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March 03, 2009


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vanilla sky (d) is great! i feel like the dark brown ties in the dark wood around the house, and the pastel yellow and green add a vintage-y feel!

Hey E& J!

I was sooo busy i didn't even see this post. A is boring, B is busy boring, C is just plain dull like a dish cloth, D is da bomb! I love that one! It is refreshing and clean most of all, it says, we took care in choosing this for our home.

I can imagine it will connect the lower and upper level color schemes. Come on guys, do it up now, I am expecting great things.!

get down on that wood, strip it, refinish it, give it the integrity it deserves. Ann

Definitely B, so it won't show dirt!

I vote for D - vanilla sky - because of the colors match the blue in your butlers pantry and it is a happy combination of colors. You are so inspiring! I loved watching you on Top Design.

Vanilla Sky (D) is the most beautiful, hands down, but I worry about what it would take to keep it clean. What would you do for paint colors on the stairs and the dining room? The cream (with a hint of yellow) stripe in the Vanilla Sky pattern would make a versatile paint color, great against the rich dark sheen of a formal dining table :)

I like Vanilla Sky as well. It feels more modern than the rest with its fresh color and varying stripe widths and I appreciate that contrast with the lovely old setting of your farmhouse.

d - vanilla sky -
it's your palette!

Shame on me! I haven't visited your blog in a while and I just figured out you bought a new place!!! We just found out we might have the opportunity to move to the country as well...I spent all day looking at old turn of the century farmhouses online. I can't back track past Feb. on your blog? Do you have archives where you posted photos of the new digs???

Caravan Stripe Cotton Woven

I like "C". It fits in with your neutral colors, it's indoor/outdoor (which is good when it snows or rains) and it's dark enough that "farm dirt" won't show up as much.

how about leave it as is? it looks great already without any color.

Yep, I lean towards D as well. It brings in the color of the wood, while adding more fun colors.

I love "D", plus who could resist the name Vanilla Sky? The display of white linens in the newer post was perfection -we love you in Kentucky!

Caravan Stripe are my colors! Love it!

A is very clean and not too dark (like C is) Although beautiful, I think with B or D would be limited due to the colors. D is too "bright" in the whites

B or D for sure! And don't you adore Annie's new fabrics for Calico Corners? I'm in love!! I plan to make window treatments for three rooms in my near-the-beach home!

I am drawn to Vanilla Sky! Eddie don't let the negative comments bother you, livable chic is wonderful to me!

ps Eddie I take mine on the rocks with no salt too LOL

Kathy :)

So sorry I am late to the dance....they are all lovely Eddie, but I think I like A best...

All the best,
Kathy :)

I'm so not into patterns on stairs, they detract from the architectual element. Perhaps a light neutral that does not cover the entire tread leaving a stripe along each side that is painted or stained. The placement of the stairs leading off the dining room is not so great, maybe the door could be embellished in some way to take away the attention from the steep staircase. Ann

A for versatility!

i vote D. i think it will be a great contrast against all the brown wood. :) can't wait to hear what you all decide.

I live in the country . . . in the mountains actually, and none of them looks practical enough to stand up to day to day living in the country. They're all lovely and I like every one of them, but (and it's a big "but!") the background colors are too light IMHO. If the stairs just led to an attic, used only for storage, I'd vote for #1, but I have to assume that they lead to the bedrooms and perhaps at least one bathroom as well. In my mind, that kind of foot traffic will leave a dirt trail within a month. I don't care if you're all taking your shoes off at the front door, dirt in the country gets in and you'll be tracking it up those stairs, be it on your shoes, your socks or in some Japanese house slippers.
My vote is for a lovely neutral striped runner with a medium-dark background, preferrably a brown.
Lynn (who's lived in the mountains outside Santa Fe for the past 15 years and knows dirt!)

I love B and then C as my second choice - the blues are beautiful and will look great against the dark wood!


Hi Eddie and Jaithan,I am a purest when it come to old wood with great patina.I would leave the wood and paint the runner and maybe add numbers or letters,you know me and typeography.If you want neutal I would go with A.I worry about two things,dirt and tripping,just a little heads up,Can't wait to see what you do.hugs Kathysue

Love the Vanilla Sky, just lovely!

Love, love A!!!!!!

D Vanilla Sky, hands down. it gives you some beautiful colour options.

Hi Eddie,

I vote for D. Vanilla Sky Cotton Woven.

It's got a little punch of color but is still neutral enough not to clash with whatever colors/place settings that you use in the dining room.

I think the Caravan stripe is great, but it's a little too bright to go with anything. The chocolate and the 4th option are nice, but they look like they'll blend in with the stairs.


For a farmhouse -- C (better for dirt and animals) :) Thanks for letting us "vote!"

So much brown already - I vote for B!
A nice punch of color for those long, long northern winters.

To B or not to B is my vote.
Looks fresh and a bit feminine.
I love feminine floors.

The first one! Beautiful, inspiring, fabulous blog! I joing you every morning with my coffee - thank you!


