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March 03, 2009


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I love B. Te colors are so soothing.
However, like a PP said, C with its indoor/outdoor nature may be easier to clean. The light colors in the other choices may really show dirt/dust.

Definitely D, the blue immediately reminded me of your butler's pantry.

I would go with beautiful B, I just think that D may be too matchy matchy with your fabulous pantry. Also, the white in D will get dirty on the first day! You are brave giving us choices! Hehe

Love option "D"! (Though you can't go wrong with any Dash & Alber rug, honestly...love Annie Selke!)

I choose D - Vanilla Sky. It's traditional with a modern, fresh look to it - just like your pantry!

Without a doubt, D! And I don't know what's on your walls, but that wide blue wallpaper might even coordinate well with it. Liked the bamboo furniture & flamingo painting too!

D is the best!!!!

D Vanilla Sky! So many possibilites with that pallette.

I like "D", especially if your newly decorated butler's pantry is anywhere near the stairs. Just a hint of crisp color will go well with the aged patina of your stairs.

At first glance, I would say D, hands down. After looking at the catalog views on the company's website, D is gorgeous, but I think I'd go with A, the Chocolate Ticking Stripe - it has a softer feel and it is easier to look at.
At those prices you could almost buy one of each and change things up periodically.
Can't wait to see what you do with your lovely home!




D matches much more with the color of the wood while not being too dark to blend into the wood. Definitely the last one!

D~D~D~D~D~D~D~D~D~.... oh.. and by the way did I mention "D".... love it!!!

I love D, but with a dog and a three-year-old, I would pick A in my house. Although my son will eventually learn to wipe his feet, I haven't been able to teach the dog that trick.

ooh ... D!!! can you imagine that with the silver and a gorgeous bouquet of peonies in the spring?!

I'm loving option B! Deana

D gets a drumroll and a "duh-dah"!

I have a long hallway with ivory walls and brown linen curtains (on the door) and I plan to do a brown & blue & ivory striped. It is very basic, but I think the touch of blue will warm up the plainness of the brown & ivory.

I am a little concerned about the ivory stripe getting dirty, so I will look for a narrow ivory stripe.

I'm getting a carpet company to make me one since I need 16ft. Assume you will have to do the same for a stair runner.

So, maybe consider a stripe of blue in there to brighten up the brown and white of your stairwell?!

For some reason I am fixated on brown and blue and white these days... :)

xo Terri

I would vote for D, because the dark brown stripes tie in the color of the floors and woodwork without being overwhelmingly matchy. It's a good balance of light, airy colors with the grounding dark brown.

I love D but A gets high marks too! I am all about some Dash and Albert and can't wait till I can get few for my little casa!

I love B. Definitly my colors! You're the pro though, you can't go wrong!


While I love all of the stripes, I'd go with something totally different. Those stairs look kinda steep to me - I'd worry about slipping. I'd go with a sisal runner, you'd get a good grip with that:) and I think the rustic, natural material would look good with the dark wood.

I like D. The little touch of blue would tie in nicely with the wall color in your butler's pantry!

I am voting for D - I think its enough of a neutral that it wont terribly clash with anything and it will add some light to the staircase.

Love Option D. Thanks for entertaining me daily on the cheap. I love being entertained for free. :-)

Definitely D! It will keep the stairs light. It screams country house. And of course you are not wearing shoes in the house so it will not get dirty too fast.

I prefer (A). It gives you a more neutral canvas that would compliment any other colors around it. It's in the same family as the current walls and wood trim yet not exact which is what I see in C & D. However, B is my favorite for adding a subtle punch.

Vanilla sky is just beautiful! I would choose that one, no doubt!

I'm gravitating to "D". It's a shot of something unexpected. I like the airy feel and the different widths of the stripes. They play off each other very well.

Beautiful options. My first choice is D, my second C. But all are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you choose. :)

A it is. I think it is the perfect neutral!

I love color so B but the indoor outdoor one might clean up easier on a high trafic area.

The "indoor/outdoor" is the most practical~coming from a mother with 3yr old twins. But since we won't be running up and down your stairs with who-knows-what on our feet, I would go for CHOICE "D". Lovely, lovely!

A, C, or D...

The Vanilla Sky is my favorite, hands down. However, the Chocolate Ticking would go with everything and probably hide a bit more dirt. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, a decision like this is when I would probably turn to you! :)

I am all for D
I think the touch of blue will add a little bit of color to contrast with the dark wood

A please.

I like A for the interesting brown and the more common old time ticking with a twist in size. I can't help thinking of the dirt. It will show less with the 5 dogs bringing in mud. For myself as an old lady with always clean feet, I would select the vanilla sky, D. Thanks for letting us input, you sweet thing. Barb

My last post has a type. It should read "rug." Sorry...I was just amazed you asked for our opinions.

I seem to be in the minority here. I totally am digging C. Captian Stripe. I think any table setting would be accented by this rug. But what the heck do I know? I come here for inspiration and the "know how." LOL

BTW, the circle fretwork patterned rub is delicious! I think my Southern Taste is showing, huh? lol

A or C

A, way too much white in the others. I love the dog on the Dash and Albert web site.

I love D. And even though there's a little bit of color I think it's neutral enough to go with whatever dining color theme you use.

On a totally different note, do you happen to know where the turquoise chair in the 3rd picture is from?


I am a B or D kind of girl...love the hint of blue.

They all are great. Too much white space on stairs is a problem. My heart turns towards the blues and greens in B.
Remember that you said you want five dogs so probably A would be the best.
That being said, whatever you use is a winner.

