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May 07, 2009


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Oh they are lovely and I would like to be entered!

Gorgeous, Eddie! I hope I win!

These spoons are beautiful!

Am another fellow collector of silver and these berry spoons are so interesting! Thank you for the opportunity to win them =).

you are truly an inspiration! thank you for sharing your creative and fun ideas. i love looking at your website to see what new ideas you will be sharing.
thanks, colleen

I would love to have these spoons in my collection!

It's called pay it forward! I love how your reader gave you something she new you would love and appreciate!

What better to celebrate summer with than a beautiful berry spoon. The more rain the plumper the berries!

Love the spoons! You inspire me to be a better hostess and fill my home with beautiful treasures.

My last name is spelled Baehre but pronounced "Berry." So while every day life is the Baehres for us, I don't own anything like the lovely berry spoons in the photo, and I'd be ber-ry pleased to have them!

So lovely (the story and the spoons!) Berries are ready and fingers are crossed!

Oooh love them! I would use them to serve blueberries on top of my new favorite Bundt cake: blueberry and lemon poppyseed. Delish!

Oh, I love these! I grew up picking blackberries in the countryside, then bringing them home to eat, still sun-warmed and dipped in sugar. Not healthy, but oh so wonderful.

Dear Eddie and Jaithan,

My daughter and I so enjoy visiting your blog and your beautiful, yet affordable approach to life. I too adore using vintage items and paying as little as possible for them. I feel like I'm "beating the system" whenever I score! (My best finds? - A heavy sterling revere bowl for 25 cents at a Ft. Lauderdale Good Will. Or maybe it was the signed Arthur Diehl oil painting that I unearthed in a Mebane N.C. junk shop. Then there was the full-to-the rafters, going out of business antique shop in Glasgow, Scotland where everything was half price! Oh how my heartbeat quickens with the memories).

What prompted my love note is the gorgeous berry serving set. I want it for my big sister. It would be a lovely addition to her Kings II silver collection. I give her a piece to add to her service every birthday and Christmas. She is a fabulous hostess and would put it to very good use. We both love lovely vintage things. Our parents immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland bringing almost nothing, so we have absolutely no inherited ancestral items. (our kids will get some great loot from us though).

Our "good eyes" were educated by growing up in Boca Raton, Florida where there was almost too much money and great taste. My sis and I love tchotchkes (but only tasteful, valuable ones). Again, the berry servers would go to a good home and what a story would be told each time they came out!

You are so inspirational and the talent flowing from your brains and veins is causing an intense interest in recycling things from past eras. Your influence is especially valuable in these times of economic uncertainty. You've made it cool to re-use!

You've gotta come visit our Raleigh, North Carolina fairgrounds flea market. Country Living mag has done articles on it and declares it one of the best. My daughter and I would be first in line to sign on for your tour.

Blessings to you both.

Note - I'm sorry this is so long. (I typed this out for my mum). She is a little technologically challenged and thought she would be writing out an e-mail (not a comment) to you guys. :)

Great spoons! My head is Jaithan, "don't need them", my heart is Eddie, "Gotta have them". Oy, such conflict...

I love that she gave them to you because she knew you would cherish them. I try to do that as well with gifts for my daughter - giving her things she can cherish as opposed to someting she'll never remember. When someone gives you something they believe you will cherish I think it means they cherish you!

Love your blog and love the spoons. I think they would look perfect serving up a fresh fruit (strawberries and blueberries of course) trifle.

Thank you for sharing the story about your family's berry spoons. So glad to hear those are not the pair that is being given away...I was worried at first.

Please include my name as I would love to be the lucky recipient and use them at my daughters upcoming graduation party.

My best,
Tricia - Avolli

Beautiful. Pick me!

Those berry spoons are just beautiful!! Hope I'm not too late to enter.

I've never won a blog giveaway before. Those sweet spoons are just lovely.

Ah, these would even work to serve a quadberry pie.

I loved the story behind your treasured berry spoons. In fact I just love berries and would love to win the spoons.


Your blog is too cute.

Throw my name in the silverware box! I'd love to win them!

Those are gorgeous! I love how beautifully intricate they are. A lot has been lost with modern "sleek" aesthetic, I think.

Lovely spoon!

I would like to thank you berry much for the giveaway!

Count me in! I'm holding back on berry puns. Barely.

Thanks for the story and inspiration!

How exciting and generous of you to offer such a great give a way! I would love to have the spoons and to be able to pass them down to my girls and so on. It is things as simple as these spoons that make your house a home!

Thank you
Kingwood Texas

Your spoons would be the perfect finish to my new estate-sale-found green depression glassware. I NEED THEM!!! Thank you for the opportunity.

I love you and your spoons.

Berry thoughtful! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.

How blessed you are to be serving up such memories! I think you were destined for this type of business and life, sounds like you had great training along the way!
Take care
ps...the Kane County Fair has upped their amount of Antique Vendors...many of the folks that are regulars at Sandwich have decided to try out Kane County as well...YEAH. You should have lots to choose from. Have fun!!!!

I've just started to collect silverware from estate sales, and these spoons almost perfectly patch a set of silver that we just picked up!

