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April 17, 2009


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Cool! Author the best! Thank you!

Even in black and white, you guys look Fab!

Smooches!~ Kindle

Eddie you did a wonderful job shopping and you found some amazing pieces. I am looking forward to seeing how you use them. I scrolled down to look at the flea market dates and at the verrrry bottom, Gasp!!! Alameda, I get to finally meet you, Dec 6th I am putting it on my calendar today. I am beside myself with excitement.Thank you for including Calif. xoxoxo Kathysue

HI Eddie, how fab two whole pages. i just found your blog through Vicki at French Essence. Its gorgeous. Congratulations Carla

I covet your thrift store karma.

What wonderful recognition of what you and Jaithan are doing. We're thrilled for you both, and know that this is just the beginning of even bigger things to happen. xx

I think it is flea market season in my part of the world too - I for one can't wait. Great article and I am loving your blog, xv.

* Eddie, SELETA said it's your birthday today~~~ JA????? If so, hope you've ENJOYED it!!!! Blessings, Linda in AZ *

Wow, Eddie. Awesome article!! You must be thrilled to get so much coverage. I wish you the best. I also wish I could be in NYC on May 16. My husband actually is for work, but don't know if I can slip away and join him (and you). Can't wait to see what other cities you're coming to!

Happy Birthday, Eddie! Hope you had an extra-special day!


Eddie, what a wonderful article! I really enjoyed reading it. The photos are beautiful and your spirit really shines through in your handsome smile.

Continued success to someone who is filling a unique niche.


Eddie, A little birdie(named Seleta) said it was your bday. Have a happy! Deana

Hey, also, Happy Birthday love!

OMG, Eddie. If you get any cuter I'm going to kidnap you. That pic of you to the right of "Modern Midas" is TDF. I wish I was right along side you laughing the fabulous day away.

Great article, loved our breakfast

Hey Eddie

Nonnie gave me your article. Loved it. Hope your enjoying your birthday today! Have a great one. Can't wait to see your house! Love, Elena

I'm watching Top Design reruns on Bravo today! :) I'm so happy for all of your success...you certainly deserve it! -Jill


Happy Birthday! Hope it's creatively wonderful!

Great article! You have a very interesting background. Congratulations on your success!

Great article Eddie - well rounded, insightful, loved your quotes - very proud of you - you are going gangbusters! I remember doing those stalls with you!

Great article!! I am soooooooooo excited for Stormville next weekend.

The little FB birdie told me today is your big day! Hope you're having a great time.

What a great article. You always look like you are having so much fun. I missed going to an antique flea market this weekend because of snow and rain...boo hoo!! The season is starting though so there will be lots more.

Awesome article guys!!! I really felt like the writer was able to bring your personality to life. Miss you & hope to see you soon!!

Hi, Eddie, I love the article. They really did it up right & I'm very happy for you and the coverage you are getting.

Your picture is bigger than MARTHAs. That's truly wonderful!


Congratulations! What a great article!

Congrats- what a fun article on you! Have a great weekend!

hi eddie,i have to tell you i'm hooked on your blog.i wish i could get you to my place and get some ideas from you...i just wish i was half as creative as you...love it,who knew all those many years ago when all you kids where playing at tod's point i'd be writing this note today!!wish you the best,eileen

So great that you are getting recognition for your design work and the great finds. I would love to see you and Jaithan & go to the Fleas Market when you come to Kansas City. I bet Mrs B would make it too!

Your success could not happen to a better person! Martha

Great article, love how he told your story. It was fun to watch you in action on that flea market trip.

It should have read, "ders gold in dem dar bins", LOL, I just love a good southern drawl, makes life so comfy. I am overwhelmed with such joy at the article! Keep on rocking you guys!

Simply wonderful. I was so mad when I found out you were within 10 miles from me here in the Atlanta Area. Cannot wait for you to return. However, we are moving to Bowling Green, KY and they have a HUGE flea market......but, you CANNOT GO until I move there!

Have a terrific and creative weekend.

I watched "Top Design" religiously and was soooo upset when you left. Your humor and know-how is amazing and made the season so entertaining!

After reading the newspaper article from your blog today, I am happy that the print community are taking notice of your amazing knowledge of interior design for everyone and not the select few.

I am so looking forward to seeing your new "farmhouse" featured in print. Maybe Margaret Russell will feature you in "my bible of design", Elle Decor!

fantastic, congratulations Eddie.

Congratulations on some great coverage. Looking forward to your shopping list. Since you now live in the neighborhood, will you be going to Trade Secrets (www.tradesecretsct.com) this year in Sharon?? Not really a flea market, but a cool showcase of local gardening ideas and vendors... See you there??

BIG congrats, Eddie! The article was wonderful. The writer was wise enough to appreciate what a savvy designer you are. It was upbeat and really zeroed in on your many talents. A great piece on a great guy!
Lynn in New Mexico

I urge you to remove Southern Hospitality from your blog roll.

She's recently shared photos of her husband at the Birmingham Tea Party, where he wore a T-shirt that depicted President Obama as a "bum." The shirt was in my opinion highly offensive, if not racist in tone.

I will not be visiting her blog again, and it is my hope that you will not show support for blog by including her in your blog roll.

Love it, Eddie, that your pic is bigger than Martha's. Bet she's jealous!!!!! Joanne ~~ glamourgirljoanne@yahoo.com

How exciting is that? So inspiring - congrats!

I am so excited for you! What a wonderful spread!

Wonderful! Hooray again! (And you are certainly in some mighty fine company on that section's cover page!) I'm so happy for all your successes!!!


Congratulations! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Congratulations!!! I'm really glad for you guys when your brilliance is showcased- you work hard!!

I told you, Eddie - you're the Rummage Sale Guru! Always nice to have recognition, isn't it? :)

I hope a trip to the Alameda Flea market is on the new schedule. See you then!

And congrats on all the great publicity!

How cool is this, Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!! You deserve it too!

Congratulations! I love it and have signed up for the May 16 flea market adventure!

Kris C

That's a lovely article. You really do have such a great positive quality to you, I hope you really succeed wth all you do.

HGTV is crazy to not be begging you to do a show asap.

Fantastic, congrats again on another fabulous accomplishment!!!

I think I have that exact same glass basket in cobalt blue, from the Hub's grandmother ; )


Modern Midas–true dat!

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