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February 13, 2009


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lovely... i scored food this weekend.. you can ck it out .... almost better than a piece of fine pottery... ok, well.... close!

I have several pieces of jasperware, but I wasn't aware it was okay to keep fresh flowers (and water) in them. If it is safe, I'm very excited to be able to USE my jasperware vases!

Thanks for the flowers -- they are beautiful! Hope you're enjoying the process of making yourselves a home and thank you for letting us be a part of it. :)

Hi Eddie,
Thanks so much for the beautiful flowers!
I love jasperware too.


You're right! This would be perfect in my entry way...especially with my black and white damask paper! And peonies, well they are just my favorite flowers ever! So thanks for the valentine! Hope your day with your honey was great too!!!

Happy Valentines Day, guys! xoxo

what a gorgeous site. Something sweet for VDay?

Eddie and Jaithan Happy Vday!!! Now about those flowers,love,love,love them and about the vases/urns I so need this in my entry with the black and white marble floor can't you just see this in there.I now have a new quest black jasperware it is perfect for my home.I love to have a new treasure hunt,as always you inspire me.xoxo Kathysue

This is my favorite part of your blog. I really feel that the flowers are for me. You are the best flower designer that I have ever seen.

I extended an idea from you and sprayed an ugly vase with appliance-white gloss paint. It looks wonderful with the pink, almost pink, and red flowers that I got from my florist. She allowed me to choose the ones I liked as I told her about your Blog. Love you and thanks for the Valentine flowers, Barb Nieder

My favorite flowers! Paint does wonders and now I will keep my eye out for those little ugly ducklings to turn into beautiful elegant swans! Thank you Eddie!

Oh my....these are the only flowers I will receive this year and having BEEN a florist for many years I SOOOO appreciate these beauties! Peonies are ONE of my favs too! HVD to you and Jathian too! The arrangement you created is magnificent!!!! It was so nice of your florist to give you flowers to welcome you. Have a GREAT weekend! Hugs, Pinky

Bless you my child...You treat me better than my husband does...You always get me flowers for special occasions... ;-)

Marquita Stewart
The Original Black Martha


Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day

Kathy :)

Love reading your blog. And I just knew
you would have flowers for me this
morning! I really look forward to seeing
what you've done. Happy Valentine's Day
to you.

Happy Valentines Day and Enjoy your weekend!

So pretty!!! once I found a red glass neoclassical bust (yuck!) & used the paint trick & he lived in the garden for a summer & now has the perfect aged white finish. love your peonies & it's so nice they gave you flowers to welcome you to town!!
lauren liess

Beautiful arrangements.. thanks for the flower. Happy Valentine's Day!
hugs ~lynne~

Great choice in flowers! Love the romantic look you created - have a great v-day!

G O R G E O U S !

Love,love peonies~

Happy Valentine's to you, Eddie and Jaithan!


You are just too creative my friend! LOVING the farmhouse! Have a wonderful V day!

i was actually talking about your love of carnations to a few coworkers today.

great arrangements. time for me to go buy some flowers :)

Wow, thank you for the bouquet, it is glorious. Love the combo of Jasperware and pink, so Tres Chic! I have no talent for arranging flowers but I do have a talent for appreciating those who can and that would be you!

that jasperware is phenomenal

Heart stopping, jaw dropping GORGEOUS! The contrast of the pinks with the black urn...Yowza Eddie...Yowza!

The arrangment is beautiful, I never would have thought of pink in black..Stunning! Have a wonderful St. Valtentines Day!

Beautiful! Have a great weekend.

Thank you, Eddie for the beautiful bouquet and Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jaithan!
I also love peonies and posted a photo of them on my new blog http://ilapko.com/irina (it still needs some work to be done on it). But my flower arrangement is real presto :)

Just for the record, I can't do that. I can put one kind of flower in a vase, either a lot or a few, and it usually looks....fine.But that - that presto, chango fabulousness? I can't do that. Adore the Jasperware - real and faux.

Eddie, you are so talented. As is your photographer. I'd love to see you visit the Obamas at the White House, come up with new and inspired table settings using the White House China and your talent with florals, then photograph everything and author a book. Sell them on it by saying you'll donate a portion of the profits to a related charity. I'd buy the book, and think of the new business you'd get!

Why Eddie. . .you shouldn't have. . .but I'm so glad you did. . .haha. They are just gorgeous!

Sending you and Jaithan Happy Valentine's Day wishes.

Again, absolutely beautiful. I am so enjoying your blog. I made sure a number of friends saw what you did with your butler pantry. Happy Valentine's Day.

Aw, how pretty and romantic. Happy Valentines day to you and Jaithan. Oh, and a big congratulations on the new home. I'm still keeping up with your blog but just haven't had time to post my nonsensical comments. I can't wait to see the end result when you two turn it out...in a decorative way that is*smile*

Thank you, Eddie and Jaithan! I'm another who loves peonies. Such beautiful Jasperware too -- I have to admit I've never seen black Jasperware before! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!


Love them- Wish I was in the neighborhood and I'd drop off a box of chocolates!

so beautiful! I hope that you and Jaithan have a lovely Valentine's day!
xoxo Aline

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Eddie...and for splurging on the larger arrangement and telling me I'm worth it...you're just so sweet. Gotta say "I love you"! Hope you and Jaithan have a wonderful Valentine's Day in your new home! I'm still so excited for you both to be in your new place in the country.

Gorgeous! Honestly, flower arranging is a true talent! i wish I had the skills! :)

Very nice! The flowers are beautiful, and I bet the smell as nice as they look. Like the black urn too. Jasperware is so classic!

Gorgeous - just looking at the flowers makes me happy!

Oh Eddie! Thank you! I can't wait for FTD to ring my bell so I can enjoy them in person! Just beautiful!

Eddie,you made me teary ,thanks for remembering all of us. Jaithan and Eddie Thank you for making my day.

It's beautiful, Eddie. I love Jasperware. I have a few pieces myself, some inherited and some from the Scottish Antiques and Arts Centre in Doune, Scotland. YOU would have an absolutely amazing time there, Eddie. Plan a trip to the Scottish highlands and go to the SAAC. It's an enormous warehouse surrounded by sheep fields filled with British and Scottish antiques. To. Die. For. As is your bouquet!!

Beautiful flowers, Eddie! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jaithan!

I'm still sad I did not get to go to Scott's, but your flowers are making me pretty darn happy right now. Just lovely little harbingers of Spring. What else could you ask for?

Very pretty! Love the peonies!

I always considered myself the queen of spray paint but I'll share the title with you gladly!

You were quoted in the latest issue of Country Living, btw, if noone else alerted you to the fact!

These are just beautiful! Mr. Ross, you continue to amaze me!

I love that arrangement (peonies are my favorite!). I'm gonna forward this onto to my husband ... let's see if he gets the hint :-)

I have been listening to your spot on the Olivia Wilder show during work today and it has kept me entertained and buzzing with ideas for the weekend!

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