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April 14, 2009


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Eddie, Help! I made a skirt for my pantry (double) sink out of a drop cloth. I attached one piece of velcro to my pantry sink, using double faced tape, and the other to the skirt . Unfortunately the double-faced tape was not strong enough to hold up the skirt . . . it keeps falling off. Anuy suggestions?

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$750! That's ridiculous. You need to shop elsewhere for a seamstress.

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Wow! That is fabulous!

Wow that's a cool makeover of that wash basin. I always like that back and white combination in bathroom, ans its a good idea to cover up the sink base, water outlets should always be hidden.

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Yeah great stuff.
As usual you not failed to impress eddie.The best thing about it is black grosgrain.

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love it love it! love your creativity and resourcefulness. now, if I could only learn how to use a sewing machine!! :) thanks for sharing.

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I love the look of skirts on bathroom, and kitchen sinks...however, in my experience of trying this look...it only lasts for about the first few actual using of the sinks,...dirty dish stuff, dirty soap, toothpaste, etc. It's all going to show up on the skirt...to be the least bit successful, the skirt must be under the edge of the sinks, and still be prepared for frequent washing.

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Back to the velcro. Any suggestions re:making sure the velcro holds? We have made some beautiful skirts to cover plumbing at my daughter's reception site(ergo -no glue guns on sink). I am now concerned that they will be on the floor before the first course.

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This is an amazing idea. I've been looking for a sink skirt everywhere that doesn't look cheap and polyester! I did this project without sewing anything- all stitch-witchery and velcro. Looks perfect! Thank you so much!

How absolutely lovely! Looks very European and chic. Keep up the good work - I love seeing the things you design and create, and it certainly inspires me to look for projects for my Victorian house here in London.

Greetings to you from London,UK


I'm consistently surprised at what people come up with from the dollar store. This is no exception. Your work is beautiful!

You are amazing as usual. I love the tailored-but-casual look.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!Love it!

Great idea Eddie!!!!!!!!! I live in West Virginia so I get to see Dorothy's great work all the time at the Greenbriar! If you ever want anything from there...let me know and I will send it to you!

love it! looks fantastic

I love the addition of the skirt! I can't believe you got the material at Dollar Tree! I check them out occasionally and will have to go again to see what I can find. Also, I'm wondering what's hidden in those Hermes boxes!

I love all your projects. May I correct you on one thing? It's Czechslovakia, not Checkoslovakia. My sister-in-law is from Slovakia--and you should see her glass collections !

Very chic, Eddie. Those flour sack towels come in SO handy, don't they?

I whipped up my dress, prom night! Nothing like a little pressure -like a date or a guest to make something so swell and in a jiffy!

Oh how I love the dollar store!!! Am helping a friend dress a wine reception tonight... the table cloths for the wine tables- canvas painter drop clothes from Home Depot $9!!!!

WOW, what a transformation! I just love the dollar store. You never know what you are going to find.

Eddie you AMAZE me! Seriously fabulous!!!

Shut your fabulous designer mouth, can you come to my house and do some designer DIY...I promise it would be worth your while! love it.

this is off the charts- ingenious!! Come on Eddie you need a vacation ...you and Jaithan head to the beach and come see us--

what a terrific transformation. And I'm DROOLING over that black wedgwood dish you placed on the backsplash. ;)

I LOVE this! AND I love those sack cloths, I used those same ones to make a "French grain sack" tabel runner (you can see on my blog). I also used some pretty blue floral napkins from Dollar Tree for the ends of it. LOVE Dollar Tree.
Thanks for sharing your amazing, thrifty talents!

You are genius. Only a designer with FIERCE taste can make something so inexpensive look positively chic. You continue to amaze me. I peeked at that pretty skirted sink every time I passed by the bathroom while we were visiting.


Seriously clever! The end result is amazing and it fits so perfectly with your flooring.

Wow! That looks amazing.

You can truly transform, that is certain.


you are talented!

Eddie, this is a fantastic transformation. It's looks so expensive. You would never know it cost you only $15. That's what I love about budget decorating. Simple, beautiful, affordable. The black ribbon is the Pièce de résistance! Bravo!

PS I know what you mean about waiting for company to come to get things done! Ha!


Sweet project and so cute hiding old Hermes boxes underneath -- vintage with a sense of humor for those who peek!


Eddie, you're so talented - why don't you just teach yourself to sew? Think of how many more amazing things you could do!

Great job...looking forward to what you do with the rest of the house

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to link to this project from DollarStoreCrafts.com (next week).


What a great project Eddie! I love your ingenuity.

Wow, what a fabulous job you did...it looks lovely! I love the b & w tile, so lucky that was already there. Thank you for sharing your jouney in your new home with us:)

Looks great!!! I am doing something similar to make a vanity!

