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August 17, 2009


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LOVE this and actually, this is one of the reasons I bought the magazine!! Such fun, keep it up!!

holy shamoly. now THAT is a bar. a gorgeous fully stocked amazing bar. when can a girl move in?? ;)

Great, great, great. I love everything about this. I wouldn't change a thing.

Oh my goodness...I was seriously contemplating picking up this magazine the other day when I was at Barnes & Noble, but didn't...Now I know why I was scrutinizing...might have to go back to cop it now! Fabulous as ever! :-)

I think your Designs are great and I can't wait to see whats next from Eddie Ross. You're an inspiration.

Eddie & Jaithan,

You've inspired me! I've transformed one of my own closets into a bar. The closet was actually in my dining room sitting empty - I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of it before! Here is the link : http://jennysteffens.blogspot.com/2009/08/home-closet-makeover-into-bar.html

i loved the article then i realized it was yours and loved it even more! genius!!

That is the most innovative makeover I have seen EVER!

I get so inspired by your great ideas!!

Looking forward to your next project!

Mt. Gay and tonic for Mr. K and Teddy. Chards on the rocks for me, please. :)

Great job! I saw that article and was so excited. Quite inspirational...

eddie! it looks wonderful. once again you can make anything look spectacular....i would hate for you to open my closets!! no telling what might fall on you....toys, shoes, magazines...unfortunately not a cocktail :)

fantastic transformation...and I'm still dreamin' about what you did for your butler's pantry remake.

I'm sorry, uh, did I read that right? Vermouth in the spray bottle???

B R I L L I A N T!!!!!

Love the closet! All the best to you and J!

Loved the article! Job well done, as always. Many hugs!!!

Wow! What an Amazing transformation! I'm so glad you shared these pictures - this gets me to thinking about a few closets of my own. ;)

OMG! The closet is absolutely beautiful and so are the candles!

For years, I've dreamed of transforming my entry closet into a decorative music room. The closet is about the same size as the one you did as a bar. We'd store the records and CD's as well as the musical equipment in the space to confine everything to one area of the house - of course, speakers would be in most rooms, controlled by remote. I thought of using furniture, but now see that built ins would make better use of space. Also, I loved the mirror for a dressier look and for light reflection. Now I have something to show my husband who has trouble visualizing my ideas. Thanks. BTW, the closet is unused because we live in Atlanta where no one wears a coat!

Great looking makeover. Especially with such a small space. Love your style!

hahahhahhaah LOVE IT!!!! i want one now!!! congratulations!!! such a perfect little space!!

wow, so many fantastic ideas in such a small space! (and in my favorite magazine no doubt! I cant wait for what's next.

Nobody can turn a closet like you!!!! I'm wondering if a hall closet in a narrow front hall could be transformed...into something????????? Stunning, Eddie!

Eddie, great transformation and what a great use of space. You are just being published all over the place. Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I knew you were a young man that would go far. It is fun taking the journey with you and Jaithan. hugs Kathysue


You inspire me.

A Maz ing...love the idea. I have an old Ikea china hutch looking for a new job. Great inspiration for a repurpose.

What an inspiring make-over! We must all rethink that dark closet again!

By the way, the pictures you took from the plane ride were amazing. Stunningly beautiful! They were the perfect example of looking at things from a different perspective, right?

eddie, i saw this as i was reading my copy real simple this weekend. you're awesome! :)

Wow - I just clicked onto your blog a couple of days ago - and have spent every spare moment reading the older posts (still have not made it to the end yet!) I love your decorating style - your blue butler's pantry is gorgeous!

I have recently started collecting vintage ware too - but although I like acquiring and cleaning up - I have no idea how to tablescape or accesorise as beautifully as you do!

Here is a link to my collection of pink pyrex:


If you have the time - please let me know - how would you use them in a table setting.

Thanks so much!

You know, Eddie, I just read that article and didn't even realize it was yours, but even so thought...

