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March 15, 2009


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Glad you loved the jasperware. Hope it brings you lots of pleasant memories in your new home. Wishing you and Jaithan nothing but happiness in your new home.

Eddie and Jai,

I want to send you something, but I thought it would be cheesy. I am sending it now!

PM me your mailing address, PO box is ok if necessary.


How wonderful and thoughtful each and every gift is! I especially love the journals. What a great way to sit back and record and reflect on happy memories! A home filled with love and beauty! I just know that Jaithan and yourself will have many years of happiness, especially with such wonderful friends to share it all with!

Well you lucky ducks! And those EJ spoons that made their way to you, back home in Dutchess County...Just brilliant. Kismet!

Jean Martha at I Love Upstate and I hit the Hell's Kitchen Sallie's Army last week...we thought we stood a chance now that you're out of town, LOL. ;-) We came up empty. Alas.

I'm so anxious to see more pictures of your home and the progress you have made.Enviable house-warming gifts there!

An entertaining journal? Do tell. I've been looking, hoping that such a thing exists to keep track of my parties big and small. Can you track guests, menus, decor that sort of thing? And does anyone know of anyone else who makes this?

HI Eddie and Jaithan, How wonderful to recieve such thoughtful gifts and they all suit you so well. I am in envy for the jasper ware plates!!!Now you tell me Seleta and Eddie in the same house,OH MY!!! Have a wonderful visit.Two of my favorite blog authors under one roof. hugs Kathysue

How very blessed are you! The silver is to envy! and the illustration of the sheep - wow.

What beautiful and thoughtful gifts, Eddie! Aren't people nice??? Patricia's drawing of the sheep is precious.....I love the silver pieces too especially the darling lamp....! Thanks for sharing!


Looks like country life is agreeing with you, as a fellow countryian (made up word,lol)
just let me say, wait til spring really arrives, you'll think you have made it to heaven.

I'm so inspired by your shadow-boxed jasperware! Looking forward to the upcoming features.

Thank you for sharing. The gifts are wonderful and very thoughtful. I know you will enjoy them along with your new home.

What beautiful, thoughtful gifts!

Such wonderful, thoughtful gifts - while I love the silver spoons (especially the coin spoons) I think I love the sheep illustration more... it'll look fab framed and on your farm house wall!
Victoria from EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Those journals are wonderful. I will have to look for some. I never thought of an entertaining journal, but have struggled to remember how I had done something. Great idea.

They are all such lovely things. ...so happy for you two in your new home and very much looking forward to seeing how you incorporate your new artwork into your home. Have a great week!

What great gifts you've gotten from so many wonderful friends & a warming start to your life in the country. Can't wait to see more of the house.

Oh, and aren't we all jealous & would love to spend a night in that guestroom!

How very kind and thoughtful everyone has been. Isn't is surprising how warm and friendly the blogging world is. My goodness, and Seleta is coming! How much fun will all of you have! She is so very sweet. Yall have a wonderful time and we'd love a full report!

I love all of your beautiful goodies! And you know I'm beside myself with excitement at this point since we leave on Friday. Peter's looking forward to spending more time with your both. I guess he's also about to get a major Baptism by Fire on expert junking and antiquing!



Seleta + Peter

Eddie...I am too lazy to mail anything but I do have a present for you. I scanned your ER monogram from one of my 19th century antiquarian books and uploaded it to my website. It is a high resolution scan (300 dpi) so you can play around with it for stationery and the internet. Download it here:
Hope you like it and I know you will. Best wishes for all good things in your new old house. Love your sheep too. ♥Rosemary

Eddie & Jaithan-
The joy you share for living a polished life exudes shine and light so brightly that all the gifts intended are due to the fact that you spread cheer and excitement for life in everything you do.
There is an old Irish poem, "It takes a heap o livin to make a home."
Wishing you all the best,

Eddie, Your blog is charming. I was curious. Are you enjoying living in the country more than the city?

Eddie, please go to my art site and comment for a chance to win an original oil painting from Moi! I love the beautiful gifts you have received so far in your new home!

Everytime I see those sheep I keep thinking that you two should add a couple of corgis to your homestead. They would look adorable romping through the snow (which they love.) For fun you should look at the Tasha Tudor corgis in her wonderful house and garden books.

Wow, what lovely blog report. I am so pleased you and Jaithan are well and happy in your new home. I am so glad you enjoy the gift.
Many happy days to you both,

Eddie and Jaithan
It is wonderful to read your recent blog. Thank you for sharing with us the lovely and loving housewarming gifts.
May God bless your life in your new home.

Eddie --

I must say I absolutely adore your blog! My husband and I are moving to NYC this summer and I truly *do* hope you host one of your shopping trips to the Flea Markets this summer.

Although I was *crushed* when Domino ceased printing, your blog has been a fabulous source of ideas and style. Your blog inspires me and I wish you and Jaithan all the best in your new home.

(although I selfishly wish you'd post more!)

Dear Eddie, I wish I could send you a housewarming gift because I feel that you are becoming a dear friend. With your blog you are really extending a beautiful gift to anyone willing to read it. So just a word of thanks for this wonderful read.

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