P.S. Can you tell us where you would get such lovely runner options?

I like D...but am worried for you, and the dirt that may accumulate, especially on stairs (well not THAT worried that I am losing sleep...)

I REMEMBER that bamboo furniture re-do and thought using the rugs was clever,clever,clever! I evenended up buying a Dash and Albert bag made of the same fabric!

A is gorgeous but I quite like C too!

I'm leaning towards "B" it is ties in with the butler's pantry and adds a splash of color on the stairs. I'll be anxious to see which one you pick.

Have them custom make the circle fretwork carpet for the staircase for you! The The rusty coloured stars would go well with the wood! :D

I would have a dark carpet...black with some old floral pattern. :D

E & J

Oh my! I think I would go with A as 1st choice and D as 2nd choice, whatever you eventually pick will look fabulous..

Check out Cote De Texas blog http://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/ the Octagon House -- the lovely muted colors and unlined fabrics brick floors and more great fabrics and ideas
Off the kitchen is the breakfast room, the brick floors continue through here and into the mud room, seen through the arch. There is another muted, flat weave rug from Creative Flooring. The curtains, designed by Owen are a loose weave unlined linen.
They were stunning!I never thought I would like such muted colors and brick flooring well I do now.

Hard to choose, but I like A. It is very neutral and will got with any other color.

How dashing.

I'm delighted with A or D. All depends upon your future color scheme. A is very warm, but I know you love grays. Are you still doing grays or leaving that with the city? A would keep it neutral enough and allow your punch of color to come from other areas.

D would be striking and is probably my fav. But would you turn into Mommy Dearest if Jaithan accidentally got mud on his shoes and walked up the stairs? Ha ha ha....


They are all good, but D Vanilla Sky is the standout.

I love the wide stripes on the walls and the stripes on the rugs. The Dash and Albert cotton rugs are extremely affordable, and so eye catching! I like choices A- B- C & D!! But since I do have to make a choice it is D, vanilla sky, it looks cheerful and seems a bit brighter than the others!
Thanks Eddie!

I like both B and D. B is brighter and would show less wear and D has more subtle color.

I do love Vanilla Sky but am going against everyone by voting for the indoor/outdoor stripe (c). High traffic area, so I think that will live a longer life in the spot.

D. Please! However I think none of those would be the best choice. You need something more elegant! The Coral furniture made my day btw!

I would say C. It blends with the woodwork, unless you plan to paint the wood. I know most people cringe at painting wood, but I love the way crisp white or cream moldings look.

I would pick "Vanilla Sky" because the color references back to the color you painted in the butler's pantry (at least from what I can tell by the photos). Oh, that and it is simply gorgeous!

Vanilla Sky, it presents the most options for tie ins.

D's stripes are a bit more uniquely spaced, and I, myself, am in LOVE with those colours. I pick D.

Visually, I adore the vanilla sky. But, with practicality in mind, it's definitely the captain stripe. It's crisp and clean, with enough dark areas to keep the eventual dirt buildup less noticeable. Are you having fun at the new house? How exciting to have a brand new space to play with and in.

Brown ticking my friend! It's gonna look GREAT! Will go with more than the other two.

I would pick the first one because you can build off of that with lots of different color choices. The others may be too cold. I love Anne Selke...she is one of my favorites along with Mary Carol Garrity...Something warm and inviting about their sense of style.

D on first thought!

But B looks like it would take more wear without looking worn so soon and its also a nice way to add a good welcoming splash of spring colour that would hit you year round as you open those stair doors! (if that sentence made sense)

Wow! Eddie it's a toughie. I think maybe chose two that you really love and as the project progresses, the right one will speak to you. It's hard because once you guys start incorporating other things in you might dislike what you picked for the stairs...not to mention are you going to sand the floors and change the stain at all? I do like D and A...whatever you pick it will look fab :)


My vote is for 'C' Captain Stripe... goes good with county grime and stains that happen on a daily bases even in bare feet. And my guess is these are the stairs that will be used the most 24/7... interesting that this choice got the least votes to date :)

You guys ROCK!

I love the vanilla sky!!! What fun!

Vanilla sky....delicious:) See you on Sunday in Pasadena!


Vanilla Sky (D) -- enough color to be interesting against all the wood, but not so much as to visually compete against whatever china / dishes / flowers / linens you might chose to use on any given day in the dining room.

Oh and I like the vanilla sky, luscious!

Love the Bamboo set. Beautiful color! It is just perfect!

D if you don't wear shoes in your house (we don't) or A if you do wear shoes. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Vanilla Sky for me too! It's beautiful!

Wow so many comments!! I hope you're still reading! hahah I choose D because of your butler's pantry. The blue is still pale enough that you can do whatver you like for table settings but it'll be a nice tie-in with the pantry & i love it when things flow beautifully.

and more--- I didn't know that bamboo outdoor set was your article!! It was what I used years ago to convince my dad to let me paint his set a bright cherry red! (for the front porch at the lake house)

and finally- the german shorthaired pointer in one of the pics is my favorite dog haha. we'v always had them & the one we have now it white with a brown head.
lauren liess

Vanilla Sky!

