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April 08, 2009


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It looks like a beautiful and scrumptious brunch. I have lessons to take here. When it comes to food and entertaining, I'd always felt a temptation to splurge and give a lot; perhaps one can give a lot without thinking high cost is a prerequisite.

The jadeite is spectacular!! Love the stuff...

Your table looks beautiful! I love Jadite and you look like you must have quite a collection. I need to take mine out of the cupboard and use them more often. I purchased what I have (placesettings for 8) at an estate sale a few years back all for $200! Thanks for the inspiration, Eddie!

Please please please share recipes! I'm smacking my lips just thinking about a mushroom and goat cheese quiche!

Beautiful...recipes, please! And what kind of salad is that? Looks yummy!

Thank you for these words of wisdom...it was very encouraging to read. :)

You are so fabulous. And so right -- being gracious has never been about money! It's always been about welcoming people into your home, however large or small, and sharing what you have with those around you.
Happy holidays,

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,

What a delicious, gracious, beautiful brunch it was! Thanks again soooo much for allowing me to share in all the wonderfulness! You are amazing and dear hosts and you made everything seem so effortless. Sigh.

Hi to Seleta, Patricia, and the other lovely friends I met!

Have a wonderful holiday.


How lovely everything looks and delicious also. I love jadite I have an old pitcher bowl that I mix pancakes in and a juicer. Growing up all my aunts and uncles drank their coffee out of jadite mugs at my grandparents house, sweet memories. Beautiful presentation. Kathysue

Everything was delish - that salad was amazing. Can you share the recipe? The quiche was so yummy, the fruit and that thick yogurt... all a treat! Thanks!

Oh Eddie, you seem so perfect that I just want to hate you. Yet you win me over. Every. Single. Time. I <3 U! I just can't help it.

And I love your blog too! :)

You design and you can cook...is there anything you can't do! So jealous....

Eddie.. Eddie.. Eddie..

PLEASE share the quiche recipes!!


i 2nd...or was that 3rd it (LOL)....we NEED the recipes...everything looks wonderfully delicious & beautiful...

i've never made a quiche in anything other than a pie pan....and tips/tricks about the crust?

I would love to have a English ham and gruyère quiche receipe. Please share!!!

Sniff, sniff, wish I were there!
tee hee

My Mom is the queen of Goodwill and flea markets and always has such great finds...like you! I love all of the milk glass.

Table is beautiful. I'm copying your flowers..love single color arrangements but never did it with so many different flowers!

Eddie --

Thank you so much for presenting ideas that are cost effective. While I love the shelter mags, I drives me batty that most of their suggestions are uber expensive. Great ideas...

So sweet, classic, and beautiful! I would love the recipes!

Eddie, can you please share your quiche recipes? Especially that spinach and caramalised onion one!!
Have a fabulous Easter break!

You are always so inspiring. My Easter dinner is going to be a bit nocer thanks to your good ideas. Thank you!

Eddie, dearest:

You must tell me where you found that GORGEOUS pedestal bowl you're using here for the salad. Tell me everything you know about it so that I can find its twin!

I am also obsessed with jadeite! do you really find some at flea markets for good prices? you are such an inspiration! i love all your great ideas.


Everything looks so yummy....I love all of the jadite, so beautiful!


Love, Love , LOVE it!
xo xo

Eddie, what a treat it must be to have brunch at YOUR house! You do make it all look so special with your collected pieces & the table looks stunning. Your guests are SO lucky to be there & enjoy your hospitality. I get more inspired than every when I come here & see all your collections to get out there & do more at my house. xoxo

I HATE you. Good thing for you that hate is the new L-O-V-E...I can't get enough of your budget-friendly ideas. I SHALL be at Scott's with you next time (can a girl get a head's up?;-))...I need the tips. Keep up the good work. You inspire me...Seriously.

Seeing this gorgeous post reminds me of the fun we had and how delicious everything tasted! Your cooking, styling and entertaining grace are beyond amazing. The pictures are beautiful too. Love this post!

Adore jadite and you can make grocery flowers stunning!

Eddie, LOOOVE quiche. I make it all the time for my kids and fam. What recipe do you use for crust. I love the large quiche you made but would be afraid of having a regular pate brisee recipe shrink on my in that large dish.

It looks lovely and delicious! Thanks for the great ideas!

Your gracious way of entertaining is so inspiring. It's wonderful to see a young couple embrace the details like you two do.

I don't know what I covet more your cake stands or the jadite!

Mr. Ross,
Check this guy out, he is interesting. http://www.stephenfalcke.com/main.html

Okay Eddie it's high time you start a recipe section and share your deliciousness with the rest of us.

Have a wonderful holiday.

seeing all of that jadite makes me swoon! the flowers are so pretty too!

How inspiring! It's like I had brunch with you guys...the coffee and quiche are Y.U.M!

Love the green cups and saucers. Very springy!

So much fun!! What a great party the two of you throw, looks like a wonderful time!

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