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February 09, 2009


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I love this....I have this color in my bedroom. I plan on redoing my baby daughter's jungle nursery after she turns 1 and this is the color im using. Its beautiful.

Seems very cluttered and staged.

Oh my, oh sigh. Your little covet-ing blue, I mean Covington Blue pantry is one of my favorite things ever.

those little drawers are amazing!!!

also love the blue. :)

Oh. Gosh. Love that blue. Such an easy upgrade if you have the vision. And you do.

The IKEA pieces are also great for storing spices. I recently purchased the ones that have the long low drawer on top with the two CD drawers on the bottom. The tall bottles fit nicely in the CD drawers and small bottles and bags of spices fit in the long low drawer. In case you need another storage idea. :-)

Incredible! Now, I want to paint some closets and take off the doors!

oh my gosh. i love that you collect this antique dinerware. inspiration!

It´s amazing!. really nice and very practic. Lots of kisses from Madrid (Spain)


E&J -- I've been away and just read the blogs on your big move. Congrats! I have a place up in S Woodstock, VT near the Green Mountain Horse Association that I love love love to go and just watch the snow fall. Love the pantry, has inspired me to do something with newly installed (and as of yet unpainted) shelves in my ongoing kitchen remodel. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and best of luck in your wonderful new surroundings!

I'm breaking one of the commandments as I'm coveting your Covington Blue pantry. Oh, and everything that's in it! Can't wait to see the rest of your charming country abode.

Welcome to the country! I hope you enjoy it. We live in very rural (farther) upstate NY, and it is lovely and peaceful and challenging all at once.
Your first project in the new house is a definite SUCCESS - I love the blue, it is classic and contemporary at the same time.
You have to come shopping in Hudson sometime - its what everyone with a country place does, don't you know.

The pantry is beautiful with all of your things! I can hardly wait to see how the rest of the house turns out. So fun to be a fly on your wall.:)

Fantastic idea Eddie. Paint is a wonderful thing!
You are a display master. I love how all of your white pieces pop against that beautiful blue. I'm off to look at the container store for my own little drawers!


Beautiful! Wow, you don't waste any time getting things done, do you? Can you do my house next??? :-)

LOVE! Can't wait to see the rest. Such a cool place you have now.

So ironic, I JUST painted my kitchen Covington Blue. I matched it up to Kravet fabric's Ernest 318 for window valances, and then I'm going to accessorize with red. It's an unusual color for the kitchen but I needed a pop of color. So excited that you used it too.

Your butler's pantry looks absolutely amazing! You did such a wonderful job and I love how everything is displayed. Congratulations on your new home, I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you do to it!

Eddie it's breathtaking. It was fun seeing all your beautiful dishes. You did a fantastic job.

looooove it! Cannot wait to see what you do with the rest of the house!


Damn, you accomplish a lot. :-)

Just beautiful. Love!! the idea of painting the boxes to match. You are so clever.

Looks fab! Pretty fast, easy and cheap fix. Can't wait to see more of the farmhouse

I have been waiting for these before & after posts. This one did not disappoint! I love what you've done here. The natural wood of the beams makes such a stunning effect on the blue and white. Also, your many many finds look so beautiful displayed this way. How great is it to have it all so accessible!? Lovely.

scorching with envy at this great pantry! Oh! To have that much space for one. Seriously, Eddie, Jaithan, I'm so happy you have found your dream home! It's just wonderful. Have you gotten use to having no one under or over you? Pure luxury.

I have those same ikea drawers and I use them in my studio - they are great for holding many different sized objects. I love the way your pantry turned out - so fresh and clean!

OH I LOVE IT!!! But I'm partial to blue, white and silver anyway!!!! I would love to have that much storage room!!

you guys work so fast! it looks beautiful-good color choice!

You're off and running, and what a great start! I'm going back to stare at the beautiful contents of your butler's pantry - and what a beautiful shade of blue! Wowsas.
xo Isa

Love, Love, Love. you've made it look very eddie ross.

Oh my! This is gorgeous. You are right, I do not even notice the metal brackets when all your beautiful things are in place. Glad to see you back!