"Gee, that looks like something Eddie Ross would do."

I think it's the gold ;) You seem to really like gold!

Eddie - first of all, it is 9:25 here in Pasadena, and all I can think about is a Vodka Soda with 2 limes. OH, and a swizzle stick. please. :)

Second of all, I'm now going to scower my tiny pre-war cottage for a closet that I can convert into a bar.....since I'm at a loss right now, we'll have to make do with what we've got.

Even though I'm without a dedicated bar, I can guarantee the vodka is chilling as we speak. You're welcome anytime, I do hate drinking alone.....

HUGS - Tracy.

Now, if I only had an extra closet. That closet rocks. I want one.

Eddie-I have seen the magic before but this number is a conversation stopper! (And, there were not even any candles :))I really wish I could hold my liquor as this is a stunner.

You really need to place a warning on your blog for those who read your blog while drinking their morning tea.

The first line made me laugh out loud. :)

That issue of Real Simple has been sitting around for about two weeks and I haven't read it yet, now that I know you're in it, I'm going to read it first thing tonight!

Congrats on the new feature. The transformation was great. I would have never have expected that from that original closet.

Good Lord Eddie! Is there anything you can't make beautiful!?!? :) I love it.

I would love to have that as my "wrapping" closet....or a craft closet...but then again, I will settle for a beverage...looks great.

AMAZING-you "closet" looks fabulous.
*giggling at your blog title.

What a lovely idea! It's so chic it makes me want a drink and it's not even double digits on a Monday! What an amazing use of space! I love it!

I would love to be a mouse in your pocket! To think y'all were doing up some decorations and I will just have to wait and see drives me a bit crazy! If I had a closet like that I think I would never want to come out...hehe. I would stock mine with lemonade and good ole' Coke! Have a great one guys and if you wanna give a sneek peek of your halloween decor Im all eyes...Im nice like that!

Only you could go back in the closet with such style! another amazing makeover!!

No doubt at all -- you are a GENIUS!! Yes -- that whole makeover was brillant -- simply inspired! And I adore the mirror panels -- and the well-labeled items too! ((the mist bottle for the vermouth was wonderful!)) Well done indeed!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Now that you have a house in the country it must be so nice to have an extra closet to spare. I'd kill for an extra closet to be able to do this with- what a great idea!

A wonderful transformation and perfect use for the space, without breaking the bank. Lovely! I use the IKEA storage boxes also and recently embellished one to store vintage millinery supplies.
Looking forward to your next house project!

I am so impressed! You are so amazingly clever and talented. Using those push lights, putting in mirrors, labeling everything like that. I love it! What a great use for your closet! Me, of course -- about now, I'm dying for a linen closet. lol! (We don't have one in this house.)

I'm glad to see that you are back. This blog rocks, as always :)!

OMG. Flippin' genius.

I'm sitting in my living room staring at ten inch deep closet that I have hated since the day we moved in but have never known quite what to do with. I know now.

REAAALLY! Oh my - so fabulous and festive. If I stared at that closet for a day I would never have landed on that conclusion.

Thank you as well for coming to see me yesterday, it was a tough day for the blog and nice to know it still has friends out there- as busy as you are now, I really appreciate that you still find the time to swing by...

Be well, Eddie.

Brilliant Eddie...not an easy task! Happy cocktails...xv

Sweet Jesus...I need a drink! That bar is amazing!! Clearly your imagination knows no bounds.

P.S.: Was the piece holding the upside down wine glasses specially made?

Wow, I'm impressed! How is it even possible? It's beyond me that you could get something so fabulous out of something so...not??

Darlin' - you rock.

Eddie, the makeover is fabulous! Such wonderful inspiration for me as we are attempting to fix attractive and functional storage in our kitchen. I must pick up this issue of Real Simple so that I can read all the fun details!

Have a wonderful week!

I so look forward to each blog. The closet is amazing. What a transformation! Keep up the good work.

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