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June 06, 2009


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I would love to have the address ofDan & Beth Walker of North Carolina Oexning silversmithe

One of my favourite magazines and you're in it!

Congratulations Eddie! You are a HUGE success here in Canada!!

I can't wait for Christies!

I'm hitting some local thrift shops this weekend! If you want any info on them, just let me know!


way to go! what a beautiful spread.You've made me consider painting my shield back chairs.......

Hey Eddie,

Thanks so much for the kind words - it was entirely my pleasure to interview you! Sincerely looking forward to meeting you in person in September! Christie rocks - you're going to love it!


Great stuff in Style at Home! And the Christie Antiques Show is absolutely fabulous! You won't be disappointed!

Way to go! Congrats! Beautiful article. I wanted to tell you that I’m hosting an incredible giveaway for a $195 EZ View Desktop on my blog. Come on over and enter!

How awesome....congratulations!

Great Job Eddie - nice article and great tips! Best, Lisa

I'm very happy to read about you, your wonderful ideas and your Etsy store in one of our canadian magazine!

Do you think you'll be shipping to Canada anytime soon???

Congrats Eddie!! What a great article, I love the ideas you covered in it- I cant wait to see what they have planned for September! Have fun in Canada, I'm looking forward to seeing all your finds as usual.

Wonderful article, the chairs are a great example of what can be done with a classic. You are brilliant.

LOVE IT!!! Besides all of the quintessential "Eddie pretty," what a brilliant way to present some of your ideas for shopping and adding style to life!


Congrats on another recognition! Nice article!


Congratulations on the article!! Your becoming an international celebrity!

Eddie--you're an international style-setter! Can't wait to see you in Atlanta next week when we rock Scott's!

Such great press Eddie! and well deserved. Thanks for the flea market tips.

Today Canada tomorrow the world. Bravos but not surprised. Oprah need to have you on for upcycling. Nate's great but your style is a contrast & is so another needed perspective on her show.

Please don't forget the little people...love that you are garnering all this well deserved attention!

Congrats on the coverage, Eddie! You're face is really getting out there now. Loved the shopping trip in the post below. I know you're coming back to Scotts, but I'll have to miss this one. Hope ya'll have a blast!

Oh! I can't wait to see more 'Eddie Ross' articles in Style at Home!

Hi Eddie, yes I was so surprised to see you when my subscription came! I was like "Hey, it's Eddie". Congratulations on your appearance there, although I have to say that I am finding magazines a little behind the curve lately. I get a chuckle reading their blogger notes where they mention all the ubiquitous bloggers that we in the blogosphere have been reading for ages. I guess it is hard for them to keep up. ANyway, I was happy they finally gave a nod to OUR EDDIE! COngrats YOU! And those shieldback chairs are beautiful - I know I will see that photo over and over again because it is perfect! good job you!

I was excited to see you in the newest Style at Home - and now even more excited that perhaps I can see the 'real' you at Christie here in Toronto in Sept. Well done Eddie - you are doing such a great job! I really admire your work - you inspire me to get out and be creative :)
x Shar



Woo hoo! You're so international now!
Global Eddie & Jaithan!
Miss and love you.
xo xo

Congrats on the magazine spread. You are gathering much attention with your style. Congrats.

Eddie where can i find this mag in the US. I was at B&N today and didnt see it.

I saw the article - it was fab-u-lous. I was so excited when I saw you mentioned.
Have fun at the Christies antique show, I can't wait for it to arrive!

Eddie, you are very well loved in Canada! Glad to see Styleathome is giving you the props you are due.

I'm thrilled to hear you're coming up north to do some treasure hunting in the fall. Hopefully you'll make it to the Montreal area some time soon as well- there are lots of treasures to be had in La Belle Province at a variety of "marchés aux puces."

And in addition, let me say: you're a real inspiration to young bachelors everywhere who recognize the importance of a beautifully set table at a dinner party. (Ever since I discovered your blog, I've felt affirmed for insisting on such things- even though I still get teased for it!)


Angus in Montreal

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