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May 06, 2009


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Hi Eddie,
I am a fan of your site and your work. I am getting ready to hang some pale blue grass cloth wall paper in my office next week, and would appreciate any tips. Specifically, how do you display art without damaging the delicate paper?

Hop on over and see my related post with a special mention:


Kate at www.Centsational Girl.com

PS If you're ever in the California Wine Country, look us up.

Hi Beth,

Thanks for the question!

The silver was mounted with a museum wax sticky tack and do tarnish, though the glass serves to slow the process. To polish, just remove them from the back.



I have been wanting to put my sterling baby spoon and fork in a shadow box for years! Are you willing to share any hints on how you mounted them and what to do to prevent them from tarnishing while being displayed? Thank you

You buy so much stuff... where do you have the place to keep it all? Or do you sell everything?

I love the shadow boxes. Great job!

Eddie - this is a great post. The framing turned out beautiful as I would expect!! Loving your blog - you continue to inspire me again and again!

These are beautiful!

Whenever I see men looking for baby things, I melt. I so much love the picture of the tiny spoon and fork on your big hand. . .


Hi Eddie and Steve,

How nice to see you two working together. It looks like you had a great day. You have given me inspiration for another frame shop display--antique spoons! I was born in England and I have lots of antique silverware at home., along with gorgeous antique Spode plates. If there is a way to send photos on this site I'll send you the framed examples.

Thanks for the fleemarket story. i will try to go visit the next one. Always on the look for antique silverware for our Brocante chandelier collection. Nothing beats the thrill of a great find! My idea of fun is to peruse through old junkyards...
Being rather new in the blog world, I just fell upon yours and love it!

eddie, those are awesome...way to make something that lends itself to the more traditional side, have a little funk in it! love those first two rooms- hello!!

Absolute perfection!

Looks like another great visit to Scott's Antique Market! I love the shadow box creations. Such an awesome way to preserve and display memories and treasures - gets me to thinking of things I would like to preserve of my own; much better than having the items locked and shut away in boxes and drawers!

Thanks Eddie,

Gorgeous! So now that you all moved out into the country, you have babies on your mind? Hmmmm... ;)

Eddie, what a great project!!! The frames look amazing. Please can you not tempt us with any more of your super duper shopping trips??? We are so close to jumping on a plane and joining you on one! So watch out.............

Eddie, I enjoyed every moment of this lovely post! I savored each photo, as if I was on this adventure with you. So much fun! And the end results are fantastic. Now you have my mind thinking about the possible "heirloom" treasures that I might have in order to create one of these beauties for my four daughters! My oldest is graduating from college in a couple of weeks and I would love to present her with a beautiful shadowbox as a gift.

As always, thank you for sharing your fantastic ideas. I discovered a little something that I would love to send to you if you wouldn't mind emailing me an address. Drop me a note when you get a moment.


Nice way to frame these collections. Especially perfect for vintage Christening gowns.

I, too adore this wonderful idea! I have no idea HOW to do a shadow box but hopefully my local craft store may have a class I could take! Thanks so much for the inspiration...you are amazing! Pinky

These are so perfect!! What an amazing way to showcase unexpected art.

I have quite a few things I would love to frame this way, my question is how did you attach the sterling pieces as well as the baby rattles to the matting?

wow! I love what you have done. As always.

I had a hard time focusing as I was really taken with your outfit. the vest, the tie, the shirt ! - how can I look at vintage knick-knacks at a time like this?

Wow! Look at the treasures you've found this time! I love Scott's! You did a great job with the styling.

you are beyond inspiring. thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

Found you via Kenziepoo. Great post/idea. Love the baby rattles!

Sweet!!! Especially the silver...I may have to try that! You also gave me the idea to frame some butter pats that I own, and will probably never use on a regular basis. Thank you!!
On a side note, what do you use to wash fine linens, that will not harm the fabric but will whiten and remove stains??
Most sincere thanks for your assistance.

deja vu - I made shadow boxes as a child - there must be some deep psychological meaning to this...now you have brought back all those memories and I am off to shadow box so many items....
my daughter's christening gown, and her sweet silver rattle....
darn you -

um, does anyone know where to get that pink/red wallpaper in the first picture? it's AMAZING.

OMG how amazing!! What wonderful and ingenious ideas. You always amaze me with your ideas.

