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June 04, 2009


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I love virtually shopping with you! I love the plates and think I would dig through the maps! Is the NY Flea Market the Annex on 18th Street, the Garage or Hell's Kitchen? I live on LI and have no excuse not to go! I also hope to get to Elephant's Trunk in CT that you mentioned in a past post.

Happened to see you on Celebrity Christmas Homes, Eddie. You and I are kin! Grew up in rural MS with a grandmother who dragged me "junkin'" on Saturdays when antique stores were only in large cities. I now live in the midWest among my family treasures and refurbs from my stint as a military wife and longstanding affair with flea markets- turn of the century barber cabinets as bedside tables, chicken coops as coffe table, etc. I've raided more old audubon books for gorgeous artwork than you can imagine. Love to meet you some day.

Eddie & Jaithan,
LOVE the pictures - a great reminder of a really fun day and great finds. I'm still thinking about decoupaging the bathroom with those old maps! Thanks again!
Kris Connell

You guys are really inspiring me to check out some flea markets to fill my newlywed home! These are the exact kind of items I would love!

Oh, Eddie! What fun! As soon as I saw the wheelchair, I thought: Wicked! Hubby, daughter and I saw it here locally in May and it was fantastic. My daughter was lucky enough to see it again in NYC when an orchestra trip from her high school saw it there.

Hi guys...
Had a ball- so fun meeting you at the most beautiful space in chicago, scentimental gardens. Really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next adventure.
Until we meet again- holly


Thanks for checking out the Kane County Flea Market on Saturday we appreciate the exposure. Hope you had a good time and were able to get that Ketchup stain out.

Leavey-Kane County Flea Market

Hi Jaithan,
Wow, first time to talk a bit with you!
Great post too. Caio

I love to see what you and your friends find!
So many great fun finds!

Today is the BIG day! Just packing up and heading to Geneva to meet up with Debra and the girls...then of to Kane County to meet up with you and Jaithan!

My favorite find is the Chinoisserie plates!! They are gorgeous!! Everyone found great items!! Thanks for sharing it guys!

Try Table 52 -- fantastic. For a light lunch or glass of wine in the afternoon, Pierre Gourmet in The Penninsula (get a table outside). Bistro 110 right off the Mag Mile is also fab. enjoy.

Looks as though your goal was met..fun had by all! Thanks for sharing great tips, food ideas, shopping sources and retail therapy with virtual friends.


table 52 - Oprah's chef opened it - fantastic

Alright J-Man! Great post!

You both have a safe trip, if you and Eddie were a meal you would be the Dessert in my life!

welcome eddie and jaithan, almost chicago time!

dining; if you like mexican food the best in chicagoland is 'bien trucha' 3 doors down from scentimental gardens in geneva. casual setting, gourmet mexican, best, very best margarita's and mojitos anywhere, promise. hard to get in, oprah discovered them! when in town pick up 'chicago' magazine and 'chicago home and garden' for great recommendations .
try to get in some city time, chicago is amazing!

Looking forward to Saturday! We'll have a BLAST "doing" Kane County Flea Market.

Hi Eddie!! Please tell me.....I was in NYC in Feb. 09 and went to the Antiques Garage (loved it!!!) but I was very disappointed with the Hell's Kitchen one outdoors (looks like you are there in some of your pictures?). Was it the time of year? Would springtime be better? Give me you input pretty please as I would love to plan a girls trip there sometime and flea marketing is a must for us! And meeting you maybe too? We would treat you to a very nice dinner!

How much fun. I love good antique markets and get great vicarious pleasure from your posts! Ever visit the Round Top, Texas shows?

The Nearly New Shop by Oz Park in Lincoln Park is my favorite little thrift shop! It is tiny, but packed with good stuff! If you like Vietnamese, Simply It (on Lincoln)is delicious and light and just a block away! What could be better than shopping and eating!?

Oh, you're having so much fun! I'm swooning over here just watching. Love the perfectly preppy glasses.

My favorite suburb in Chicago is Barrington. So lovely!

What great finds, I love that alabaster lamp and you are right it would look perfect with a black silk shade.

I cant wait to see everything you find in Chicago! Have fun!

I hope you have a lovely time at the Kane County Market--it's a good one--and that the weather holds out! If I wasn't deeply entrenched in wedding plans this weekend, I'd try to come out. Have a good time!

This is a great way to find some awesome deals. Too bad I just came across this today.

What a great day!

I didn't even see Lindsey score those apples, fantastic.

I didn't find your wonderful blog until today via Style at Home Magazine, which has your great interview in the upcoming July issue. Hope to see you at the Christie Show!

Here's a link with more information - 12,00 dealers there - I can't wait!


how could i forget...les tissut colbert in downtown geneva - great, great french antiques and fabrics!

if you have time downton st.charles and geneva are filled with quaint antigue and specialty shops...both are on the fox river and have lots of charm- right down from sentimental gardens is 302 west - wonderful seafood and kind of fun and swanky with cool cocktails. the harrington is a cool boutique-type hotel in downtown geneva, also on the river with a great spa and great food! see you all saturday - can't wait to meet you and jaithan!

Oh how I wish I lived back East, so I could have to the opportunity to go on one of these shopping trips with you guys! It looks like SO much fun! This post had some fun finds in it. Jealous of the whole "Wicked" backstage opportunity! I am going to try to score some good tickets to go see it with my daughter in San Francisco. Let me know when you are out this way again, so I can join you on one of your famous shopping trips! We have an incredible antiques fair in Alameda!

Have fun this weekend but save some energy for next week's shopping in Atlanta. I am all excited about my big road trip and meeting the two of you...can't wait to see what we find!

you have to hit Mia Francesca for the best Italian evvv- ah! I'll be at scotts in Atlanta next Friday so I will miss you by one day-- Have a great time-

Chicago! What a great town! We were fortunate to spend 5 weeks there a few summers ago. Our apartment looked over the river and lake...hard to beat! Be sure to hit the Brown Elephant thrift store. Also, The Rosebud is wonderful for dinner. Enjoy!

The maps on a powder room wall, how fab. What a great bunch of finds as well as the fun everyone had.
Looking forward to your next shopping trip.

Eddie, I have that exact same samovar! My mother and I found it at the back of an antique store while we were rummaging through boxes. The dealer (this was a good ol' boy store in the middle of nowhere) actually gave it to us for free!

I love your cider idea. I confess to never having used it before!

I feel like you haven't been posting as often - I do miss your cheer :)

Everyone found such lovely things!!! My favorite find is the Chinoisserie plates...gorgeous!! I saw Wicked in LA and thought that it was fabulous. I hope that you two get to take the backstage tour and give us a peek!



Can't wait to meet you at Debra's event. It's my birthday and I chose to spend it with you. So glad you could celebrate here in the windy city...
Must go to socca for dinner on clark street in lakeview/wrigleyville- my brother is the chef/owner....I hope if Nate eats here, it's worthy. www.soccachicago.com Check it out. Ask for Roger.

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