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March 06, 2009


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This is my first time here snd it was by accident.......thanks eddie, its the bomb

Oh, that's a good idea!

Eddie, I was so excited when I opened this months issue of house beauriful and saw you there it was like seeing a friend. Love your blog


I do love the gray and white on the chairs. I hate to say though the fabulous horse head lamp caught my eye, as well as the black walls. The room has an old hollywood glam look to it while still relaxed and not stiff. Very nice!

you inspired me:


I love this! I just picked up a chair off the side of the road that looks very similar. I'm hoping my re-creation of it will look just as fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration!

KILLER upholstery make-over. I totally dig the mustard and black color combo as well. very chic, Mr. Ross. very chic.


wow! Who knew you could paint fabric, I love it!


I can't believe you can spray paint fabric! I had to blog about it, too:

Thanks for the inspiration!

Fantastic!!!!!! I am amazed.

Have fun in Pasadena! (I grew up there near San Marino!)

Top Design has finally reached Sweden and all of us girls in Sweden who follow the show loves you!

:) Greatings from Sweden once again!

i have always wanted to do this (spray paint a cushion, not necessarily the stripes), but was afraid the paint might come up on clothes??

Wow, that chair is fabulous!

Andrea is my other favorite Top Design person! Eddie I love design but you both have design that is livable. I am not the type of person that can love something too formal or not kid or dog friendly. I want real life design!

BTW I have a Heisey Punch bowl, I toy with selling it but Hubby wants me to keep it.

Another fabulous makeover. Who knew you could spray paint fabric?

Wow, that looks so fabulous!!! I love it when you show an item that I wouldn't even look twice at and somehow transform it into something totally chic!



What a great makeover. I love the chair. Have fun with Andrea, I'll be anxious to hear about your visit.

White Stripes! Love it! What a great eye,

I love a good DIY makeover... wonderful job! I've been too busy remodeling our home, but as soon as I have time to dedicate to shopping at flea markets/second hand shops I hope to do more projects like this.
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

Fantastic make over, Eddie.
I hope you get a chance to stop by while you are in LA!
Happy hunting tomorrow at the Rose Bowl.
It is one of my favorites. I wish I could join in the fun, but I'm away this weekend.


Eddie, that chair looks AMAZING. I am going to be seeing the world with new eyes...

xo Terri

Not to rush you, but when do we get to see more of your new house?! I can't wait!

Love the chair!

Eddie, You're the man!!!Love your ideas and "cents-ability"! You always make me think about decorating in a totally different way.

wow. great work as always. what type of paint did you use? latex? thanks!

It always amazes me what a little elbow grease and some paint will do. What a wonderful transformation.

from drab
to fab!
I cannot wait to show you my chair!

I just love the crispness of white paint! Love the fact that you painted the stripes! How inventive! Have a safe trip and cannot wait until you get back and share your experiences with us!

Hey my sweet heart! and Hello Jaithan!

I tell you...we are connected I painted an upholstery item this week too! Only mine was very drastic...I took every step necessary to not have to upholster anything...I'm a lazy bum, check it out tell me what you think?


Be safe in LA and have fun!

An astonishing transformation! Love the fabric and the entire look. What kind of spray paint. Does it have to be a particular type and brand to work on the fabric?

chair is amazing!

and I am soooooo jealous of the rose bowl flea market trip. that is one I have dreamed of going to for years!

***Did you have to use a "special" paint, Eddie? I ADORE this idea, ANNNND the results! Know you'll enjoy your trip ~~~ Can't wait to see what you post upon your return! Best, Linda***

Love it! Once again, you are brilliant and fabulous...and how cute is the staging with the Jimmy Choos?!?

Have a great time in California. When you return to NY, the snow will be gone (hopefully)!

Ohhh, I didn't get to sign up for your trip, but will be there meeting up with a long time blogger friend; Kim of Something to Say... Small world!! Don't be surprised if a few of us see you and get a little star struck and point a lot!!