You inspire me! I have had pair of child's Chinese silk pants- beautiful royal blue and ivory- heavy with embroidery- that I dug out of a box of broken children's toys and puzzle pieces at an estate sale a couple of years ago. Always thought I'd do something with them one day...Your story of framing the booties, clothes and book made the lightbulb go off in my head of ideas to preserve my own little wonderful pants. Always enjoy your ideas and stories. It's like chatting with a life long friend when I read your blog- always brightens my day!! Thanks and if you don't mind please put my name in for the spoons you are going to share. Thta's such a nice idea! Hope to see both of you when you come to Hotlanta next month- Connie

Great spoons and great story!

Thanks for this opportunity. They will certainly be loved at my home!

What a great giveaway! Love how you paired the spoons w/ a picture of your grandmother. Michele

I love the spoons! Thanks for the info about why there's a gold overlay. I love to collect beautiful items as well & would definitely use them.

Since I never, EVER win anything, I'll just say thanks for the beautiful blog and the valuable lessons you teach everyday. I appreciate learning about all things of and for the home!


I just typed a lovely story and then deleted it. Bummer!

How sweet of you to gift your berry spoons.

I'm at the stage in this journey if someone admires something I use when entertaining or take to a function I see to it that they get the item to take care of next.

Love your posts, Eddie, thanks for inspiring us.

Love these serving pieces!

Blueberries are ripe here in Texas next month - how nice it would be to have such lovely utensils to serve them with

Great spoons and I love your blog. I check it daily.

These are amazing, thank you for sharing them.

How generous . . . I'm a "lurker" . . . try to find time each day to read your blog. Thank you for all your efforts! Much appreciated.

I read your blog because I am a fellow collector of antique dishes and utensils. It would be "berry nice" to win those spoons.

I know you are loving fixing up your farm house. Isn't living in the country breath taking! I bought six Gulf State Sheep this week and had so much fun at the stores and thrift shop. I found an oval wood and glass table with a wooden serving tray on top. I did not bring it home for as you said space! I found a home for it and hope to go and pick it up this week. I can place a tea set in the table, which has glass doors. I should have bought it then. I never seen one like it. How beautiful your grandmother is and her berry spoons are so lovely! It would be hard for me to give away the spoons you found that are look wonderful with your Grandmothers. Should I win the berry spoon, I will cherish them always. Still wish you had this aqua to turquoise sofa, from the 40-50 era. Wow, maybe I could give it away, for someone to cherish it. I been holding on to it, for the love of my 90 year old neighbor. I have two couches and one sofa. So no room here for it, its in storage. Good luck to one special person who wins these lovely berry spoon!

Love the spoons. Love the blog. Loved you on the show. Keep up the great inspiration.

I treasure a Tiffany sugar spoon I found on the last day of an estate sale at a house so cluttered with "things" it had been overlooked. Got it for $3. Now I look for things I can serve that require sugar sprinkled on top, so I can use my special spoon. But so far, I don't have fruit spoons. Thanks for bringing our attention to the beautiful pieces we can so easily overlook.

I love reading your blog and would love the spoons to use when we move into our new home.

I am so happy to hear I am not the only one who ignores their spouse ("but we don't really NEED it," he says). Life's a banquet! Happy Spring to you both.

- Kate

They are gorgeous! I would find so many uses for them if I would win! Thanks for a great blog!

Here's one for the old college try...I want!

I have a small silver cake server piece that has the inscription "To My Pal Frankie" inscribed on it. Frankie was my grandmother and I love that piece to distraction. "Things" don't mean love but it can represent it sometimes if we are lucky. Obviously, Eddie, you were lucky.

Such beautiful pieces. Thank you for sharing them with us.


I would love to start a collection so beautiful and unique. Thanks for the inspiration.

So very, very pretty! Count me in, please.

You always find the most beautiful pieces. Thank you for your generosity in words and in gifts.

I have very little from granparents--a kitchen table a single picture of one grandmother and lovely memories, china, and vases from the other. From my mother, I did inherit a packrat syndrome which forces me to keep far too much, even a simple apron from my grandmother, but I love each and every piece and would like to know more about what I do have. I love using the pieces I have, and hope the granddaughters my mother didn't have the chance to know, will also love and care for these pieces.

Thanks for the opportunity to own these beautiful spoons. They are to be enjoyed as well as shared with others.


I love stories of heritage and memories and how wonderful to have those gorgeous spoons. Mother's Day is always "bitter-sweet" for me. My mother passed away in 1988 3 week's before my first born came into this world. Tell Jaithen that your purchases have a story and you are just adding to their history. There is nothing like a good story surrounded by favorite things and memories.

I love the craftsmanship in those beautiful pieces! They are so gorgeous they could be framed!
Thank you for being so generous in giving those to a very lucky someone.

yes, please!

I'm not sure what the deadline is for the giveaway so I thought I'd give it a shot. Eddie . . . my partner and I will be attending the "Longest Yard Sale," and I'll definitely have you in the back of my mind while I dig, dig, dig!

