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April 04, 2009


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Stunning work, as always.

So lovely! I adore the hutch and similarly colored plates inside it. Totally inspiring!

Love it! Everything you do, Eddie, I love. Always an insriration!

So impressive! And so doable too. You succeed in your goal to make your rooms attainable...and seeing the step-by-step transformation is inspiring.

Tricia - Avolli

That is hilarious -- I just posted how I spray painted our bamboo blinds a chocolate brown color. One of my readers said you did something similar. I love the stripes!!

Wow...you did such an amazing job! I love the mix of old and new. I printed a picture of the striped shades for my inspiration folder:)


I cannot overstate how much I LOVE that secretary. It would be perfect in my house.

Great Jo Eddie & Jaithan!
The pieces & the rooms color is devine! So relaxed and fitting for the Big Easy! What you do best!!
lamaisonfou blog

And not to forget great work J&J You guys are an amazing team! Your support to Eddie is awesome!



Redesign Diva

what kind of paint did you use to paint the bamboo shades? and in your vast experience, is this paint durable?

LOVE your work! You are so awesome and was rooting for you on top design! You rock!

I love Love LOVE that room! You're inspiring Eddie!!!!

Eddie, simply stunning. You make it look TOO easy!

it looks beautiful!!! dave & i just fell in love with a zinc-topped table that we can't afford!! hahaha anyway, gerat job & LOVE the fern!!!

fantastic job guys. Oh and thanks for the lead on Antiques and Wholesale Furnishings. Great finds with excellent prices. I'm hooked.

very, very impressive

Is there anyway to do a "faux" zinc finish? I absolutely LOVE that look!! This room is fantastic!

what stunning work!

Eddie, please please can you come help me with my house?

AMAZING! And I heart he painted bamboo shades so much!

Wow what a before and after, I love everything you did, it is beautiful!!!

Um geniousness. I think I may try out the mirror tiles. Hopefully they are easy to install.

Some antique monogrammed linen would have finished the room nicely. Ann

Hi Eddie,

Love the room! It came together so well, I love the round table with the plates accenting the wall. You are so amazing, I am so proud to be your cousin! Love you, Elena

That is a truly beautiful room. I am so excited that you chose silver that is my pattern, and a number of your onsie crystal candleholders, also reside at my house. I accidentally made some good choices over the years :^)
Thank you for your start to finish instructions!

it looks AMAZING. very collected and New Orleans, too. I would have never thought to paint the bamboo shades, but it kind of reminds me of a book I just finished, Creole Thrift. very appropriate! great job!

so beautiful. i love the bamboo benches and your target mirror. you should come to iowa-there are many fun treasures to found here antiquing and junking.

How beautiful. Love all the white used in the room!

This is absolutely AMAZING, Eddie!! So, so many wonderful ideas! And the end result is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

PS I would kill for that zinc-wrapped table!!

The shades are genius. I would love to see detailed instructions on these in a future post.

You are a natural. That is all I have to say.
I want to make reservations at that table!

Great job, Eddie. I especially love that you painted the shades. Who knew that could be done?!

As always, great job!!!

Gasp!! The room is beautiful and your step-by-step was wonderful. Well done!

Ahhh, Eddie, you never disappoint in putting a room together. This is extraordinary & SO, SO stylish..old and vintage, yet new and fresh at the same time. I just love every detail & esp. love that you threw in a little bit from Walmart & inepensive items too. Gorgeous!!!


This room is gorgeous!! You are super talented Eddie. I wish I had these ideas like you. I'm learning from one of the best though. Keep up the great work! ;-)

You're too fabulous for words. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie, this room has so lovely. Your color sense is so fresh and I would love to see you do more decorating(still waiting to see more of YOUR house :)). You add a very contemporary and sophisticated take to country decorating. Please show us more!

Thanks for showing the whole process. The room is beautiful and looks ready for a wonderful gathering. Great finds, well done.Your entire blog is a joy.

Really enjoyed the post and the room. The only thing I might have done in addition is to add some art to the walls. Maybe just one from e-bay or some other art source in New Orleans. A southern watercolor landscape or even a "ancestor" painting. Lovely.

OMG!! What a room! Love the table and the shades!!If you are ever in NC I would love to have a craft date!

I love this. Especially the table. My husband and I actually have a zinc wrapped table on order from a gentlemen that we saw at a local Antique Market. I was so excited when I saw it here to know that for once, we were ahead of a curve!

Eddie and Jaithan...sheer genius, my faves, the table, the bamboo benches, and those shades. you come up with the best ideas!

Hello darlings!
Great to see the process unfold, and as told by you!
You really have our hearts in New Orleans, and we hope you come back sooner than later!
You know the krewe of perch. loved your vision!
xo xo

Jaithan and Eddie,
I must tell you the pictures do it no justice. The room had a cozy feel that the pictures don't portray. Was great to see your work in person!

(from the show)

I loved what you did with the place. Especially the bamboo shades - brilliant! Do you just love your life or what!

You are such a freaking super star, Eddie! I love the room and most of all love that you are in my old stomping grounds. My husband and I both went to LSU undergrad.

What a great room. And such good ideas for the windows. You need your own TV Show NOW...

Beautiful room. Your treatment for the shades is brilliant! Were both sides of the shades painted or just one side?

Great ideas Eddie! Love this room! We just bought a new house that is BEYOND quirky! I think the dining room needs some of these ideas! Thanks!

