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May 15, 2009


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Try remnants the next time......and cut your costs even more.....even Calico Corners has a remnant table.

I love the mix of patterns and the bright, preppy colors! A little chrome is always great, too. Love this!

Amazing transformation. Love your work.


Love the bright greens in both fabrics -- the trellis design is my favourite of the two.

Great job updating these cool chairs :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

LOVE the chairs!

i miss ny:)

This would be much more interesting if we knew how much you paid for the chairs at Salvation Army. I hope that's not rude, but it's just nice to know what things are going for at thrift stores so that when I go, I'll know if I'm getting a bargain or not. That's half the fun of thrifting.

those chairs rock. awesome transformation

LOVE the green trellis chair against the blue geometric wallpaper. Love, love, love!

Both patterns are fabulous on those chairs! I love finding things with good bones that just need little external sprucing up! Thans for the inspiration! (Oh, and both have me longing for Palm Springs!)

My favourite thing is to find old pieces and transform them into something new and unexpected. Those chairs now look fantastic.

Those chairs are so beautiful! Nothing like a good lattice pattern. Thanks for the inspiration!

Good morning. How lovely and fresh the the chairs look!
I hope you both are well. I miss you madly! xoxo

Nicely done! I love the link pattern.
I know you are a big Calico Corners fan, but you also have to try out The Barn in Bridgeport - such a good time finding treasures in there too.

My favorite is the chairs/parsons table/white mirror/green wall vignette. It's fresh and fun. Great job, as always.

Gorgeous! I always adore your transformations.... I'm still dreaming about a few furniture pieces we spotted at the flea market, maybe next time! I love the parsons style desk and grasscloth with the metal and floral fabric, really great combo.
xo, L

How's about some Ruby Green fabrics on them chairs!!! The Jacqueline would have been FAB!

But..they do look great the way you transformed them!

oh my goodness, these are fantastic! i'm a diy baby and i need to learn...

Oh, Eddie...you always inspire me! These are awesome.

Hope all is well.


How fresh! Love it!!!

This is a makeover that really "wowed" me. The transformation of those chairs is unbelievable!

Modern, classic and chic!! You nail it every time Eddie!! I love your style!!

Schwanky...Salvation Army is also a fabulous place to find classic books en masse to fill those built-ins. I'm actually currently ensconsed in a Sally Quinn Salvation Army treasure.

Ultra fabulous, Eddie! I particularly love the floral on that steely mod chair - just perfect if you ask me!

Hi Eddie,
The redo chairs look really great! The awesome fabric turns office drab to anywhere fab. Calico Corners has some really great stuff. Cool job Eddie! Thanks.

Thinking the Calico Corners trelis print would go well with your chairs, I scrolled down to see them. Holy Toledo, Eddie, that bathroom is to die for. Who, but Eddie Ross would ever use that wallpaper with the print? I love it. One thing about this blog, It is never boring.

Thank You so very much!

Eddie, great job! There is a trellis pattern I love for a bath/shower curtain in black and cream. Yes very reasonable prices for nice fabrics that aren't $150+ a yard! Love the finished results!


OK these chairs are seriously gorgeous!!!! you have transformed these ugly ducklings into beautiful swans! ......and boy are you good with colour! We love. love, love.......Thanks for the inspiring post Eddie.

Oh my gosh! I'm dying! They're absolutely fabulous! What a makeover.


You made some really ugly chairs into really beautiful chairs. I love your choice of colors and fabric. I agree on your comments about Calico Corners. They are so helpful.

Love the "new " chairs. Great fabric choices. Went to the Brooklyn Flea yesterday and found an original box of glass place cards from the 30's. They even had names on them-- Eddy, Blanche, Queene, Vera and Gerald. the price was five dollars but I say priceless. Can't wait till my next dinner party!

wow what a transformation! I love them!

Thanks, Eddie for giving me a daily dose of style and sophistication. I need it in this world that is not always so pretty. I love those chairs!

The green fabric is really sharp - it's got such a freah and young feeling to it. It also loks very cool against the blue/white wallpaper. I like it a lot.

