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February 22, 2009


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Thank you for your great lesson, Eddie.
I want to ask one thing that is it still look great if i put an art canvas instead of the mirror.

It's pretty but it feels very much that if someone reads a magazine the whole setup will be out of synch.
It wouldn't work in my home with three men who care little and occasionally two daughters who would read the magazines.
Something other than reading material maybe?

I like this but it is a little too cluttered. I would remove the boxes and all of the magazines and switch the stack of other 3 books with the flowers. Then I would get rid of the 3 little silver items all together. I would then switch the pink candle for an orangish one to pull in a color from the rug. The pink screams "I pulled this from my birthday candle drawer."

Too cluttered for me, I don't know anyone who has piles of books on their dressing table.

Wouldn't it make sense for there to be less stuff on the dresser so that you can actually use the top for more practical reasons.

The voice of dissent has spoken.

i need step by step help like this. thanks

came here from apartment therapy mostly because i saw the rug and was hoping to find more information about it. it's great!!!

I saw this and did a similar thing in my apartment last night! Great tips- thanks!

What a great tablescape! I would never think to use two lamps, but it looks fantastic.

Karol :0)

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This post is so, so helpful!

You are my guru. Thank you for showing the step-by-step process. It relieves your readers of all our fears when you break down a task like that.

Your forever fan,

Sweetshorn Vintage

I love this, thanks for the teaching. I have been searching for a good book that teaches the mere mortal on the art of creating beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring tablescapes... do more, do more!

(KNow of any good books?)

Incidentally I am so touched that you respond personally to each of my comments!

I like that. And I think I'll try this appoach with my bedroom dresser. (But, sorry...would the flowers be better placed so they wouldn't cover the lovely print?) I do try to have somesort of flower(s) in my bedroom. It just makes me feel special even if my day turned out not. The step by step is very nice. Thanx again.

Fine job, indeed, sir. This level of decorating is often the most fun AND the most challenging. It is that balance of when one is wearing enough or too much jewelry or if her shoes match her bag!

i absolutely love it. i always have trouble accessorizing.

It looks so effortless, but it's truly a gift! Thanks for sharing, Eddie!

You are a swell friend - indeed.

It looks amazing...thank you for the tips!

I love the step by step build up - thanks for this!

Thank you for the instructions...they were great!!
In my entry I have a reproduction dry sink....would it be possible for you to do a tablescape for a space that has two levels, one considerably narrower than the other??
Thank you so much for always being able to give us wonderful ideas!

Thanks. I love the photos showing step by step. It really shows how each piece adds to the over-all finished vignette.

so pretty! I love a little chest. and those lamps are to die for.

great work. so lovely.

Gorgeous!! Thanks for doing the step by step! You make it look so easy!

I have to buy a new dresser and I never thought about putting two lamps on it - but it looks great!

Right now I have a white dresser - and I have a white vase on it. How boring compared to yours!

Hi Eddie.
Love the dresser "scape". I do wonder about the large floral arrangement in front of the print though. Since it is an important piece to her, would it not be better to use a smaller or shorter one in that area maybe? The overall composition is super great. Elegantly casual. Bravo!
Thanks Eddie

What a great post! Very helpful - there's always something to learn on this blog!

Lovely arrangement. Not wanting to get hung up on one detail but, I must ask you about the books and magazines. Why such a tall stack. I understand that you wanted them to relate to the lamps and mirror. Is that the primary motivation? It struck me a about 6 or 7 magazines too many. My thought was, "hope she doesn't want to read those books. That would be a pain". What do you say?

I do thank you for the detailed explanations and the step-by-step photographs. It's fun to see how your mind woks! Thanks for a great post!

Eddie, this looks so lovely, very quiet and serene and peaceful. I love the flowers, the framed picture, the tall lamps. I really need your help at my house. Do you ever come to Canada?

; )

P.S. I am enjoying watching you on Top Design. You are wonderful, so confident and deliciously mean (in a nice way). god, you remind me of me. I am sorry, but I think you will have to go soon. I think I will stop watching after that (I already know the results, of course. I know I'm behind the times, but it's been such a treat to get to see you on screen!)

So glad you guys like the dresser...


Great question...From the angle we shot at (straight-on) the print looks covered up, but from others, you can definitely see it! Thanks again for being such a loyal reader!!


It's pretty but it begs a question...the plant, while pretty, covers up the picture. Why? Is it really needed?

Please advise...this is the first time I have questioned your genius and I may not be able to sleep until this is resolved...

Please put me out of my misery...

-Marquita Stewart

Thankyou for a most useful post -- (I've noticed that almost any room benefits, profoundly, from at least one symmetrical focal point - wonder what psychology is behind that? :)).

Thank you - I love the step by step. This is something I do not do well. Someday could you do small round end tables? I have one wood one and one with a white table cloth.

I love the step by step, Eddie! One of my favorite things to do is play with accessories & your example is a great thing to follow. xoxo

Thanks for this visual vignette tutorial! Gonna revamp my hall table now! :)




AWESOME post. love the step-by-step how-to!! looks beautiful!


Just lovely! Nice that you showed how you went about adding everything in.

Perfect and beautiful! It's all in the details isn't it?!?!

Love the vignette and even more, the step by steps as to how you built it up! Flowers are now on my list for when I go shopping later today.

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