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April 26, 2009


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Hello Edward
I planted 6 forsythia plants against a wall to remind me of happy times.I use the glass frogs to keep my flowers in a vase.I have some bakelite cutlery that is if Catherine has not thrown them out.Will keep saving things in a box for you.
Love and hugs

It's very useful ideas!
I love the table settings~
Thank you Eddie for your wonderful blog!!

I love all the cream and white together! The Yellow, flatware,yellow cloth, and the white( I call a table scarf) so Spring! Wow, Your forsythia is beautiful, While traveling up in the Northern, States from Mississippi. They have huge forsythia plant too. My are very small! I love you used a hurricane globe for the candle outdoors.

I love that table and your vintage blends, beautiful!

Oh my goodness, your porch is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful setting...thank you for the tutorial!

I am a place-setting junkie and I absolutely LOVE your blog. Naturally, your tablescapes are my favorite part. More, more, more!!!

So cool! I bet you have so much fun hunting for all those great things! You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for having such great ideas and sharing them! I really look forward to reading your blog!

Hi Ennis,

Thanks for the question! For this party, I had a little demilune table I brough out to use for a buffet. Worked like a charm!


Thank you for sharing. When you set a table so beautifully with the plates already out, how do you usually serve the food? Host takes up the plates? Guests bring their plates to a buffet? or clear everything out to set out the food family style?

what a gorgeous arrangment ... wonderful

Thanks for the tip on chicken wire - I learned something! Beautiful setting for your guests. :)

I am in love with this table setting!

love it!!! (Looking at the weather it looks to be about a month cooler than here- craziness!!)

I love that this table setting is casual AND elegant! It looks so inviting!! I'm loving the yellow and white combination - it's SPRING!!!






Love the table Eddie of course never disappointed with your style! Forsythia looks great!

Forsythia, yellow bakelite! Add a lemon meringue pie and you have HEAVEN!

oops! P I E! all that yella musta gone to my head!

forsythia and yelow bakelite...add a lemon meringue oie and you have HEAVEN!

I am so sickly jealous...it is too cold for forsythia to grow here, so I had to buy some for $7 a branch. The things we do for love.

Beautiful post and video (love the green gingham? shirt)!!!

Great video Eddie. I absoulutely love your table. I learn so much for you.

What a beautiful table. It is so impressive how a casual end of week dinner party can look so comfortable and pulled together at the same time.

Tricia - Avolli

Love the look! Our Florida eat-outside season is coming to an end soon. I'll miss scenes like this between May and September.

Beautiful! I have not used yellow for table settings, but may give it a try!

This is so cheerful! Love all the white with the yellow. Your table linens are beautiful!

Hi Eddie!
I love the forsythias, your arrangement looks like the eternal torch of spring in the tall white vase and the outdoor dining porch looks so inviting and welcoming. The wood shingled walls give it an almost 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' ambience - very nice! The New Orleans dining room is awesome as well, love the mirrored back fireplace. The whole scheme is nice. Great job!

Thanks Eddie,

I'm glad you said that you put chicken wire in the urn because right before you did, I was looking at the urn and thinking about how often you use them and wondering what you put in the bottom to hold your flowers. And I'm glad you didn't say oasis.

That was a good tip.

You know that forsythia roots very easily so that you can have even more next year!

I cannot believe all of that perfectly paired tableware came from a flea market! Amazing!

That is the fullest most gorgeous Forsythia I have seen in a long time. The arrangement is perfect. Love the entire table.

What I really love about your decorating is the simplicity and the use of natural elements. It's also a plus that your style doesn't require much money to create a classy look. Keep spreading the word!

Magnificent*** My kind of relaxing, beautiful setting.

Loooove it!

Love, love the yellow in the napkins, tablecloth and handles....and, of course....the FORSYTHIA!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the video too! Beautiful as usual! Pinky

Oops - please edit my comment to say "all types of branches." I guess you know I meant to say that!


I adore Forsythia, a beautiful table!

Such a cheery tablescape and terrific video! Thanks for that chicken wire tip and a reminder to score the branch bottoms. Do you do that to all cut branches?


Yellow and white it doesn't get much better than that,unless, it is black and white. Love the arrangement and the table is simple and elegant and cristp, all of my favorites. Now I am wondering ,what did he serve for dinner,is that the next post?? I don't have any forsythia growing in our area but I am on the hunt for some real looking artificial, I love the grandeur and the pop of color it gives to a space. Hugs, kathysue

Thank you Eddie. Beautiful arrangement and table. Great inspirations!

Eddie, What an awesome idea to use chicken wire in side of the vase. Your table as always "maravilloso". Jaithan, thanks alot for impleting these short videos for us to view the process. I hope you guys are doing well.


HUNNNNNN- you need to have your own show!!! xx

Hi Eddie, that's a simple, clean, fun and elegant table all at the same time! Love the yellow!!! Thank you for sharing!

Love your table -- nothing like hosting friends on the porch for a dinner -- we have forsythia in iron urns on our porch -- love the rustic with the flowers!

Wonderful! You cannot beat forsythia .....it is so gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on cutting the stem so the water can get to it....makes for a longer lasting arrangement! Your table looks lovely!

Nice job!

Beautiful. Any idea what the bottom scalloped plate pattern is? Dying to see some Mother's Day Brunch options...

I remember you! So happy to find your blog!! Spring is grand isn't it??!! I have to get back to reading more of you blog...

Hope your evening went well, you could not have asked for more beautiful weather. Yellow is wonderfully bright and cheery. Enjoy.

Very elegant table. Love the chicken wire trick. BTW, down here in the South, we call Forsythia- "Yella Belle."

Your table is lovely! Are those Bakelite handles on your silverware!? What a find!
The forsythia is gorgeous!

I love your blog so much! Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

Very pretty table Eddie - somehow the natural arrangements make everything feel more casual, love the forsythia. xv

Simply beautiful! I'm speechless....my kids tell that NEVER happens!

Eddie, it all looks beautiful! Love the color palate. Looks like yellow is one of the hot colors this spring! Btw, the tablecloth looks familiar? Didn't you just purchase it at the flea market? Love it!

I used to hide in a giant forsythia bush while waiting for the bus to elementary school! What a memory and what a cheerful arrangement!

What a beautiful tablescape!! I am in love with the dishes and they look stunning against the subtle yellows. I am definitely inspired!

Love it! We had forsythia at our old house and I miss it. Mad for the yellow, naturally.

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