That blue is just yummy! I would love to have a extra place in my home to do just that. Maybe one day,smile. Im loving you house already~

Ghasp...so loud in my office just now. This is gorgeous! I would hang out in the butler's pantry when I needed to escape! It reminds me of one my Aunt had when she lived in CT. Love it, love it, love it.
Katie (The Maltese Kat)

that blue screamed TIFFANYS to me. Love it. Have you bought a corgi yet?

I love it!! Beautiful contrast with the blue, white, silver. CAN'T WAIT to see more!

I absolutely love your attention to detail i.e. painting the drawers from the Container Store in blue. Your collection of plates and silverware is so elegant and beautiful.


I am salivating! I want it...I have to have it...someday! It is phenomenally gorgeous! The blue is PERFECT! I have nothing more to say. I'm speechless.

I just said "OH, MY!" aloud at work. I think I sounded like my mother. :-)

This is stellar, and I can't believe you already knocked this project off the list. But I have to say, moving in to a new place gives you (or at least it gave me) energy you never knew you had. 'Cause it's so fun!! I just can't stop looking at everything on your shelves...

I have an odd built-in corner "cabinet" (hand-made by the previous owners) that I *think* I may be able to install shelves like this in, painted to match the room and all. I think I need to send you a picture to get your blessing. :-)

Stunning...absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see other projects from the house.

I'll be checking in tomorrow for the Valentine's project. I can't wait to see that because I love glitter!!!!

Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and happy renovating.

Eddie you did what I love. You kept the rustic charm, and made it more beautiful. I live in a house that is over 60 years old, the stuff that is old and charming I refuse to change! The stuff that needs updating I will but only to fit into what the house really is, an charming cottage not a modern loft.

I have been toying with robin's egg blue for something, I just love the color!

Thankyou for the photos -- Any chance you'll add cabinet doors with glass? Or is it open shelving? The display is so pretty. I know we'll all enjoy seeing the progress of your projects in this home :)

Brilliant! I just can't get over how simple, yet how beautiful it looks. Can't wait to see how the rest of the house will progress.

I love it! It's giving me inspiration. But first, I have to finish my basement corner where I am painting the walls and storage cabinet a beautiful shade of yellow (MS's old Sherwin William's color of "nutmeat". Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the house! Congratulations!!!

Are you kidding?!

This is so gorge. I can just imagine the satisfaction you felt putting all your glass and china when doneg. Great color, such fun!

So happy for you. :D

All I can say is WOW! I want a pantry too! I may have to get one made! I'm using a chinese cabinet today, and the pantry solution looks SO much better! I can't wait for the flea market season to start to go treasure hunting. And that church was just amazing :) Truly beautiful.

Eddie, I was listening you radio interview yesterday and I'm 100% with you on "having no time" question. You have to WANT to do or make things!
your pantry is stunning in its simplicity! cannot wait to see more of your projects!
Irina from Hong Kong

Just love it! You are going to love living in the country! When we first moved to the country, I was scared of how quiet it was and all the strange noises. The noise a dove makes scared me so! lol The frogs, the birds, the coyotes. Then there is raccoons, possiums, beaver, mink, then the lovely sounds of cows, sheep, goats, horses. Then there are tractors, and 4 wheelers, chain saws. I just love to watch the animals, I have a new baby goat, and so fun to watch it jump up and down on the gaurd dog.The chickens wake us up at 4-5 am every morn. Love your new home. Have fun, but watch out on the ladders. lol

How beautiful. A butler's pantry that would make you smile every time you viewed it.
After reading Cindy's comment about her family's ordeal with the fires in Australia it made me even more thankful for the small tender mercies of being able to share in the wonderful talent of a man and his can of Covington Blue paint. Thank you for another lovely post, Eddie. And my prayers to Cindy and everyone in Australia.

Hi Eddie! And welcome back.
Wow you must have hit the ground running, the shelves look great, but moving can be both joyous and painfull all at the same time - the beginning of a new life and the end of an old. The church is not only beautiful in color but in architecture as well. A Definite source of inspiration.

My heart goes out to the people of Australia and I pray for them in this time of need.

