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April 01, 2009


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I used to have burlap covered walls in our retail store NY. I would love to know what the top of the wall looks like - how did they end it and match it between widths in a residential setting?

I nailed what seemed like a billion nails (nailhead trim) myself as our top.

What fun! You have met so many great bloggers! The party mucst have been fabulous!

The open wooden shelves with the white ironstone collection is so classic and warm. I love the juxtaposition of the woodgrain and stark, clean white. Great eye, Eddie!

Oh how I love New Orleans... wish I could have been there shopping and partying with you! It comes as no surprise that Valorie's home is as super stylish as she is!

Eddie, It was so great to meet you and Jaithan in New Orleans, wished we had more time to go out!! The party looked like a blast, so sorry we missed it. It was an exhausting weekend, I know y'all are happy to be home!!
Maria Barcelona (horse & zebra rooms)

Miss V and the gang - looks like a wonderful time had by all.
Did you & Jaithan learn to TANGO?

Hi Eddie!
Glad you had a great visit to New Orleans!
I love the home. Great interior design - and with Wow! good taste.

Hi Eddie!
Glad you had a great time in New Orleans. Great pics of the home. Wow what a creative decorator - and with good taste!

Lovely home, and her blog is stunning! Glad to see that NOLA is still going strong - laisezz les bon temps roulez!

Eddie -- love the pics, and I am jealous you got to party with the a boy from Mad Men!

Love the blog... keep it up.

Hello you traveling guys! Another fun trip I see & what a beautiful house to experience, as well as a party. Love the ironstone & the faux marble lamps. Clever, clever!

Loved your pictures of the visit to N.O. I know you had amzaing food. Let us know where and what you ate--vicarious living!

How great are those oyster plates! I love the symetry of her bedroom! Love it! Burlap wall coverings, who would think of that? Love it more! Have fun and keep us posted!

The photos are wonderful! My favorite is the collection of ironstone. It's one of the more interesting I've seen. Thanks for showing those of us who can't get out and about all this great stuff, Eddie. I really enjoy living vicariously through you and Jaithan. If you ever read blogs that are more general in nature, I would love it if you stopped by sometime. :)

It all sounds like great fun - and I'm jealous all over again! There is one thing I would like you to remember - all the great vibes you send out - they are just coming back to you and yours. What a wonderful way to live!

My two favorite people i've never met!!!
Val and her Latin lover!!! love you girl. YOU DA BEST EVA!!!!!!!!

love to Eddie and Jaithen too!!

love love love :)

Love those oyster plates on Valorie's wall. What can you teach us about collecting oyster plates? Soooo glad you are back as I was going through withdrawal.

What a fun party! Her house is beautiful and those lamps, she must tell us how she did them- love it!

Looks like a great party. Love the plates on the wall in the last picture, the burlap walls in the bedroom and the camel back sofa, shutters, and I believe I spied part of a 'ghost' chair next to the camel back sofa. I want to buy a couple, but I don't know where I would use them. Maybe they would fit in at the beach.

How fun...she has a beautiful home! Ahhh, can't wait for Mad Men to come back:)

Don't be selfish, Eddie. You either get the farmhouse full of goodies and the parties all over the place...or Jaithan. It's not fair to have it all.

How freaking gorgeous is he?

Guys, I was just wondering how you and Jaithan are going to get a dog when you travel so much. Best to do just as you are doing--wait. You look very relaxed in the pictures. The "Big Easy" does that to me too. I love the people down there.

Wow, can't wait to see the rest! The ironstone is beyond fab. Visual Vamp surely showed you and Jaithan an amazing time!!!

What a fun time. She is just fab!

How fun! new Orleans is my favorite place in the world!

What an absolute fun time you all must have had! Visual Vamp must be a doll--and amazing hostess too. We've had fun discussing the origins of Mardi Gras via our blogs.

What's funny, as I was looking at the pictures, I spotted Bryan Batt. I thought, "that looks like the Mad Men guy". It was! In your next picture was the confirmation! Love it!

Isn't the blog community amazing? It's just full of fun loving folks. I'm so happy that you've had the chance to get together with so many of them here recently. Way to go!


how fabulous! you know you've made it when there is a party in your honor!!

ugh, dont even get me started on Mad Men..I don't know if I love the dresses or decor more!!

I've almost finished my project with the toile wallpaper from the Rose Bowl flea market trip..I'll send u completed pictures! :)

Oh, to be envious, a bit, at least Mrs. B gets to the East Coast quite often, and here I am also in KC and usually when I travel lately it needs to be west to San Diego or next to Scotsdale where my sister Cynthia and her artist Michael Pessalato now live. I can see you all had a grand time!

I had the chance to spend some time with Valorie and Alberto when they were in Baltimore earlier this year. They're such fun!

PS To the reader who asked about the painting over the bed - it's vintage, by the artist Carlo of Hollywood. Google him - it's kind of interesting. It was a post Katrina purchase, and you are so right about it's soothing quality.
xo xo

You guys are the cutest couple ever and thanks so much for doing this blog. I lurve it. By the way, I saw that Joe Nye has you listed as one of his favorite blogs on his site. I'm sure you know this but just in case. Also forgive me for this but I think there's a little grammar thing with this post: "And finally, the group: Jaithan, Valorie and I, together.." I think it's "Valorie and me" but you may want to check with a grammar expert. Cheers! Have a lovely Thursday!

Thans Eddie for this wonderful post and gracious tour of our home. We loved having you and Jaithan, and your lovely crew (Jordan and Sara) visit with us. We hope this is the beginning of a life long friendship.
xo xo
Valorie (and Alberto)
PS Would you like me to tell you how I did the what I call my "alabasta" lamps?

Oh how fun - to spend time with Valerie and Alberto - they seem like such wonderful hosts!

Eddie! Please show us how to make that lamp ASAP. I have a lamp like that in my house and I love the idea of the faux paint.

Oh, Eddie. I find myself a wee bit envious at times, but your brush with Mad Men has put me over the edge!
Love me some Mad Men!

Great post! and welcome home.

Hi Eddie, Welcome home! It sounds like you guys had fun in NOLA. Love the pics of Valorie and Alberto's home. It's gorgeous. Isn't it fun to see how others can take and make beauty all their own?! I love the painting above their bed. Do you know who it's by? The creamware is pretty too, so many things to comment on, so little time. I can't wait to see YOUR home evolve as y'all re-do and redecorate it. Thanks for the pics. Get rested up and look forward to more! Love ya.

Welcome home and glad you are back with some more great pictures and stories to tell us. Missed you Both.

I love that dude on Mad Men. He's awesome. That scene where he pockets & covets the lighter? Priceless. I can't wait for season 3. I'm a tad obsessed with that show. Can I get 5 minutes alone with Draper? Pretty please...

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