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July 08, 2009


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Hi Eddie: I was following your twitter feed and saw that you boiled corn in milk and sugar. What does that do exactly? I have never heard of it. I have corn in my garden, would you suggest that for corn that is fresh picked - or just corn you pick up from the store?

Those plates are really amazing Where did you find them.....X

My favorites, almost any kind of blue and white! Where are those fish knives I had for years!

I'm not a fan of vegetarian dishes, but these are YUM* Fabulous weekend darling!

Lunch sounds divine. I love your flatware and dishes. Hope you day was special.

Looks and sounds perfectly delicious! Do you open up these invites to anyone? Ha! Have a nice weekend.

Oh my goodness Eddie...my mouth is watering! Scrumptious menu!
I listened to you on Skirted Roundtable...you are a busy feller!
I look forward to all that you have in store.

How does one make a vegetarian pavlova? What replaces the eggs?



ok this is from your technology-slow friend lauren... i'm not quite sure how twitter works/ what it is!!! i might have to figure it out because what i'm seeing looks beautiful!! if i don't go on at the same time as you're twittering, does that mean i miss it?

haha ok enough techonology, miss yas & LOVE those plates!!

Looks amazing. I am just so perplexed as to keeping up with facebook, plaxo, twitter, utube etc. I am at the computer all day for work and then my art business does require a lot of marketing, so what do you feel is the best venue Eddie and Jaithan?

You just might be the one to get me to Twitter:-)

Everything looks amazing!

The plates are just lovely! I wouldn't mind to have them in my plate collection ;-)..

Eddie, what a lovely "event." AND!! I just signed on to Twitter, but am suffering from Twitter-phobia..cannot figure out how to comment...yet. BUT! The pics a la Twitter ARE absolutely the coolest. I remember the ladies of Skirted Roundtable giving you kudos on this. Such a tech-genius. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!! See you in TX!

The silverware is identical to my grandmother's everyday set...what a pleasant surprise to see the photo. When I serve vegetarian meals, I frequently serve a Spanish "tortilla" (which is made with potatoes, onions and eggs) or an Italian frittata and a salad.. easy and everyone seems to love it. Thanks for the luncheon prep class!
Have a great week.

Hi Eddie !

Looks so beautiful..as always....

I LOVE the transferware. And your menu..well, what can I say...it all sounds so good !

Looks like a great time.

Warmest Regards,

You always inspire me, Eddie. The way that you describe things and the little details that you include always make me want to do something creative.

Lovely menu!

This is fabulous! As a vegetarian myself I'm always looking for entertaining menus. Thanks so much for the ideas!

Ooooooh, I wish I could have come! Yummmmmmy!

Being a Veggie myself...love the menu...nothin like a great chick pea!

Have fun...I don't twit...darn!

yummmmy! and the food looks good too haha. i posted a little something about you in my blog for my giveaway!!! hope you have time to check it out. Thanks again for everything!

xo, grace

Yum! Sounds tasty, as always!

Your menu sounds absolutely fantastic! - and I'm not even a vegetarian!

Do you have a favorite (and budget-friendly) Sauvignon Blanc you plan to pour? I'm always looking for my next new favorite pour wine to stock up on.

Yum, that sounds delish- I dont eat meat so that meal sounds amazing!

Have a fantastic day, I hope the sun comes out and you have beautiful weather :)

Yum yum! The lunch looks lovely! LOVE the transferware!

I wish I could be a little mouse following behind you all day. You are absolutely amazing and enjoy life to the fullest. I LOVE the bone flatware!

Good morning Eddie & Jaithan, the sun is coming out for our fabulous lunch. See you soon.

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