I had a sink JUST like that in my first house and added a fabric skirt to it and loved the look. The challenge was finding the right adhesive to keep the Velcro attached....only had adequate success with that part.

Tricia - Avolli

you have the golden touch. thank you for sharing your blessings of skill, taste and nerve to try anything!
xo jody

Eddie, how did you adhere the velcro to the apron of the sink! Hope all dollar trees have these towels.... I'm a copy cat!

Wow! That is fabulous!

love it!!!!! Stunning and inexpensive! I could sit and read through your archives all day...what joy!

Excellent!! Very chic and manly!!

I did this years ago with a gingham plaid at my mother in laws house. Their home was built in the 50's and had the original sink in there like yours. I re-decorated their bathroom and LOVED doing this to the sink!

That is gorgeous. You are so incredibly creative and inventive! Only you could make something so chic out of Dollar Tree finds!

Eddie, I love the skirt and the fact that it's a new sew creation is the icing on the cake! I have a sink like that in my basement. I hope I find fabric like that.
I can't believe you found that mixer for 24$!!! What Sallys do you go to?
I love your cookies for Easter...I had alot of catching up to do. I love your blog! Mary

I simply adore your blog and have been reading all the older posts -- I've never heard of Gorham polish! Perhaps it's not available in the midwest! I am adding you to my Friends list.


LOVE it!! What a great idea! I'm gonna have to stop by the Dollar Tree to pick up some of those. They are great.

The first time I ever came to your blog, was for the trip you took to Dollar Tree to show all of the wonderful things you can get there, and what you can do with them. I've always loved Dollar Tree, and think of myself as one who thinks outside the box, but you have helped me to take it a few steps further. You're great!

$750 IS outrageous! They must have priced it high because they didn't really want the job? Really at any price, it's a better DIY project. Great job, makes me wish I had a pedestal sink I could skirt up!

How perfectly classic and beautiful. Is it really as easy as you say!??

Eddie, is there a Nobel Prize for Crafty?

what a fabulous looking solution! the ridiculously priced alternative couldn't possibly have looked any better. i love the look of the entire area...so warm and inviting.

What a great skirt -- cannot believe the $750 quote and no fabric either! WOW! Your bathroom is so sophisticated yet retains the vintage charm.

This is why I really love your blog. Great ideas that are truly accessible to any skill set and any budget with beautiful results. Dollar Tree is awesome, too!

I decided a while ago that if there is something that cannot be absent in my home? are a hot glue gun, velcro and stitch witchery. It's amazing what you can do with them. I made a whole shower curtain using stitch witchery and a hot glue gun.

P.S. I love that floor and chair.

Fantastic, I am inspired.

Love it! Classic, simple, elegant and creative. Just remember--hand wash, iron while damp on the reverse--a little spray sizing will keep it crisp.

Dollar Tree has towels like that?! For a dollar?! I'm going to have to go check that out! I would like to know if grosgrain ribbon is colorfast when washed too. I want to use some on drapes I'm making...

Well done!!! Another brillant project of Cheap-But-Oh-So-Chic Styling from our darling ER! Lovely! I adore black-and-white -- fresh and classic!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

I have to agree w/Kathy who said that she attached her skirt from underneath, therefore avoiding spills. If it was hung from underneath it would also show off more of the sink front - which is so elegant in it's simplicity.

As always, I am in awe of your creativity. This is a prime example: what one can do with flour sacks . . . Bravo Eddie!

I love the fact that you didn't want to or couldn't justify the $750.00 skirt so you came up with this elegant solution. Love all the black and white and the Jasper and transferware. The fresh flowers with the touch of green, perfection. Affordable perfection and isn't that what we all want!

This posting brightened up a dreary spring day you.

Eddie I am all about black and white bathrooms. This is a great fix for something that was not up to par for Eddie. It looks so crisp and clean, I love that. It is true having a party or overnight guest is a great impetus to get those last minute projects done,I can not believe someone would charge $750, did he know you were Eddie Ross and you know better, shame on him. Love your finished look, Hugs Kathysue

Hi Eddie,

This post inspires me to think outside of the box and to unleash the designer in me. You should write more posts like this!

No wonder we love you so! Of course, I've seen those very same flour sack cloths at the Dollar Tree near my neighborhood, but did I do something brilliant with them??? Well, not YET anyway!!!

Ingenious! Love it!

***** Eddie, darlin'~ You missed your calling as a MILITARY SPOUSE!!! "We" DID things like that, especially when arriving in foreign countires!!! There was a time, "waaaay back when", I actually (temporarily, of course!) hung a tad of fabric over a window w/ tacks and... ta- da... DENTAL FLOSS!!! (And it WORKED, but I didn't have enough left to "do right by my teeth" that night ~ I thought it was a small price to pay, tho, for a bit o' privacy for the evening!!!)~~~~~ Hugs, Linda ***

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