Beautiful job! I agree - we should have fun and enjoy the adventure of making our spaces unique and interesting. All new feels, to me, artificial and fake - no soul. You did a wonderful job of creating a room with great character and soul. Thanks!

Breath-taking! Since I went to college in N.O., a huge piece of my heart remains there. Thank you for sharing your talent in the Big Easy and helping to make that little piece of the world that much lovelier.
And, thank you for once again making Creative Candle tapers look so elegant!
We are so excited about your workshops mid-July at the candle factory in Kansas City.
I am anxiously awaiting new photos from the farmhouse makeover.

Gorgeous and calming. I love everything about it. I have set up for shows in my past life and I know it can be challenging and you have to be very 'creative' in arrangement- so I absolutely appreciate what went into this lovely project.

Love what you did, Eddie! The room looks just fabulous. Especially like your idea of painting the inexpensive blinds for a customized look!

Eddie, The pieces are lovely. The "after" of the fireplace is reeeeally great! I experienced that audible intake of air when I saw the finished room! Yowza!

I love the room and especially the secretary. Very beautifully put together!

Great job Eddie & team. So many inspitational ideas to bring into our own homes . Thanks

uhhhhhh MAZING!!!!

Beautiful room. The fern and starburst mirror reallly pull everything together.

I was eagerly awaiting your posting of the room and was so impressed with the results. Antique but so modern!!! I especially loved the black Chippendle chairs with the lavender walls. Well done boys and girl!!

That is amazing. Love it.

Beautiful!! Absolutely well done - it looks like it had evolved over years- generations even!

What a beautiful room. Painting the shades from Lowe's was truly an inspired touch. Most people do not even think about, or even consider, altering something once they have bought it, and this post just proves that anything can be improved and used in a beautiful space, even items from Walmart and Lowes! Great post.

you better work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eddie & Jaithan

Love, love, LOVE it! I need to get out my punch bowl that goes with my bubble-ware and create an arrangement in it. Time to get the ladder (it's in the back on the top shelf of a corner cabinet). And my Martha Stewart buffet lamps need to be pulled out for spring (they get rotated in and out). Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

Great job, Eddie! What did you think of BM's new Aura line? I've been itching to try it and that grey trim looks stunning!

I am absolutely inspired. Such a project with excellent results. You are most assuredly so talented!

Brillant! From plan to the final moment -- just wonderful -- and yes! very New Orleans -- style, charm and grace! Your whole team did so well -- and the vendors had lovely items too! What a way to celebrate The Big Easy!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Wow! You are so talented, Eddie! I just love the room! And it's so much fun to read how you put things together. Being able to put just the perfect touch to a room -- it must feel so good!

I love what you did with the shades. I've never seen that done before. The whole room really does inspire me.


The flatware is my grandmother's pattern. I have 12 place settings and would love to buy this set. Can you tell me who the vendor is? Enjoyed meeting you at Scott's--I didn't get anything that day, but this would be my special find. Thanks, Kimeran

Very inspiring!

FABULOSITY!! That's you , Eddie!! Love it, Love it! Wonderful .....it all came together brilliantly!....

I love the room. Where did you get the rug?

Wow what a fabulous job!!! Love the color combination!!!

I found four deep plates and a soup terrine in that 1940's Bavaria you've got there in the second hand store here a while ago! I love the thin porcelaine. I love that swedish secretary too. I live in Sweden but have never seen one of those...ha ha ha. Am actually looking for something like that myself, both for the kitchen and one to be have covered doors because I intend to keep my stash of fabric in there.Wish me luck! lol
Great job as always !:)

You never cease to amaze me! What I love about your design aesthetic is that you can "effortlessly" blend modern (Target mirror) with vintage (tableware). I love the budget blinds idea too. Outstanding!

As always - so clever - I believe you could turn anything into anything.

Stunning...As usual!

Wonderful post, gorgeous room -- very Eddie! Love it all!


OMG..............where are those benches..FAB! Looks so pretty.
Seriously, those benches are great....


So inventive - and I love the blow-by-blow. Please post more like these! Beautiful, beautiful results.

so welcoming!! love the styling (of course) and the lamps on the mantle brighten things up so nicely! the fern is perf. really lovely!!

Eddie and Jaithan, this is a wonderful room with Eddie's signature look. I love all the pieces and the practical use of the old and new and the expensive with the less expensive. Again you are showing us good taste and style does not take a lot of money. In this economy you are an answer to many of our dilemas, of how to maintain a lovely home on a lower budget. Thankyou for the always beautiful and always inspiring. Hugs Kathysue

WOW! It is stunning! You are amazing. You've inspired me to start flea marketing here in Europe and open my own Etsy shop!

It's a gorgeous room! I love that you brought the scale of the room down to show what can be done in a room that you would commonly find in New Orleans older homes.

Wow! What a fabulous adventure searching for all the antiques and treasures! I love that cabinet hutch! The dining room you've created is fabulous! Its so great to see the step by step process too. The color palate is sooooo soothing and relaxing, makes you just wanna sit there with friends for hours. Now I wanna redo my dining room!
I used to go antique shopping at flea markets and consignment shops around Los Angeles but haven't been in years. So many of my fav shops closed too. I must find some places to go again. This is such an inspiring post! Thank you sooo much for sharing!
I Love Your Place! :)

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