Have a fab vaca-shion!

oh and ps... the chair is simply delightful!!

just wanted you to have a heads up that I "stole" part of your painted secretary redo post. I found almost the exact same one for $5 at a yard sale, and wanted to post about it's potential - giving you all the credit/link, of course. Let me know if that's not ok.


Oh my gosh, Eddie. Love the chair! You are a genius.

I totally posted on painting upholstery fabric today, too.

check out my post -


Absolutely perfect!

You can use just regular old spray paint on fabric? Cool. That just opened a whole new world for me. Thanks Eddie!


I am a daily reader/admirer. I believe the chair in question is in fact wormy chestnut (now no longer avalable) and was a Heritage piece from 1961-63 - The chair was not inexpensive then and being wormy chestnuet, if I am correct, would be even more valuable now - Heritage has long since merged with Henredon.

Wow, this looks great!
What kind of spray paint did you use?

I'd love to do this to some pieces I have at home, but I'm worried that the spray paint will come off when people use them.

Eddie, this turned out great!!! I wish I was going to be in LA this weekend,I would be there to say Hi!!! Maybe someday you will make it up to the bay area to the Alameda flea Market very close to San Francisco and I will difinately be there. We are only 45 min from San Francisco.Have a great trip,hope the sun is out for you and Jaithan.Hugs Kathysue

The chair looks gorg!

i am so excited for sunday I can hardly contain myself!

fantastic. i love stripey fabric and can never find what i am looking for. this is a great solution!

WOW this is one of my favorite things you've ever done. I can't wait to meet you on Sunday.

Hi, Eddie,

I always struggle with whether or not to paint a beautiful wooden piece. I'm a great lover of the classic style that stained and varnished (or waxed) wood brings to the house, but in my heart of hearts, I'm a contemporary sort of girl and most of me BEGS to paint that beautiful sheet music cabinet I picked up last week a shiney, enameled red.

What to do....what to do... SIGH. Is it really "just paint" or could I be ruining a masterpiece, original stamp on the back and all?

Wow, that chair is amazing!!! I don't think I would have ever looked twice at it... which is why I work in an office and you do what you do. :)

What a beautiful redo! I'm chomping at the bit to get out to some yardsales & find some bargains myself. Have fun in CA!

Amazing. What a great idea - those uneven stripes are perfect!

Love it! it goes so well with the rest of the room. Fantastic as usual Eddie!

Wow, that looks fabulous! I love the whole look of that room. Have a great trip!

Awesome transformation! So glam and mod! I've been wanting to recover a little settee for some time, but have NO idea how to hide my staples! Could you do a bit of 'splainin' about how to use piping to finish edges while hiding the staples? Help!

Have Fun Eddie!
Oh yes that little wondeful guest house....so great!
lamaisonfou blog

Oh my gosh! That's a gorgeous chair! Would you mind providing us with the name of the paint you used to paint the frame? Also, any tips on making it non-streaky?

Is there a spray paint that is specifically designed to be used on fabric?

It looks so great!!! We need a tour of Jordan's house!!! Have fun this weekend!
lauren liess

What a fun projcet & totally something I could pull off : ) I'm alredy rareing to go to this weekend's flea markets!

Wow, I love this before and after- the chair looks amazing!

I must ask, is that wall painted black behind the chair? If so I adore it and would love to know if Jordan remembers the color paint it was- I'm looking for a great black paint for a wall in my kitchen. Thanks a million!!

What ,I am not going to hear from you tell next Thursday? What am I going to do when I get up at 4 A.M?
Have a great trip and come back with lots of fun things to tell us about.

This is the neatest idea! This chair looks like it came from a high end, designer store. Back in 1992 - I bought my first (new) couch and it was covered in that same hideous fabric. I had dusty wing chairs to go with it. Yuck.

Gorgeous! I am so jealous of your ability to see what something CAN be, rather that simply what it is. Since I can't do it on my own, I am definitely grateful that you share the process with us. :)

Wow, I SO LOVE IT! Hey, I'm almost finished with the large buffet i bought (which has gone from an faux oak finish to white with beige stripes). Will send you an e-mail with pics when it's done! :)

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