Eddie, how did you get the garments to "sit" so nicely, are they pinned into place? I have collected some beautiful antique and vintage christening gowns on ebay and would love to have them framed like this, a great idea...I love it.

wow, how did i miss this in atlanta?! i can't keep up...anyway, the framed vintage baby clothes is so sweet and makes me want to have a baby just so i can do this (did i just say that? yikes.)

A great project. I love the mat colors...really pretty...

I adore vintage baby wares!!! I did my goddaughters rooms with vintage pieces of silver and then did a ribboned clothes line of vintage baby clothes on one wall as art. Love the shadow boxes!!!!
By the way...you're always dapperly dressed: you need to teach the men of the world to abolish the white shirt look with a tie...so boring.

eddie,What a great post! I love this idea for a unique baby gift,how special it would seem.I remember your other post with Steve and showed us the Biltmore Estate prints in black and white, I am in love with those. I am going to go and visit the Biltmore Estate this coming Sunday all the way from sunny Calif.I am sure when I get back I will have to order a print .Hugs Kathysue

My Dad has that same baby book! Well, I guess I have it now. He gave it to me a few years ago after his father died and he inherited it. I can't wait to share it with my own children one day, so they can find out what their grandpa was like when he was a baby.

Divine! I'm SO going to try this with some of my baby boy's momentos!!

I absolutely Love this!! I would love to feature this on my blog!! Thanks for posting on my blog!

It was great fun Eddie and I can't wait for the next fun project!

Absolutely gorgeous. Unrelatedly, I've been meaning to tell you that Dollar Tree has seersucker napkins for Spring!

Loved this post! I will use this idea for sure.

I love how all of them turned out! My fav is the pink/red/white room...so graphic, so lovely!

I will be sure to check out Steve's blog.



Those shadowboxes are beautiful - wonderful idea!

Hey friends!

Wow! What a great post! I love how you transformed a traditional shadowbox and made it fabulous! Love and miss!


The Shadow Boxes are beautiful!

Serendipity! I just picked up a bunch of sterling baby utensils and I am working out how to frame them for my shop (www.sparkershop.etsy.com)!

Beautiful and inspiring as always. Thanks, Eddie!

Oh I'm so excited about going to Scott's with y'all next month. Yay! I already have a list, complete with pics, of what I'm looking for.

I love these ideas! I think sometimes it's difficult to place things out so that it's not too theme-ish and over the top. These are very tasteful and sweet. Great ideas!

these are really, really beautiful. now you've got me looking around the house for things to put in a shadow box!

You guys have such brillant creative minds! I loved meeting Steve, he was such a sweetheart. I have baby shoes from my babies (now 33 and 35) plus my ivory and silver teething ring....let's just say they are 50+ years old. This has given me some ideas on displaying them instead of them hanging out in a drawer.

I was hoping to see you all next month at Scotts but looks like I'll be at the beach that weekend....hopefully we'll meet again soon.

Love you guys!

I love the way you have styled your shadow box vignettes. The bold patterns and colors in the background really make the artwork pop off of the wall.

The Scott Antique Market is indeed an experience. I hope you have a great turn out in Atlanta!

Love the shadowboxes and LOVE LOVE LOVE Scott Antique Market. I live in NW Georgia and the husband and I try to make it to Scott's at least every other month. Even when we don't make a purchase, it's very worth the trip. We're also big fans of Lakewood.

Love the gray piece. Really catches your eye.

How did you mount the silverware to the book?

Thanks for the peek, I have done this for my daughter yrs ago... A whitewashed box, red & white silk plaid & engraved antique fork / spoon a small 4x4 box. So cute! Good to see you bloggin....
Have a good day,
lmf blog

Scott Antique Market is one of my favorites, I have been only a couple of times but it never disappoints me. I have found fabulous treasures. The shadow boxes are great.

OMG Eddie!!!!!!

Those are beautiful!!!!!

Love the simplicity of all of them!!

What a fun project!


Love the shadow boxes. Especially love vintage baby clothes. I am lucky to have some of my own baby clothes. I also want to thank you for the Larson-Juhl link. I am working on a needlework sampler and they framed it in a Larson-Juhl frame, but gave no web site. I am going to my local dealer today to look at frames!

Your shadow box project is terrific. Had to laugh because that baby book looks just like mine! Would be the perfect way to preserve something so special.

Love it!

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