I've always been a Hancock shopper, but they're gone now, so I will just have to trek a little further out to Calico Corners. (while passing up about three JoAnn Fabrics along the way)

How much did you get your rescued chairs for? Were they as good of a deal as your Kitchen Aid?

Ummmm....that's Annie Selke.

Ah..inspiration. I'm happy I have a Calico Corners nearby. What do you think of the Anne Selkie fabrics?

I love how the chairs turned out! Beautiful fabrics! I have reupholstered seat cushions before, but I haven't graduated to more complicated upholstering yet... I would love to learn how to do it.

Hi Eddie,
I love the geometric....you're on my blogroll, 'cause your flea finds and transformations are consistently stunning...and your ultimate message - 'recycle stylishly' is genius for our planet and our economy!!


They look incredible. Very inspiring!

Those chairs look fabulous! (seems like "fabulous" is used over and over here). You have a special eye to see beyond the "yuck" and at the "ohhhhh"

Tricia - Avolli

I swear your eye for color is uncanny! I wish I had it. As much as I like to take risks I just cannot get it right like you do! I love the chrome chairs, how perfect for a bedroom?

Having had the pleasure of seeing them in person, I really loved them! They remind me of my teenage years, when everything was all about the print and the chrome!

Love how those chairs turned out!! Great job. It reminds me of these chairs I actually saw today at Oh Joy Blog...http://ohjoy.blogs.com/my_weblog/2009/05/may-snippets.html.

Thanks for the post!

Rachelle :)

Really, Eddie, you make it all look so inviting. Wish I had your vision! Ann

PS When is the next tablescape? I'm counting on you for further inspiration!

You ole genius you! Dear Eddie these chairs are so cool. Love both patterns, but the trellis is super. Wait, so is the floral! I can't make up my mind, I love them both. The modern chair with the traditional fabric is smart. As always you impress!

i love them eddie! you reallly chose great fabrics!

Eddie, those are to die for now! I love your fabric choices. I'm going to a little seminar on color at Calico Corners tomorrow. They DO have some great fabrics. Thanks for sharing this great makeover.

I like the floral patterend chairs a lot! One can definatley do a lot with new textiles! :)
I went to some stores last week and and did some sofa sitting/testing.Sofas in all kind of price ranges but I found absolutely nothing that I would want to spend my money on or have in my home. Then I went to the second hand store and found THE sofa. It was perfect, a real comfy quality sofa! It only cost 60 bucks.The pattern on the sofa wasn't really what I wanted, so I went to another second hand store and found 11 metre completely new fabric on the roll for 27 bucks! Can you beat that!? lol So now I have my work cut out for me in the coming days... to sew a new cover for the sofa. It will definately go with my new dark red velvet curtains that had cost 300 bucks...which I had been drooling for a long time...and then they went on sale and I got them for 30 bucks instead!! So, the one who waits...has to pay less, I guess...and also gets what one wants..sometimes! lol I am happy anyway! :)

Eddie - Your fabric choice is just awesome! A great placement even on a covered porch. Your ideas amaze me. Thanks as always for sharing.


What a fantastic look for so little. That's what I love about thrift shopping.


Love this post! Last week a client wanted some extra chairs for a party she is having and I went into CC since I was in a tight time frame. I was so excited to see their great new line of fun and affordable fabrics. I got a navy and white one similar to yours!

Very cute! I love both prints, but particularly the pink floral one! Great job! You always amaze me!

Those are great! I love vintage drapes for fabric. Good eye Eddie...those would fit in out here on ACK in a heartbeat. I think some vintage Lilly would be cool on white bamboo chairs also.


Eddie, Love it! You certainly have the'vision'.

The trellis fabric is my slipper chair's new fabric...too funny. Thanks for the floral. It may be my new headboard slipcover!!! I love it & didn't see it when I was at C.C. Its definietly an all aftrenoon trip there, in the least.
The chairs look fab...but you did them, so of course they would be.
Have a luxe weekend.

Yeah, another before and after post, my favorite!! I LOVE the fabric you chose, I would never naturally go to a floral like that, but it is just perfect!

Hope you two have a great weekend!!

