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June 30, 2009


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is this a big bottle of wine or small??


I am looking ahead for your subsequent put up, I will try to get the hang of it!

This recipe also is great using red wine too! I substituted a moderate pinot noir and it turned out absolutely fabulous!

I have also been doing a version of this sangria since the 80s. Everyone loves it--it's sort of like a sophisticated wine cooler. Try adding frozen mango or peach slices; keeps it cold w/o diluting it. If you want to kick it up a notch, soak fruit in brandy and sugar first, then add the whole mixture before serving. I'm getting thirsty.

Hi, Eddie

Have been using and loving Fresca since high school in the 1960's.....my secret ingredient for a Fresca refresher is a splash of pineapple juice....so perfect...in fact pineapple in the sangria would be great...get some juice in there!

Sandra Chitty

The sangria looks amazing! And its so easy to make.. For sure going to serve this at my next gathering. Thank you.

Sounds fab Eddie - will whip up batch for our next BBQ! Will have to substitute the Fresca since we don't have it here in Ireland but we have Club Lemon which is very lemonly and perhfect for this.

Hi Eddie or those who used the recipe

What type of white wine would be recommended? Thanks.

This was the first time I had ever heard of this recipe and I'm a fan! After using this last night at a dinner party and people oooing and ahing over the presentation I'll keep definitely mark this a keeper! Thanks for your always inspiring ideas!

i've been a fan for ages, but this is my first time commenting. i made this sangria for our 4th of july cookout and it was a HUGE hit! so delicious :) thanks for the recipe!

I usually use Sprite, but I will definitely try it with Fresca. Plus I chop the fruit up so tiny and let it soak up the wine in the fridge for a few hours! Delish!

Wow Fresca takes me back to the 4th grade. I haven't looked for it in the store before so I am going to give this a try.

Have you ever tried this with another soda pop beverage? Sprite, 7Up or Ginger ale? Just wondering how it might differ.

Tricia - Avolli

Hi everyone!

I'm so thrilled you like the recipe, and that you might give it a whirl yourselves!

For those of you in far and distant places, Fresca is a citrus soda from Coca-Cola. Any similar drink will work too; I'm just personally obsessed with Fresca and drink it every chance I get!


The sangria looks beautiful...in fact everything you do is beautiful. Will try it for the 4th of July.

I hope you and Jaithan have a great holiday weekend. Happy 4th !!!


LOVE your new August Country Living makeover article. So pretty! But where did that fab wood coffee table come from, they didn't identify a source, is it one of a kind? Love the whole room!

Going to try your sangria recipe this weekend, perfect timing. Thanks, Eddie!

Hey Eddie!

I featured this AWESOME easy recipe on my blog yesterday. Thanks for always inspiring us to entertain a little better than before. :) Have a terrific holiday with the people you love!


LOVE FRESCA!!!! Can you use Tab with Red Wine for a change of pace :^)

Can't wait to grab my issue of Country Living today. XO

That's great! I've made Sangria for parties..the real deal with Brandy and everything. I'm having another party in August and this is the drink I will serve! Do you think adding fresh mint would be a mistake or a bonus? I would love to use up the abundance I have in my yard. Thank you!

My girlfriend and I just made these earlier this week and they were delicious!

Fresca! I haven't heard that word in about 20 years! I'm going to try this Friday evening with friends and Maryland crabs.

Btw, loved the Joan Crawford ornament wreath post during the holidays. My sister made it and it turned out beautifully.

sound delicious, but..
what is Fresca? nothing with that name here in Italy..


oh eddie, i hate to gush but if yall get any cuter in your seersucker and bowties i am going to die! you should be models at www.southernproper.com ..i am making your honoray Southerners...

all of your pictures, recent press, even you ads on here (dash and albert rugs..love it..my blog advertises wishbone dressing!;;;) it all looks so wonderful! great things are happening for you and i love watching..ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i posted a link to your Skirted Roundtable guest blog..love it..hope it was ok to use the cute cupcake picture!;;;

I saw your recipe in Country Living! As a matter of fact, it's what we're serving the night of the 4th as we watch fireworks and listen to the Pops. Can't wait!

Spanish food is our favorite and we both love Sangria. Looking forward to trying your recipe with my hubby's fab Gambas Al Ajillo recipe and yellow rice.

Hi Eddie,

Just wanted to stop by to tell you how fantastic I think you are. Watched you on Bravo...think your ideas are so inspiring and creative! You are my new entertaining guru..The sangria recipe looks delicious by the way!

I am hosting a party soon and this looks perfect! Thanks for sharing. Any suggestions for the white wine? I'm pregnant so I won't be able to sample it before serving it to guests. I'd love to know what you normally use. Thank you!

I did see this Eddie! Very easy and sweet recipe. Thanks. xoxo

Looks wonderful! AND the August issue of Country Living JUST arrived -- and the two-page story about the makeover on Long Island is fabulous!!! LOVED it!! Can't believe that you scored the sofa, chair and ottoman at a thrift store for $225! O.K. more ideas about styling shelves needed here! Maybe a winter/summer changeout story? The ones you did on Long Island are perfect! :)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Sounds delicious Eddie.....this summer that will be on my cocktail list, xv.


I happen to have all the ingredients at the ready!
Now to find a vintage jar as fun as yours...

I loved you at the word Fresca.

This is perfect!!!! I'm hosting a boy baby shower in August and will be making this. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! If you have any other tips for a boy baby shower send them my way! You and Jaithan rock! xo grace

Hi Eddie and Jaithan,

Just listened to both of you on The Skirted Roundtable (how could I not!) -- great chat! You two are the best.

That cocktail looks like fun. (Fresca! Who would have thought?) How about also tossing in blueberries for the Fourth of July?

...And now it's officially Jaithan's July 1 birthday, so I wish you another great day with lots of hugs and good cheer from me!


I just love this idea!!! Seems lighter than Sangria, using the white wine! Will do for the 4th! Awesome! Thanks for such wonderful inspirations!

Well HOW refreshing is that! Looks beautiful in that vintage jar.

Summer in a jar...perfect!

Oh my gosh, that's a wonderful idea! I always forget about FRESCA. Can't wait to try it!

Sounds delicious - I'll have to give it a try!

Just in time for the 4th, this will be on my list.

That looks so pretty....yes, i'm curious too about how much fresca and how much wine?

Hi everyone!

I do 1 bottle of wine to 3 cans of Fresca. Works great with red wine too, but use cherries, oranges, apples and/or grapes. We love it!


Eddie - How much Fresca and how much wine? Thanks!!

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