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May 25, 2009


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This is wonderful. One question - where do you store it when space is limited?

Hi Annie,

Usually I give myself a limit, say, $100. Most of the time, I stick to it.

And on the subject of haggling, I hate insulting dealers. If they're asking $100, I offer $75. If they're asking $40, I offer $30. You have to work WITH them, not against them. Thanks for asking!


Do you go with a set amount to spend and then dicker to stretch the set amount you brought??? Or do you pay the stated price with out offering less??

It's so pleasing to see that someone like you is going out there and basically rescuing all of this stuff and really appreciating it for what it's worth. Thanks for taking the time to make a video, it was enjoyable as always. Good job.

you just have the best life!!!

Eddie, your enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! I am so glad that you did a video of yourself describing all of your amazing finds because it really brings everything to life. I love that! Those little lobster dishes are so cute. I would love to find some for my beach home! Now you are going to send me on a search for something like them!

I found something that I would love to send you when I was in a little antique shop. Is there an address where I can send it? It's just a little something but it had your name all over it!

Great post!


Hi Eddie,
Great post! Stormville looks like treasure load for great finds. Hope to shop with you soon.

Thanks Eddie,

You are making me want to hit a few flea markets.

Have you read that book called The Find yet. I think you would like it. It makes any treasure finders pulse go up.

I love those artichoke plates.

Eddie, I'm tasting mango sorbet topped with warm blackberry sauce and crushed gingersnaps in those amethyst sorbet dishes!

I haven't been to your site for awhile, but it sounds like you are still busy and keeping it fun! I'm glad everything is going well for you!

Another fabulous blog. Can't wait for a trip to a flea market. There are so many treasures so little time. The amethyst dishes are wonderful.

Love everything! If I didn't have to get rid of 90% of my stuff in Vermont I would be right there with you. Do you need anything before my tag sale? I should send you some photos.
Thanks for satisfying my 'flea itch' Eddie!

Hello Eddie,

I love the show at Stormville i found some fabulous finds. Hope you are enjoying life in the country!

Where I live, I'm not lucky enough to have flea markets, but there are lots of yard sales and I'm a yard sale junkie! :)
I posted info about my new Ribbon Box on my blog, it’s so neat! If you’d like to see details, please stop by!

That looked like so much fun! Wish we had some really good flea markets here in B'ham. We don't, so I have to drive to find that sort of thing. Love, love the white vase, since I'm obsessed with all white dishes now. You got some fantastic things, as usual.

I love Stormville and hope to get there again this season.

Your videos are always a treat!


Speaking of napkins, I found some uncut damask, beautiful, which needs hemming on only two sides.

Embarrassing question? Exactly how?


What amazing stuff!!!

Eddie speaks! (Is this your first video tour, or have I missed something?)

Having Lyme Disease, I can't go about these days. Your visit to Stormville is so fun to watch. My favourites are the rectangular vase--as you say, perfect for the mantle!--and that bamboo flatware. Good find.

Glad the weather cooperated for you. You know, Eddie, it is so, so difficult for some of us outside of the trade to find good yardage of vintage or even gently lived in fabric. I think that's a niche for your Etsy store.

Eddie & Jaithan -- Shopping the New York flea markets with you was a ball! I can't wait to see the re-cap and I will send you photos of all my treasures in their new home!

Kris C.

All of that great fabric. I'd love to know if you will be making the napkins...that would make a great how to video! Love all of your great finds!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
You have a way of making me see a purpose for things that I may not have deemed to be beautiful, but now, I say, Oh, Eddie would love this!

Eddie...I've never been to Stormville but you've convinced me to give it a try. When is the next show? ♥Rosemary

OK, so I am going to have to say it again......stop teasing us here in Australia!!!!! No fair! There is way too much fun and treasure hunting going on.

Great finds...I'm itching to go to a flea market now!

Eddie and Jaithan,
I had such a great time shopping with you. It turned out to be a beautiful day.Your video sums it all up. Lots of goodies and especially laughter.

Your knowledge and creativity blows me away. And I love those amethyst glasses!

Hi guys, So much fun at the flea market!! You always manage to find some neat treasures, don't you? I've enjoyed seeing them. I have to start going to flea markets and tag sales again. Through your jaunts I see what I've been missing. I loved all your goodies. Also, you make me not feel so guilty for my fabric "need". All the best!!

How F-U-N to watch your video!!! You have just GOT to make MORE of these 'treats' to share with your FANS!! Your enthusiasm is...SO..catchy and your knowledge of all that is *neat* is so fun!!! Thank you for putting this together, just love ya!! Tata...Valerie up in Manitoba xo

When you look at all the items separately they look different. But pair them with what you purchased and it makes since. It's fun to do that.



I just opened my July 2009 issue of Canada's Style At Home magazine...and there you are!!! Great article my friend!! So nice to see your face in 1 of the biggest decor mags in Canada!

I agree with Trish! we need the Eddie Ross book & show!!!! I hope it's in the works!

How fun watching you do your thing! you need to to a book all about flea marketing!

Hi Eddie! Loved the video! Makes me wish I lived in the States so I could go flea market shopping. =( It's definitely a must for my next trip! On the plus side, my grandparents were avid collectors when they were younger and their house is filled with silver and glass and antiques that would make you swoon. I would love to hear what you have to say about each piece! ;)


Love the videos you're doing now! Makes me feel like I'm right there with you!
I absoluetly LOVE the purple dishes! I have a few (four) glasses in a similar pattern. They are all different colors.
I'm on the hunt for more! Might join you in Atlanta! Take care and thanks for posting your adventures!

So fun shopping with you Eddie - thanks for letting us tag along! I love those purple glasses - just perfect for lemon sorbet in summer.
Next time I want to come with you!
x Shar

i was so pleased to see your johnson bros dish and how you've now got 6 plates! i've collected a vast collection of this classic and beautifully made pieces and love to use them at every chance. i love how i have the earliest and the latest stamps on the base.

love the bamboo too!

since i can't get to these fairs (living in Australia)... i love going to these fairs through you!

Great flatware!!! Love the bamboo look :) I've made fresh lavender sachets out of vintage fabric for the dresser draws. Keeps the moths away in the summer...plus they are just cute. Have fun creating I know your stash will turn into an Eddie originals once you've at at it. Thanks for the clip of your finds.


Eddie and Jaithan, You found some wonderful treasures, I love the artichoke plates and the amethyst sorbet dishes. How fun, it is definitely treasure hunting. I just found several wonderful older pieces at a garage sale. sometimes it makes me think why are you selling these things, especially when they were grandma's??? thank you for sharing, I love thrifting with you, Hugs Kathysue

You hit it big! What fabulous treasures! I need those artichoke plates now!!!
Will you be keeping those or selling them on Etsy?

Now I'm regretting the fact that I never got to Stormville this weekend! Looks like you had fun! Let's make a date -

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