Eddie: I have absolute chair envy!
It's about time I made a good thrift shop score. It's so rewarding. Have a terrific weekend.

Oh my goodness....what a transformation!!! I love both fabrics, just lovely!

Have a fabulous weekend!



Great job Eddie. I love the floral fabric. I wasn't to thrilled about the chairs but your fabric selection made them look terrific.

I love the patterns you chose. They really spruced up those chairs. Thanks for sharing!

stop it...those are too cute. and i love the green grass cloth!! and that china seas paper is dynomite :)

Beautiful! I am just about finished reupholstering a chair I picked up at good ol' Salvation Army for ..... $16! It's the most beautiful chair I've seen (minus the tacky peach fabric). I love it. Going to finish it up this weekend. I just love your re-upholstery treasures.

Eddie Ross, where were you when I was growing up? This is wonderful! The patterns at bottom, blue on wall, green trellis on chair, evoke waterfalls in a garden. So fresh.

Love Calico Corners, too. Amazing new patterns this year. They're modernizing, with retro, and traditional, too.

Thanks for the inspiration. Eddie, please tell me you'll be blogging for my lifespan. (I'm praying for immortality for Martha, too!)

So cool! You are such a clever guy!

wow they look great

you know i just bought some in a pattern very similar to your green trellis pattern, only yellow. it is such a great pattern.

Love the chair makovers been waiting to see what you do with them.

Eddie! this is fabulous!
are these in your home?

Eddie! I am swooning at the loveliness.

I LOVE that juxtaposition! It's fabulous. I used that green fabric in pink in my house. You da bomb, Eddie.'

oh how i wish our salvation army in Utah were filled with treasures like that! occasionally i'll find some lovely milk glass or a vintage camera but nothing this fabulous!


Heart! I just recovered some nasty, brown vinyl "dentist office chairs" in a fantastic fabric and I am now wishing it was lime green! I love these!


I am soooo jealous of your super pretty note-writing area! Love these chairs, love the fabric, love everything you do!

You are amazing! The chairs look so fresh and modern. I've been itching to recover some chairs. I'd LOVE to see how you went about doing these. Tricks of the trade!

*Love* the gorgeous green geometric print fabric. The chairs look incredibly chic and expensive! You have such a great eye for design!

I came back to visit these chairs again. I am so sad that I cannot go to Scott's with you and Jaithan! Sissy invited me, and I am so sick that I will be out of town and miss out on all the fun. And there is no way that the Charlotte, NC Salvation Army would ever have fabulous chairs like this!!

Georgeous! Such a fun, inspiring post -love the before and afters!

LOVE them. Wow! Thanks!

wow, those are fantastic!! I love the green ones the best. More pictures, please!!

OMG!! I love the chairs!! I would never have even sat in those old chairs! Now I want them..love your before and afters!

Gorgeous! That sweet floral chair by the console would make writing everything from thank-you notes to electric bill payments more of a pleasure and less of a chore.

Were we separated at birth? I remember seeing those chairs at Sally's. I even took a picture of them. Of course, you know I'm addicted to Calico Corners. I'm on the waiting list at their outlet for that same trellis fabric but in the orange wave!


A perfect example of 'One man's trash, is another man's treasure'. Something we can all take away- now that the tag and yard sales are cropping up all over.

For those of us bereft of Calico Corners are there some good online sources for fabric? I've used Ballard Designs but would love other sources as well.

Nice! Love what you chose! I have an old Mission style sewing rocker (with a drawer on the side) that I snagged for $40 up in RI that I need to recover. May be time for a trip to Calico Corners!

Eddie, those chairs turned out great! I think I love the ones with the floral pattern best - the colours are so fresh, perfect for early summer. :)

Fun! I'm dreaming out recovering two chairs of my own. This gives me some great ideas. Thanks!

WOW - the change is phenomenal. They look fabulously expensive - and so now. What great fabric choice! I now repent of all my drive-by-ignorings of the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

How fabulous the chairs look now. I love the juxtaposition of the patterns especially the chair and the wall covering. Is this in your new home? Another fabulous posting.

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