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February 17, 2009


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hi there,
where did you find the beautiful bar cart?

Eddie I just thought I should re-send this to you . So lovely!!
Have a great weekend XX Viera

Oh, Dear Eddie~ I have been "reading you" since I "FOUND" you, & what a joy you ALWAYS are! HAD to share w/ you (I usually don't leave you notes) that my parents had glasses EXACTLY like that when I was a young teen in the late sixties (COULD these BE them I wonder? I remember being warned to be careful as they were very $$$! THESE are EXACTLY like them, and I would/should remember, Daddy taught me to make "proper drinks", & often used this particular glass. OMG, what MEMORIES! I am so thrilled, & SOOOO happy you chose THESE glasses to share/show here! I am still smililng! Thank you! Warmest wishes, Linda/ RMS "Mom of a German Shorthair"

Love it and congrats on the Etsy store - I get sucked into etsy like a sponge to water! I love that all of your photos are styled, makes it more fun to shop for sure.
Katie (MalteseKat)

Congrats on your etsy shop and the Vogue placement!! So exciting!

I KNEW you make a great career out of this. Next stop... Eddie Ross for Target? I smell fame and fortune!!!

LOVE the items and the way you've staged them in these gorgeous photos.

I will tag your shop - it's NEVER too early to shop for a gorgeous holiday table!

Adore the butterfly napkins. However, I'd die if someone actually wiped their mouth with one.

Do you supply ordinary napkins as well? Really. I'd use my sleeve rather than soil those beauties. :)

I literally squealed with delight when I read this. I love Etsy and since I'm too far (Seattle) to go on a flea market spree with you, this is the perfect filler! Hurrah!

Hi Eddie,

I love the white-green-pink compilation! The scalloped platter on the wall gives an almost wedge-wood or “royalesque” crests (if there are such words) appearance to the tablescape, very nice! You did good! Go Eddie!

Welcome to Etsy! I will cruise your site regularly. You should do well! I am an Etsy member myself.

Thanks Eddie!

What a tremendous debut - I see you've already had a lot of sales!

I'm glad you liked the piece I posted yesterday; I love the shop and now have another reason (besides LOST) to look forward to Wednesdays!

All the best,

Hey there, just saw the new issue of Vogue- congrats on the mention in there, the cachepot looks stunning among all the great pieces!

I am so excited for you and Jaithan, Eddie, Etsy is a WONDERFUL site! I love that you are including with each piece a description of different ideas for its usage. It shows your goal is more than income, it is a desire to help everyone beautify their homes in a unique and affordable way. It feels like you love and cherish every piece you find and you are graciously sending it off to its new home.

I have already added you as a favorite seller! Best wishes with the success of Eddie Ross at Etsy!

- Vanessa in Stamford, CT (casafroggy)

Yay! Welcome to Etsy!!

my 2 favorite things, eddie and etsy, combined! i can't wait to scoop up a large (20") pedestal cake stand! ;)

ohhh... shopping and my favorite designer - it doesn't get any better than that!

I am so excited about your new venture. I am going to check it out right now.

I need the buttterflies for a summer dinner party. We have a progressive garden dinner with friends every year. They fit so nicely with my '09 plan. Sold Out! Whaaaa...
Will there be more?

Blind people don't eat with their eyes.

It looks like the store is off to a smashing success! Congratulations! I made a brief post about it at http://thecompleteprep.blogspot.com/ for which I borrowed some of your pictures with links to the store and your website.

Congrats on your new venture. I especially love those lucite napkin rings and the pressed candy dish.

Love the store, it is like having your own personal shopper!! Now we all can share in your tastes, thank you.

great shop!! those lucite knot napkin holders are killer!!

I am a huge etsy fan and am so excited that you now have a store on the site! What a great way to feed my shopping addiction for all things home related on a budget. Thanks!

Oh, this could be a new addiction.

Fantastic! Someone with taste to do my shopping for me! That's what this Lazy Mom needs!

Congratulations on the newest Eddie Ross adventure! I know it will be a striking success!

Congrats, you have such an amazing eye for unique items. I hope you are incredibly successful.

Yay! I'll definitely do a blog post linking to your etsy store today.

Eddie, Congratulations on your grand new venture!

I love the punch laddle, my husband will kill me if I get addicted to your store, I will make a post of it in the near fucture. (the store not my husband killing me)

So excited about this, posted immediately upon finding out. Best wishes for all of your new ventures!

Ummmm, helllloooo, another genius idea, Eddie. You are just full of em! Thank you so much for appealing to my addiction and my wallet simultaneously! I heart you. Big time.

I just saw the link and visited your shop at Etsy. I can't believe 19 items have already been purchased I didn't even get to see!

Great idea - I'm going to check it out right now!

That is a great idea - I can't wait to see what you find every week! So happy for you on your new venture!

Excellent thinking on your part :) -- looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Hi Eddie~
Love your Etsy shop so much I posted about it today. I will be checking in every week to see what wonderful new items you have posted.

I have a slight Etsy addiction too. Now it might turn into a real problem. :)

Good luck Eddie - can't wait to visit your shop every week. Congratulations!

Everything looks beautiful!!! So excited for you guys!!
Lauren Liess

I went to Etsy and saw your line of items.All lovely pieces it will be on my frequent stops in blog land.This is perfect for you and for us.Are you going to take request? I have been coveting your french basket compotes.Just a thought, Kathysue

Oh, Eddie - what a GREAT idea. I love all your ideas and pickings and now they are at our fingertips. Best of luck with this - it'll be huge!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Now those of us who don't have the wonderful flea markets etc near us can share in the exciting finds you and Jaithan make :) You will be shipping overseas won't you???

I hope the shop flourishes!

Michelle - Sydney, Australia

What a fun new endeavor! You've got some really nice items in your store. I wish you much success!

SO sad that the toast rack was snapped up immediately. PLEASE find another to sell me :)

Fantastic-Off to look!

What a fab idea - Eddie's Etsy Store!

it looks great! congratulations on another project well-done!

My friend and I were just at the Salvation Army last night, and we kept saying... "Eddie would be able to find something beautiful here." But, we just couldn't.

Now, I can just purchase the beautiful items you find! =) What a wonderful opportunity.

Yeah, how exciting!! I love everything you have in there so far, and I will be checking out more every Wednesday. I'll be adding you to my favorites on my etsy store too!

Oh Eddie, congratulations! I am so excited for you, I am a HUGE fan of etsy!! I am sure that I will be a frequent customer:) xoxo Aline

Eddie,how great to be able to buy some of your beautiful items.I am looking for some plates to hang on my wall on each side of my mirror that hangs over my buffet.. I can't find the right mirror so I am opting for another look.
My colors are rose,green,beige,wall is medium green
What is your suggestion?

Can't wait to shop with you online!

What a great natural progression for you, Eddie! It's also very "green"! Congrats!

OMG! I'm an Etsy addict. Be still my heart!

Best of luck!

An Etsy shop - how exciting! I've already marked you as a favorite.

I adore the store! I can't tell you how often I've wanted to purchase some of your great finds! I hope you keep updating the store with new and wonderful finds, and come to Texas soon for some flea market trips, Austin has one of the largest flea markets anywhere....

Eddie, I wish you well in your new Etsy endeavor. I love how you're branching out into all sorts of directions. Love your butler's pantry, by the way. Gorgeous!

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