I cannot wait to see what you and Jaithan do to it to make it all your own.

I am a country girl and I can tell you, for a fact, you will absolutely love living in the country. Your new home is amazing! Oh my, those beautiful floors!! I'm looking forward to seeing you work your magic!

All the best!

Congrats! Millerton is such a cute town. First order of business - you MUST go to the Harney & Sons Tea shop on Main St. Their tasting room is to die for!

Congratulations Eddie & Jaithan for finding that jewel of a home! It's precious! And you have furry friends!I'm so excited to see how you'll make it even more fabulous!

Wow! What a giant leap. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this beauty...love the tub and the wide plank floors.

I can't wait what you two do with the inside! It is going to be amazing.

Awww, Eddie & Jaithan, what an absolute jewel of a house, so old and vintage with so much charm. I cannot WAIT to see you put your very magical touch on this place. What an idyllic setting too. You spilled the beans about the new place at our Atlanta shopping trip, so I've been waiting to see the place & it doesn't disappoint. xoxo from me!

Hi Eddie,
Imagine leaving NYC! Actually I can, being a "country boy" myself. The country with its wide open spaces, peaceful quiet, and natural beauty, can't be beat - Congrats! I love your house - wood shingles or so great. The wide plank floors are beautiful! I hope we get to see you put your magic touch and see this old house become this "new" old house! ?
I am enamored of the Dash and Albert rug collection, one of the striped ones would look awesome in my foyer!

Thanks Eddie.

So fitting! I am very excited for the two of you! I hope that all your dreams and desires are met and made in your new home!

I am thinking "a book" on the renovation.
Martha did it and you have the gift....

can't wait to see your special touch on this beautiful property. Thanks for sharing.

I can NOT wait to see the finished product! Two things that excitment the most: Obo the Llama (because they are my fav) and Dash & Albert. I just got one of their cottom hooked rugs as a runner and it is AMAZING! Congrats!

*F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s*....I am totally jealous!! Pure heaven on earth, what a 'classic'...and oh my gosh...ponies as neighbors!! Congrats....I am absolutely *thrilled* for you both!! Can't wait to see how you will make it your own!! Hugs...Valerie up in Manitoba xo

Hello Eddie
Welcome to the country! I moved to my little farmhouse after 28yrs in the city and i am loving my life. We are on our last room of renovating which is our kitchen so i am hoping you will give me some idea's and inspiration. check out my last post on my blog to give you some inspiration of how we love living the Country Way!


Eddie--What a fabulous house! What fun you two are going to have--and lots of old house aggravation. I want to point out two writers to you, both very dated, but you will still find them interesting because both made a good bit on money writing about living in their houses in the country a couple of generations ago. IE, they did what you are doing. One is Gladys Taber who lived in an 18th c house in CT. See if you can find "The Best of Stillmeadow." The other was an Englishman, Beverley Nichols. See "Down the Garden Path" and "A Thatched Roof." I am currently reading a biography of him. He happens to have been gay but that is neither here nor there. Both Nichols and Taber wrote about daily life, old houses, gardens, animals, antiques, flowers, food, friends, etc.--the things that you and I like. You probably already know them, but if not, you might want to meet them.

Wow this is sweet! I guess you won't be looking at Newburgh for a while! You have your hands full!

Let me add my congratulations! I'm sure you'll make it very lovely :-)

Congratulations!!! I literally got tears in my eyes reading your descriptions and seeing the photos... you have purchased "Peace" if that is possible. I am so happy for you and Jaithan, to be trading UP, UP, UP to this bucolic heaven. The home you will make of this place will be no less than amazing, but the LIFE you will enjoy here will surpass your wildest dreams~~
Great good fortune to you and Jaithan in your new/old abode!
Karen Otto

that is so very exciting! the house is so beautiful and the farm animals, you are living my dream. best of luck!

Congratulations guys - from Toronto Canada!!

I am looking forward to many more ideas!

In a world that is obsessed with multi tasking - talking on cell phones, Starbucks and driving a car (all at once), it's nice and refreshing to see two young guys who are willing to make the move in the opposite direction and trade for comfort and a FABULOUS VIEW!!


Congrats, we just purchased our first home last year, it is very rewarding but lots of work. Take it in stride and have fun! It is very charming and I am sure you are going to make it beautiful! You should do a T.V. show on the renovation.

I can't believe you're leaving the city! I'm in Pearl River, about a 35 minute ride over the GW Bridge and down the West Side Highway. Don't know if I could ever make that big of a move as the two of you. I still need my city fix! I love the flower arrangement you made for the Gift Show. Wish I had known about it before I was there on Monday; I would have stopped by to get a close-up look. Lots of luck to the two of you and I can't wait to see the before and after pics of everything. Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

Congratulations on your new home! I am excited to see what you do with it. Congrats!!

Congratulations - I am so excited to see how you transform the lovely farmhouse into your "own" place. It should be a great adventure!

Congratulations! That house is so beautiful. I can't wait to see what all you do with it.

what an amazing old house!!! how lucky are you to have that for a clean slate? i mean..the possiblities!!! GREAT. i got my real estate license a few years ago and worked w/my grandparents (they're brokers) in a small town JUST so i'd get to peek inside all those neat old houses. my husband and i could never find the perfect old house like that, so we ended up building a new house to look old. the greatest compliment is when people ask us how old the house is..so anyway, i can't wait to see what y'all do with it!


Good for you...and good for everybody else...in these times, there is so much gloom, it is wonderful to see people going at this with such joy. Little did you know that your special interest...fleas, repurposing...would be so right for our times. I'd like you to do a post on converting a guest room to a sick room, a place someone can be cared for at home. That is a real part of a home. People don't know how to do that much anymore. Great find on your house.

are you serious??!! this is really y'alls house? i am in love!!!! i can't wait to see what you do w/ it...the floors are amazing. so all of those animals are yours??!

oh my. this place is stunning! well, will be. congratulations!

Can't wait to see what you do with the place. I think you should make a reality show out of it. LOL

So happy for you! My hubby and I are in the process of buying a new home, across the street from a horse stable, that we will be doing some renovating with. It will be great to get some ideas from your home! Good luck and congratulations on your new adventure!

Well, we will be neighbors-sort of-I'm just over the line in CT.
If you need any sewing done please call!

I want the sheep...no seriously...can you ship them to me?

So THAT is what you've been hinting at! What an amazing house! Congrats on the purchase and can't wait to see it come to life. I'm sure it will be amazing!

Oh-eM-Gee! I cannot wait to see what you do with your new place. I am actually giddy with anticipation. You should write a book! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Eddie, Since I saw you on Oprah before Christmas, I have waited for every E-Mail and loved each new story. I am excited for you and Jaithin on your new adventure. Can't wait to see the ideas that you have in mind and will implement. It looks as if the winters are fabulous there, I'm very envious. Waiting on additional E-Mails with your remodeling and decorating ideas for your new home.
Rebecca - North Carolina

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