I'm lovin' vanilla sky cotton woven!!!

Vanilla Sky definitely gets MY vote!!!! Can't wait to see which you choose! Pinky

I vote for B. When I think of Dash and Albert, I think of beautiful, lively color palettes. I'm afraid the brown palettes would compete with the gorgeous tones of the wood.

I love Vanilla Sky! It will certainly provide a cheery footing to all your days!

I think Vanilla Sky with it's cream, beige, browns and greeeny turquoise will work with just about anything you put on the table. Can't wait to see you transforming this wonderful old house.

B is my fav choice. Something bright and cheery :) Bring in a bit of the green outside and the blue of the pantry! So good to be included in your journey! :)

I'm in love with "D". It is so stylish and crisp and a little more formal for a stairway entering a dining room. If you get that dog that someone suggested in the picture...don't go with anything with white. When the spring thaw comes and you have that dog you'll regret it!

No question....Vanilla Sky!

Hi, Eddie & Jaithan--
Jan here weighing in with a vote for B or D--and not just because I favor blues and greens. I think you have so much wood trim already in the house that there is enough brown without adding more. D is lovely with just a narrow brown stripe to pick up the colors of the wood. I think it would update the house more than using a natural/brown stripe rug.

Oh Eddie, too much beauty to choose from! We carpeted our stairs in a print carpet last year and absolutely love it. There's nothing worse than looking up a flight of steps that are stained and dirty looking. I urge you to go as dark as you can get away with. That Captain Stripe would be very handsome.

A. Chocolate Ticking

I can't wait to see the runner in place!

For a totally neutral look (without having to worry about clashing with anything), I would go with A. Whatever you choose, I'm sure it will look terrific. Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

A. Chocolate Ticking

B - pulls out the color from the Butler's Pantry wall!

Oh I love D...they are all fabulous, but I totally see you using D!

E~ (Am NOT going to read what OTHERS think, or I MIGHT be influenced~ YOU can afford to be, tho!). Think "A" is great ~ it's neutral, subtle, uncomplicated & will not compete w/ whatever you choose to do in the DR. Second choice WAS "D", but upon a quick re-glance, I think the white is just "toooo" white...Don't think you want to call "ATTENTION" to the rug, for sure, but EITHER WAY, you MUST get a dog like the one shown in this blog, as it is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and they are WONNNNNDERFUL, gentle cutie-patooties(AND hunters)!!! (Yes, one rules OUR life... but she does it soooo gracefully!)~~~ Best, Linda/ aka RMS's "Mom of a German Shorthair"

Ok, they are all nice....but I think "A", finally...classic and timeless! Use the others somewhere else. You won't get worn out with A running the length of all those stairs.

I love C- and thats probably because I have 3 sets of little feet and four paws that would track alot of the great outdoors in on it! Cant wait to see what you pick!

D. Vanilla Sky, Darling!


I would pick D. I love the carpets.

I vote B Eddie....but whatever you choose will be gorgeous we know...can't wait to see!!


I forgot to add my choice. There are two, A or D.

I have a couple of Dash & Albert rugs and love them! One is Cabin Stripe. We had it at our lake place and just brought it back home last week, to use here, for awhile.

For the stairs I'd go with the captain's stripe. Great contrast of brown and white. I've actually been looking at the Swedish blue and white one (for weeks) and LITERALLY minutes ago decided on it! I guess this is a sign. I love Dash and Albert.

D/Vanilla Sky looks the freshest.

It's light and young. The others look dowdy and drab.

Oh, dear. I think it's a toss between A and D, with me leaning heavily towards A. I do love that shot of blue in D, but A would just melt away into the stairs, making it cozy without really shouting out at you.
Whichever you decide upon, I know it will be the right choice.

B would probably hide the most dirt (I'm always too practical)I'll anxiously await the finished product because I have been contemplating a striped cotton runner for my stairs too. Something so old fashioned about it, but also unexpected and sassy.

My first choice was "A" and that's what I would use in my little cottage...but after more thought, I went with "D" because it is still pretty neutral and it ties in so well with the pantry!

P.S. I love Dash & Albert!

The ones with blues or greens would tie in with your butler's pantry, especially the blue one. Have you considered seagrass with a border? I'm loving seagrass now and it's so classic.

Oh, and while I'm commenting, let me say that the margarita on the rocks with no salt is how I take mine!

Love ya,

D! It complements the butler's pantry, and I have a feeling you'll be doing that blue somewhere upstairs also. Hey -- if it doesn't match the table setting, just close the door to the stairs! Oh, and people should wipe their feet at the front door anyway!

Any of the choices would be wonderful....and now all your loyal readers have made you completely crazy!


I like C, the Captain Stripe

love Dash & Albert. "North Star" (the second image) is on my wish list for the bedroom.

I love option D, but they're all great, really. I love a striped stair runner, no matter the colors!

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