Gorgeous. I'd go with D - Vanilla Sky. Neutral, but still with a little bit of color. Love that minty blue/green/gray with the cream and brown. Yum!

i have to say-indoor/outdoor- because the one question i have with dash and albert is how the heck do you clean those big rugs? the indoor/outdoor rugs are rough and tumble! I have to say the chocolate ticking one is awesome though. You will probably have better luck at keeping it clean than me.

I'm voting for D! It's perfect, but if you want to keep it neutral then I like A as well.

I gave you a little shout out on my blog today Eddie. Just wanted to give you a heads up!

I just bought a Dash and Albert rug this weekend in Margarita but I chose the wrong size and color of course, lol so I returned it but the wonderful shop owner is ordering the Vanilla Sky for us! So I guess that would be my vote since I just *love* it! :)

I like C.

I love Vanilla Sky, but I do know it is awfully hard to keep pastel rugs clean and tidy...

Option B please!

The chocolate ticking stripe! I agree with a neutral so that you can mix things up in the dining room. But if you decided to go with something else the Vanilla Sky one is definately my 2nd pick...

A or C

I vote for D!

Long time no comment, I know, but it's been a treat to catch up with you on your blog, Eddie.

I love your second choice, the Caravan Stripe Cotten Woven. The colors are just beautiful. Not to mention I can't help but think back to your wonderful butler's pantry re-do when looking at the splash of blue.

The entire thing makes me think of the outdoors and when in the country...it would be a simple way to bring what's out, in.

Take care and have fun in your decision making. Oh, the choices!

These are all such amazing rugs, I can already visualize them in so many rooms throughout my home!

My vote is for D - hands down- that Vanila Sky Cotton Woven color pallette is to die for & the generous width of the stripes gives a richer, more expensive look.

What fantastic selections?!?! Good luck with the stairway runner : )


I really like D (Vanilla Sky). I thought Caravan Stripe at first, but I think the paler colours in D are lovely! (And I'm more partial to the larger stripes).

No doubt about it, "D" it is.
Those shades are still neutral, Country and definetely elegant.

Whatever you choose I know it is going to be stunning!

My conservative side says chocolate to mask any dirt but my fun side says caravan because there is too much wood already so the green would make a nice statement.

I am flipping out!! Thank you thank you thank you for the comment on my blog! OMGosh...I may have to print it and frame it! I like Numero A....but then I'm lovin neutrals right now as evidence in my house! I'm also a big fan of Good Will...in fact I bought a Basset sofa there last week for the lake house. Now I just need a good slip coverer! Or learn to make one. Eddie could you do us a video please!? LOL Thanks again for taking the time to leave me a comment! Ya made my day!
Bless Ya!

A or C
I'm worried about how "right now" the colors of B are and if it would last 2 years even.
Are you keeping that woodwork? Then whichever looks best with it.

I love A! And, what a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

I absolutely love D because it's neutral enough but has a touch of color.

If you're going neutral, I'd pick A- otherwise, I love, love, love D.

I'd select "A" - I love that staircase!

Call me practical but I would be wary of stains and marking on the gorgeous lighter fabrics and would probably go with something that would be suitable over all seasons. While B and D would be gorgeous in the spring, I think I'd go with C.

I'm liking vanilla sky for your stairs. I myself chose stone soup for our original orange painted stairs at our farmhouse.

I like D, because it's neutral, but still has a touch of color to keep it exciting. And those colors will go with just about anything.

But, depending on how you attach them (or not) to the stairs, you could get two and switch them out for warmer/colder seasons.

I'm partial to A or C- the browns would play nicely with all the wood and keep it neutral to accommodate for seasonal accessory changes.

PS Huge fan of your blog- enjoy upstate, the land of my youth!

I am a D&A fan and agree, these are really well made rugs at such a good value! In my family room I have the cotton woven in vanilla sky and as much as I love it I would caution you to use one of the cottons in a high traffic area; though we don't wear shoes in the house somehow the stains appear! The indoor/outdoor rugs are BRILLIANT - these are in my kitchen and take a beating, then wash up brand-new every time. For your stairs I would go with option C, love the stripe, I think it will be a standout on those stairs.

A please!

I have the caravan stripe in my house, and love it!

B! I love blue and green, separately and together.

I also love B but I think D may be your best option for the space and neutrality that you're going for. It's hard to tell color-wise what's going on with D, but I like it. There's some dark stripes (is this dark brown?) but also the light blue and creams.

Vanilla Sky is my choice!

I love 'B'! Very fresh and spring like! But I think 'A' would be more versitle for all seasons! Choosing is sometimes the hardest part.

I really like D) Vanilla Sky, but if you want to put down a runner that will tie into the natural wood trim and floors in the house, I would have to vote for C). It's neutral enough that you won't get the urge to change it 3 years from now, and no matter what other colours you choose for the dining room, it will always work.

I'm voting for Vanilla Sky (A) as well. I love that it's mostly neutral, but has the pop of blue. ADORE the stairs.

I like the D option. Is the blue stripe similar to the color in the butlers pantry?

I love Dash & Alberts rugs and have used several in projects I've worked on - always to great success!

A - very neutral and ticking patterns are good in contemporary or antique settings.

i'd definitely choose "a". it's so totally neutral, but is still interesting and would go with everything.

They're all lovely, but I love the Vanilla Sky Woven. It's a little more polished than the others and a good juxtaposition to all the rustic woodwork. I can't wait to see the final result!

B for me...

Option B... for sure!

Definitely the vanilla sky! A touch of sky blue adds such warmth and fresh air!

Very cute options, but B is my favorite!

I love B!

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