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February 16, 2009


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I understand that the Obamas are not planning on picking china. The Bushes just spent a fortune (I think I heard $400,000) on a set.

Dear Mr.Ross
I am an avid follower of your blog from the French part of Switzerland. Living in an old farmhouse built around 1814 I was thrilled when you moved to the countryside and even more so when you allowed us a glimpse of your beauty. But now you made me très très curious and I'm awaiting desperately more pics . So s'il vous plaît hurry up and don't let us wait too long...
Greetings from the lac de Neuchâtel

I LOVE this post. Love the history and the beauty. Thanks so much, Eddie.

Lovely. If I had to pick, I would choose "heath." I am coveting adding some dinner plates to my china. It has an American casual and modern elegance. Do you know heath?

Thomas Jefferson gets my vote. I just adore the color.

I love the Polk china! The new china Laura Bush picked out is wonderful, especially the casual china. I never really liked what Nancy Reagen picked out. The background was too beige.

Presidential china has always interested me and since we live so close to the Smithsonian, we can see this stuff as often as we make the time to take the Metro into DC; and your post reminds me how very lucky we are and how often we take our nation's capital for granted. The First Ladies dresses is also a favorite exhibit. A very timely post, too, Eddie.

Funny you picked the Polk china. He was my great...WAY great Grandfather. My Grandmother actually has a few of the plates in her home. It has always been my favorite, and def. one of the most colorful and romantic patterns.

My friend Debbie over at Confessions of a plate addict.blogspot.com did a post on the Presidential china and the Polk china was my favorite.You should go and take a look,it was also a great post as is yours.I wonder if we were the president what china would we choose?Especially since there would not be the same budget constraints we now have. That is an interesting thought,Eddie what china pattern would you choose?Kathysue

What a wonderful post! My favorite is Dolly Madison's choice.

Dolly's is the best. I want some for myself. Maybe you should create an affordable line at target!

LOVE the Dolley Madison! Too bad there aren't many left.

What great information. Ever since I was about 10 it was goal to design the White House china for a sitting president. How funny you did a post on it. I thought I was the only one that followed it. Thanks for a great post!

My daughter and I were just recently looking up Presidential china patterns - how timely!! I just love china! It's always so interesting to see what looks fresh to us today, what is classic , what stands the test of time and what doesn't.

I love Polk's! It is just spectacular.
I say the Obama's up the ante and add a little something different to the mix, here are my suggestions:
1. Faberge - Le Papillon Russe, the colors are fab and the butterfly represents change.
2. Philippe Deshoulieres - Orsay Corinthe, Tiffany Blue and gold, you can't go wrong - it screams classic.
Please keep us posted on what they end up with.

I'm not sure that the Obamas are planning to use any new china at least not right away.... check out this link from Obamafoodarama...

Since the White House just received two sets of new china right before the Obamas came in, and unless the economy gets well back on track, I do not look for the Obamas to be getting new china despite the fact that it is paid for with private donations and not taxpayer dollars. Every new administration does not HAVE to revamp the White House every four or eight years. There was still enough china for state dinners before this last shipment came in. The Obamas are, I hope, smart enough to make do like the rest of us.

Wow! Dolly's pattern looks so incredibly modern to me. Stunning.

I'm drooling over Dolly's selection! Is there anything out there like it today???

As for the Obama's, I see something in a modern Baroque pattern, in a cool, contemporary pallette of burndt orange & grey, swoon...


Love the Dolly china. I'm really looking forward to the Obama pick. For some reason for the first time I feel like this is China I'll want to collect like my grandmother did. It's so exciting!

Just gorgeous! I would be in heaven in their china room! Because you know it's a room and not a closet!

Wow...Dolly had it going on! I think the Obamas should choose something simple and classy (like the family themselves). I'm feeling something Vera Wang for them.

They are all beautiful, but the Polk is just stunning! Thank you for sharing this:)

I must be a bad American, or very daft. I didn't know the presidents got to pick their own china. I'm sure the Obamas will do a swell job, whatever they choose.

Thanks for the little history lesson!

What a fun post! I just wrote one on the exterior paint colors of presidential homes..funny the color of Polk's china is kind of similar to the colors of his house in Columbia,TN.

Dolley Madison's pattern and palette seems so modern..(Kelly Wearstler meets JCrew....stick a Kate Spade label on the back and watch the bridal registry go crazy)...she really was a style maven so ahead of her time!

I agree... can't wait to see what the Obama's pick..keep us posted ( and if you get an invite to see it in person.. I think I'm free that night!)

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