Keep at it Eddie! The house is looking good! Anxious to see whats coming up!!

Thanks Eddie!

Absolutely gorgeous. The color reminds me of jordan almonds and a flannel blanket I had when I was little... cozy!

Eddie, Thank you sooo much for stopping by on my site and posting a comment!!! You are the best! I am happy you liked the post!!
Please keep inspiring us all!!
I wish you the best in your new casa....
Have a fabulous V!
Again thanks you made my week!

Simply Stunning... of course! I totally wasn't expecting what I scrolled down to see, and I was delighted indeed!

BTW, we are GIVING AWAY A FREE FRAME on our blog in celebration of our 1 year blogiversary. Come on by if you would like to win a one of a kind frame:)

Beautiful! And, I'm really happy for the two of you. Congratulations on making a lovely nest in the countryside.

That's beautiful. White dishes and silver together - my favorite!


Looks great, but of course it does!! Congrats to both of you on the new home and the new road in your life's journey.

Tip, those ikea drawer units slide a bit better with a little soap rubbed on the bottom of each drawer. Helped mine.

Don't tell me you're getting rid of your pharmaceutical cabinet. It was wonderful! Can you use it elsewhere?

Looks fantastic! Keep the makeover coming! i am dying to see more progress!

Wow, that looks fantastic. You have some wonderful pieces. I can't wait to see more of the house. I'll be linking to this.

Love the blue you used and love the thought of living in your area! I can tell it's beautiful. I hope you both will be very happy in your new home! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

It looks stunning. . .great choice!

I'm so excited your back and with a stunning new pantry. I would still be unpacking! I love the color and it looks wonderful with the silver and white, great choice. I'm looking forward to your future p

Love it! It makes me want to rush home and paint something in my house blue. I'm excited to watch the progress of your home as you spin your magic in every room.

You're wonderful, and the shelving with all your lovely pieces is wonderful. I love your talent and your willingness in sharing it with others. We love you in Kentucky!

Holy crap! I was shocked at how beautiful you made that cupboard! I seriously didn't expect it to turn out so attractive and perfect.

You're off to an amazing start!

Oh my gosh!!! It's absolutely stunning with all of your "goodies" inside!!! I can't wait to see each and every project! Inspiration abounds!!! :)

Thanks Eddie for bringing some sunshine to my day.
It is a welcome relief.
We are in Victoria, Australia in a place called Kinglake West. Our community has just been wiped out by bushfires.
We are some of the lucky few. Myself and our 2 yo son escaped just in time and my husband stayed and (against the odds) successfully defended his life and our home. Neighbours in our street wern't so lucky. Home after home has been flattened, it is like a ghost town and the death toll is rising daily, worst of all is that it appears that some of these devasting fires have been deliberately lit (BASTARDS!).
I do so love our country life but this is just beyond belief and I don't know whether our community will recover. This is unfolding to be Australia's largest natural disaster on record.
Our hearts go out to those much less fortunate than us and we live with a guilt that we survived. I suppose it is a grim reminder that mother nature is much more powerful than we can ever imagine.
Please keep the posts coming, they really are a welcome break.
Thanks, Cindy

Wow, that is totally amazing! You have lots of people jealous. I can't wait to see what you do next!

Looks great, you truly inspire and motivate me, thanks for that..did you at all consider painting the metal parts of the shelving? I like that you didn't paint it!

Eddie - you two did a beautiful job. I can't believe you just moved and already you are styling. What an inspirational fellow you are. Enjoy your new space! I can't wait to see all the brilliant ideas you come up with. P.S. I just started watching Top Design (is this re-runs?) and you are too funny. :)

OMG! How amazingly fabulous! Didn't even notice the metal brackets until you mentioned that they were there...and then I had to look hard for them! Please come do my pantry?! Love it!

Oh my goodness Eddie. Is there anything you can't make gorgeous?!?! Sure, you had a lot of lovely things to work with in the propping phase, but I'm just stunned at how beautiful your butler's pantry is! I cannot wait to see what you do with the rest of your lovely new home.

