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January 26, 2009


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Hi Eddie,

I remember looking at your website and seeing a beautiful white dragon in a table top setting. Can you tell me about it? Or tell me where I can find the picture? Thank you!

love this idea!

Eddie- Would you mind providing the links for the three flowers on the gray pillow? I think I found two of them but was unable to locate the one on the bottom left (the smallest of the three). Thanks!

For more custom pillow ideas, check out my new venture "Thatshouldbeonapillow!"
We take YOUR words and embroider them on a boudoir-size, feather-filled pillow. Silk, linen, faux suede or moire fabric trimmed in brush or ball fringe.

Really fun!

Love this idea. I did kinda the same thing with some pillows and vintage brooches that my Grandmother left me.

This is a fabulous idea! It makes it feel a little more one of a kind. I am off to check out more of your posts.

Hi Eddie!

This a really fun and creative idea! I like it! M&J seems to be a great source for trims. How about the wallhanging or screen in the room behind your cool pillows? That is a gorgeous piece!

Thanks Eddie

WOW!!! Just when I think you have done the most FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, CHIC, CREATIVE...CHEAP thing ever...you go and top yourself...Flower pins on pillows...whouda thunk it...why you OF COURSE!!

So...when I say that you are my HERO, know that it is from the heart...you are also my inspiration...I joined the blogosphere because of you!! Check me out if/when you get a chance...

~Not the Naughty Mommy that I used to be...I am now Marquita Stewart...The Original Black Martha ;-)

Greatest and most original housewarming gift ever. As a Realtor, I am always looking for a way to add flavor to listings, chic original touches. Once again my dear, you nailed it!

Wendy Gladson

OOO I love this idea!
I have a whole bag of hundreds of "flowerheads" I love to dip the edges in German Glitter...
I have made them into pins, I put them on purses... even glued
twenty or so to :
my bumper of my cute pickup!! Hee hee
But I have never done them on pillows!

I really like to collect Vintage curtain fabric,and Hankies also! ... hmmm since I have run out of windows...
looks like there may be some new pillows in the future!
hey, by the way!... I have a brand new blog!!
stop by and see me, & say Hi ...at least once! I would be honored! :)

~The Rhinestone Contessa

(Humbly Begging!..... Giggles)

What an awesome idea!! There are so many fun pins out there too. I cant wait to try it on some pillows I have around the house, thanks for another fab idea!

Bravo, talented friend. Bravo!

Very pretty and "easy peasy" as Mrs Blandings would say!

That's charming!

Fab-u-losity! Dear Mr. Webster's Dictionary, I have a new entry for your book of words, here is a picture to go beside the definition. His name is Eddie Ross, he is the definition of fab-u-losity!

Truly, you are a national treasure Eddie! Lucien

Well Eddie it was worth waitin for,I was going thru withdrawals . Love the idea. I am a very frutful person so a great idea. Look around the house and see what you can use as well. Old Jewelry,buttons,what ever you have.
Thanks again for making my morning.

I think my dog Bentley might love this idea.

fabulous idea. and i love m&j -- they make my creativity go into overdrive!

Oh Eddie you've done it again!

Love this - I have done the same with small felt people and animals and use Velcro dots to attach. My girls loved moving them around the pillows

neat idea

Damnit, Eddie. AGAIN, you've done it again! Will you ever stop being so freakin' fab!!!

what a great idea - I would never have thought of it but it looks fabulous!


Oh that's fun and you can switch it up at will.... great idea

That is such a great idea....I am absolutely going to do this!



Only you Eddie Ross, Only you! Fab as always.

Love the pillows! What a great tip for a quick and inexpensive little pillow pick me up!


Updating my pillows has been on my list since late fall. Thanks for lighting the fire!

I love the pillow corsages. They are Fabulous. Penny

Eddie, how can you seriously be so fabulous? In the words of the now infamous, Zoe, I'm about to DIE over these pillows!!!


Very pretty! These look very high end.

So gorgeous, Eddie!

So great!

What a great idea - what an inexpensive way to beat the February blahs - new pretty pillows with flowers!

I like to change my pillows a lot - is that "normal"? Does anyone out there change accessories a lot?

great project! thanks for sharing.

Hi Eddie, what a clever idea. I was looking at pillows awhile back and almost choked at the price. I mean really it's just a pillow.


what a gret idea!

Oh so pretty!!!! Great idea!!
Lauren Liess

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