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February 26, 2009


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I love your style and the fact that you make it nearly impossible for all of your fans to NOT have the things you have because you give us such great options like the Dollar Store!! However, something has been bothering me and I think it's worth investigating. Are the Dollar Store dishes safe? Made in China - lead issues? Does anyone test the dishes we buy for a dollar? Thanks for your input. Dotti

Yay Eddie! Congrats to you and Jaithan, darling!

Vogue...my gosh Eddie, how exciting. Hey, could you help with a question, how do you tell if a piece is really Milkglass or just white glass? Is there a difference?
Thanks and congrats,

a dear friend now refers to you as "Etsy Ross" - which I adore.
Have you ever visited the home of Betsy Ross in Boston?
You would love it.

So exciting!!! congrats!!
lauren liess

Where is the Eddie Ross Book??????

how exciting!! Mine still hasn't come in the mail!

Yay you!

Just popped in at your shop-that little juicer is sweet and makes me want to whip up a batch of Mimosas for a Sunday brunch.
Congrats on the Vogue piece-I'll stop for a copy!

Awesome!! Congrats!! ! :)

Nice store! I never realized Etsy carried vintage items. Oh no, now I'm going to be tempted!

I don't know about the items in the picture -- but your blog is MY "chic find" and is priceless!

oh how brilliant! I had no idea you had an Etsy shop!

Congrats on the Vogue feature! Looks like the two of you are having way too much fun these days. Going now to check out your Etsy store! :)


Eddie, why shouldn't you be up there with those 'great designers'? The world is just beginning to see the great Eddie Ross and I'm so glad that I can say I knew you when!!!

Love to you and Jaithan,

Congratulations, Eddie! You deserve it!

Store? You have a store Eddie?

You are keeping some pretty good company!! Congratulations!!

wow Eddie that is really great, the more exposure the better,right?You have so much greatness in you I think you have a very bright future. Kudos to you and Jaithan.xoxoKathysue

How cool!

YAY! congratulations.

Hurray Eddie!

The store seems to be a huge hit amongst the blog world, I was doing some research today and I realized there is an immense amount of blog chatter on the opening of your new etsy store!


When will you be selling furniture (a la the refurbished dining chairs) on the site? Eager to purchase!

I saw this a few days ago when I got my Vogue, how exciting for you! Out of curiosity, what besides the cachepot was yours? Hope to see more of you in issues to come!

Awww, Congrats!

that is so awesome Eddie!!!

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