They're truly lovely Eddie and I would cherish them as you do, and pass them on with some sort of made up history of them being smuggled into the country under the skirt of a beautiful but gentle pregnant aunt running away from slavery or a forced marriage or something super romantic and dramatic.

They truly are lovely!

I could go & on trying to butter you up, hoping to pick me with sad sack stories and whatever makes tears flow but instead I'll tell you there sweet, I love them and if ya don't pick me...its cool....but I really want them!!! Hee hee!!!

I found your blog when it was mentioned in the Washington Post Home section last year and have been following it ever since! I am enamored of the lovely photos where everything is just so (particularly when you send us bouquets and your vignettes for your etsy items), entertained by your stories, and inspired by your tips and advice (I polished my sterling after your story on polishing and made a beautiful bouquet after your video on floral arranging). It is a real treat at the end of my day to log on and see the latest entry, and I was tickled pink to discover you were giving away a set of berry spoons so I decided to enter a comment for the chance! Even if I don't win, thank you for such a bright spot to my days!

I loved hearing how your grandparents influenced your life. Tomorrow will be my seventh Mother's Day without my mom. She always loved using her beautiful antique pieces and didn't just save them for special occasions. Using things I inherited from her makes her feel closer somehow. I'm working at instilling a love for beautiful things in my three boys.

Hi Eddie,
I love your blog and check back frequently for new posts. I plan on tackling my bathroom sink with the flour sack and grosgrain ribbon soon. Thanks for all your inspiration!

I would be THRILLED to win! The spoons are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration!

These spoons are so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win!

Love, L-O-V-E, the berry spoons! How deliciously random! That you appreciate pieces from days gone by in our world of melamine plates from discount department stores, makes me smile. Thank you for the gift of your blog!


The spoons are just wonderful!! I would love to win them. Sally

I love those spoons and I love your blog. I check it every day to see what's new.

I love love love the internet! I never knew about berry spoons before. Another piece of wonderful information I've gleaned from the net. Thank you.

See you both in Alameda in December!

How fun creating your new garden. I can't wait to see the pictures. Here in Northeast Florida we really need the rain. I love your blog and have enjoyed following the creation of your brand. Eddie and Jaithan, you are living the dream!

Oh Eddie they are beautiful. What a wonderful gift. I have beautiful treasures from my grandmother that I will always cherish.

Hi Eddie,
Nice Eddie, what a lovely think to do!
The set is very nice as well. Have a nice Mother's Day with your grandmother!

Thanks Eddie,

Fab-u-lous spoonage!! Love them. I hope I win! I have a big party coming up and could put to good use Eddie!


Every time you post about working with your grandfather, I am green with envy. It sounds like SUCH a lovely way to spend quality time together!

Although I don't own a set of berry servers, I have inherited many lovely keepsakes from my own darling grandmother, whom I adored. I miss her so much! Tomorrow on Mother's Day, as always, I'll set our dinner table with her beautiful antique dishes and fill her old white pitcher with lilacs, her favorite flowers, as our centerpiece. It makes me happy to remember her this way.
Give your own sweet Mommom a hug for me. Cherish your time with her. I know that I did with mine, and I have many, many happy memories now.

What a wonderful giveaway! My mother has a similar pair that are absolutely lovely. As a newlywed, it would be nice to own a vintage pair myself! I love, love, love to cook/bake - and can imagine all the fun things to serve with these. :)

Darling spoons...I just love your sweet blog!

Berryrific Eduardo! I need you (and Jaithan) to come to VT and help me lighten my load for my tag sale. I want to keep everything but have no more room.

Love the spoons and your blog and I promise to give them a good home if I'm chosen as the lucky recipient.

P.S. I had a great time at the Pasadena swap meet - will you be traveling back this way again?

I would love to give these spoons a very loving home. They can join the cherished pewter pieces I have from my grandmother. Thank you for the give away.

Beautiful berry spoons.... I've never seen them before. I love checking out your site.

What a great story about your grandmother. I love objects with beautiful memories! Who knows what forgotten memories those berry spoons come with?

Beautiful spoons! I enjoy your blog.

These are absolutely beautiful! I would definately use them and when not in use their beauty would have to be displayed!

Thank you for your generous offer and for continuing to share your many creative gifts with us. The spoons are lovely! They would be treasured and lovingly used in our home.

How lovely your generosity and desire to share with others. Using such beautiful things as silver berry spoons in the daily life instead of conserving for when guests arrive -- those are the things that make the daily life a simple but elegant affair. Hoping to be the lucky winner.


They certainly are beautiful!

Have a great weekend!


Eddie, you will never know the pleasure you bring from sharing your simple but elegant treasures.

Thanks for sharing so many of your memories of which we can all relate in our own way. Your value of famiy and friends and the stories that you tell are most refreshing.

Love the berry spoons! I have one which I have always treasured which was picked out for me by my mother. It's always used with fond memories for holidays with the cranberries!

Thank you again-

The spoons are lovely! You are so generous!

As always, I enjoy reading the ideas and information you share with all of us. I would love to win the berry spoons. I have a berry bowl and six dishes that belonged to my great-grandmother. How lovely the set would look with them!


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