All the best,


Perfection! Simply and utterly gorgeous. I have to say, your blog is (very) quickly becoming one of my all-time favorites! I just love it.

Love it Love it......I am so excited for you guys, and can't wait to see what else you do.

Very sophisticated for such a simple makeover. The power of paint - you've made a believer out of me. Love that the color inspiration came from your new community.

Welcome to the country!

"We are finally settled" you said. Can
it truely be?
Oh Please, show us the rooms with the boxes so I don't sit here wondering if you really got it all unpacked already!

Wow you work fast. Good thing too you have lots to do in your new home. Excited to see the magic you make.

Sigh..... Just beautiful.

Awww, Eddie & Jaithan! I'm SO excited for you 2. That house is just going to be stunning after you work your magic. I can't wait to see your furniture in there & what you decide to keep & the style you're going with. Love, love this new blue butler's pantry with all your treasures collected. What a fantastic space to have. Perfect for you, Eddie! I'm thrilled for you both. xoxo

Fantastic! The white against the blue is magnificent!

Gorgeous! Wonderful paint color, Eddie... And the striking part of that photo of you painting (to me) is that you look so relaxed... it really IS going to be your NEST, isn't it?! Amazing how quickly you (and Jaithan, of course) are getting things situated and I am sure all of us who love what you do will continue to be knocked out by what you create. So happy for both of you!!!

ok, im jealous, i admit it. that color blue is gorgeous! i honestly stared at all the stuff you have for over 5 minutes!! awesome.

This looks fantastic!

Hope to scoop up some great China on our Rose Bowl trip in a few weeks!

I love how the blue goes so well with the white, silver and crystal! This is such a great idea!!

I am so impressed with your ideas - I love checking your blog. I always feel so happy and inspired after I read your posts! Thanks for sharing!

GORGEOUS!! Good heavens above -- you two move in fast! LOL! And the blue is wonderful -- and sets off your amazing collection of china and silver so well! Brillant job! :)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Congratulations on your new home!
LOVE what you did with your pantry. Reminds me a bit of the built-ins in my dining room. (You can see bits of them here, http://pumpkinpetunia.blogspot.com/2009/02/we-sick-days.html).

You've inspired me to run to Ikea to get boxes for the silverware. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Brilliant!

Ikea and container store should put you on their payroll baby! Amazing job again Sir Eddie!!!! I call that Robin's Egg Blue and its a beautiful natural color against the old beams. Your antiques are screaming" we're home" !!!! I love it! Congrats!

Gorgeous! I love that color with the silver and white, I'm doing a display of candles and candle sticks for spring along those lines atop my living room mantel. I adore your website and the new house and have been looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for being such a diligent blogger!

Just perfect. The pic of it all finished is stunning.
BTW - have you gone to Sharon CT yet? Beautiful new england town. Take a left at that Blue church and follow that road. My husband's grandparents lived there.

Wow you guys work quickly!

EDDIE!!! I love the moody blueness of it all- the color is fab, the shelves glorious, the ironware- all of it! I love it so much, but I loves you more. Can't wait for next Sunday. xoxo

love, love, love!! i am super jealous of all of your space and cannot wait to see how everything turns out :)

It serioulsy looks like something right out of the pages of Martha! You are such an inspiration...I'm stowing this little idea away for a rainy day. Gracias! and welcome to your new home.


I love what you did in your pantry. That blue is so warm and inviting. Your serving pieces are to die for. I so wish you could come for a visit to Louisiana and design my new pantry.


Beautiful Eddie! I am so excited to see all that you do with your new home. I already have my wheels turning...you have inspired me to start on my own project! ~Aline

Fabulous Pantry, Looks like you have doors! I hope you won't be closing them!!!


I was wondering how you would transform that space. Looks great...like it was built specifically for all your treasures.
More please! I have a powder room that needs updating and I'm counting on your inspiration :)

Truly scrumptious. Don't know what else to say.

I have a SMALLER pantry than you but you have inspired me to PAINT it a happy, pretty color! Can't wait to get started.....if and when we ever get HOME!!!!:) Pinky

So glad you're back and the house is lovely! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it. And the butler's pantry looks fantastic!

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